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The reflux column is the tube that runs straight up from the top of the boiler. The column is made from 2 copper tubing, is about three feet long, and has a thermometer mounted in the top cap A copper reflux column will do a better job of pulling unwanted sulphur flavours out of the distillate. This is a well-known property of copper. Whichever material you choose to go with, it is highly recommended that you purchase several rolls of copper mesh packing to go inside of your RS Made with heavy duty type L copper pipe. We do not use cheap, thin walled Drain Waste Vent (DWV) pipe on our stills. This reflux still will produce up to 94% ethanol and can also be run as a pot still. Proof output varies from 90 - 185 depending on how you run the still Furthermore, the still will be a pita to stuff with packing due to those pipes running through the column. A better option for a reflux still, would be one with a reflux condenser on top of the column. It could easily be constructed with some thin copper pipe (breaking pipes for a car would do) 5-6 mm in diameter

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  1. 4 inch Copper Reflux Column Section - w Clamp Gasket & Bubble Plate Moonshine. $219.45. Free shipping. 3 Borosilicate Glass Copper Bubble Plate Moonshine Reflux Column 3 inch Distill. $225.00. Free shipping. Copper Moonshine Still 2 inch Reflux Column Water Distiller Beer Keg Kit . $339.95
  2. The column Head is the top section of the reflux column and consist of a 2 x 2 x 1 ½ tee, a 3″ long piece of 2″ copper pipe, a thermometer and a 2″ cap. See illustration below for further details. To build the column head do the following
  3. Still Spirits Alchemist Distilling Series Artisan Turbo 500 Copper Reflux Condenser. 4.7 out of 5 stars 24. $332.50 Only 2 left in stock - order soon. 2 Copper and Stainless Pot Still Column & Built in Condenser, Whiskey Column. 4.2 out of 5 stars 13. $196.54 $ 196. 54. $34.49 shipping. Stampede Stills 2 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still.
  4. Browse our huge selection of copper stills & stainless steel moonshine stills, home distilling & micro distillery equipment. From handmade alembic stills to reflux columns and flute stills for sale, from the smallest still to distillery size, we have it all
  5. Cleaning Procedure For Newly Built Copper Pot or Column Still Step 1 : Soak the column - Using a 50/50 vinegar water solution soak the condenser, parrot and any other smaller parts in the vinegar solution for a few hours. Vinegar is considered a weak acid and does a fantastic job of cleaning copper

Understanding and managing a reflux still column is just one of the basic skills needed to operate distillery equipment. Balancing the temperature and alcohol by volume (ABV) is important when managing the performance of the reflux column still. Adjusting the reflux temperature can control the ABV, making it increase or decrease Building The Reflux Column of the Still Step 1 - Drill a 3/8 hole in the top of the 2″ end cap. Fit the rubber grommet and thermometer into the hole to make sure they fit. Step 2 - Place 3″ long piece of 2″ copper pipe into top of 2 x 2 x. 1 ½ tee and solder in place. Place Cap on top of 3″ copper pipe As the name suggests, the forcing of reflux takes place outside of the main column body. The column rises from the boiler with either a 90 degree elbow, or more commonly a tee fitting, at the top of the column. A thermometer is installed at the top to read the temperature of the vapor at the head (top) of the column Product description This 2 diameter x 28 tall Copper Reflux Column comes with a Dephlegmator (used to control proof), a 3/4 x 25 Shotgun Condenser and a commercial grade thermometer with a 3 face. This also comes with the 2 tri clamp and gasket for attaching the column to your still or Sanke type beer keg The Copper scrubbers can be put inside the column to aid with reflux and they are known as packing, as the alcohol drips down its gets caught up in the copper pads and the rising vapour picks up more alcohol on the way up, using the scrubbers you can produce up to about 95% ABV alcohol if you have it refluxing right

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To add natural reflux simply add copper packing material to the column. If you want to remove the reflux simply don't add the copper packing to the column. Also- the amount of packing added to the column will affect how much reflux the column creates. These are some basic guidelines for adding packing to our hybrid columns 3 inch Copper Flute Distillation Column with Copper Helmet, Gin Basket. $ 1310.00. Buy It Now. 3 inch Copper Flute Distillation Column with Copper Helmet. $ 1121.00. Buy It Now. 8 inches 4 sections copper modular reflux column. $ 1492.00. Buy It Now. 4 stainless moonshine reflux still column with gin basket. $ 868.80. Buy It Now. 4 inch Glass. Feed and lightly pack copper mesh into center of coil until filled to top of coil, this should use up about 60 to 65 feet of the 100 foot coil of mesh. Solder the valve probe adaptor and thermometer adaptor in place at the top of the column. Solder the 4 inch to 2 inch adaptor to the top of the column The column is well packed and liquid distributes evenly through it. There was an issue with the threading at the hose connections, but Keg Factory customer service was quick to respond and fix the problem. Copper Reflux Still Top - KL0464 How To Add Copper Mesh To Your Pot Still Columnhttps://youtu.be/Wlx53SDcSn8If you are distilling drinkable spirits such as whisky, schnapps, rum, or brandy,.

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2.5 Stainless Steel Dephlegmator / Condenser for Moonshine Reflux Still Column. $ 85.00. Buy It Now. 2 Borosilicate glass copper bubble plate moonshine reflux column. $ 128.60. Buy It Now. Sanitary Spool Tri Clamp 4 inch x 6 inch SS304. $ 37.44. Buy It Now Reflux Stills are used to create higher proof, odorless and flavorless spirits. The spirit is made more pure by passing through the fractioning column, where it will meet the rising vapor, causing it to condense the during distillation. The taller the column the more neutral the spirit will be Description This is a 3″ three-piece dual purpose copper still tower that can be used as either a pot still or reflux still. The 3″ tri-clamp connector on this moonshine still tower will allow it to be clamped onto our 13-gallon milk can boiler, 8-gallon milk can boiler, or on a half barrel beer keg This 2 diameter x 36 tall Copper and Stainless Reflux Column comes with a Dephlegmator (used to control proof), a 3/4x25 liebig condenser and a commercial grade thermometer with a 3 face. This also comes with the 2 tri clamp and gasket for attaching the column to your still or Sanke type beer keg. This column i Essentially, a 'packed column' is how much packing, copper mesh or otherwise a column height has. When a column has more packed length/height, it means there is a lot of opportunity for vapor and reflux to combine. Meanwhile, the diameter of a column determines the vapor and reflux that travels the column

You will need to purchase some packing materials (copper mesh or raschig rings) in order to use this for reflux ethanol distillation. We recommend the copper mesh (as it helps to remove sulfides that are produced by distillation) with a liter of raschig rings on top. This dual purpose tower is approximately 35″ tall and includes Copper Condenser Coil 1.5. 1.5-inch reflux coil for your copper column. It is 10-inches long. 3/16th copper pipe. Single Spiral. Made in the USA. Copper Condenser Coil 2-inch. Double Helix copper coil, 3/16ths with a 2-inch copper cap. This has 2 one-quarter-inch brass compression fittings and soldered to the cap. One lb. Fits inside a two inch. Copper mesh is great for reflux distilling, plus the copper reacts with the sulfur compounds formed during fermentation. So the copper helps to eliminate these sulfur compounds from your distillate, which is important when you're distilling beverage-grade alcohol (where legal) in a moonshine still Reflux Stills. A reflux still does multiple distillations in one single run, by having packing in the tower allowing vapor to condense and drop back down through the packing. This reflux of liquid helps clean the rising vapor and increase the % purity. The taller the packed column, and the more reflux liquid, the purer the product will be

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The reflux column for this still is made from 2 copper tubing. It is three feet long, and has a thermometer mounted in the column cap. It is packed with Raschig rings (described later) to provide a large area condensation surface inside the column, and it has two cooling tubes that pass water through the vapors that rise through the column. Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Copper Reflux Column now! Check Out Copper Reflux Column on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today Copper Reflux Columns & Hillbilly Flute® for Home Distillation At Hillbilly Stills, every copper still kit is made by hand with a focus on high quality workmanship. Copper is a better conductor of heat than stainless steel, allowing for better reflux production Home › Copper 180 for Reflux Column Copper 180 for Reflux Column. Regular price $ 200.00 Tax included. Add to Cart Share Share on Facebook.

This 2 diameter x 28 tall moonshine still copper reflux column comes with a Dephlegmator (used to control proof), a 3/4 x 25 liebig condenser and a commercial grade thermometer with a 3 face. This column also comes with the 2 tri clamp and gasket for attaching the column to your still or Sanke beer keg you need to create a flange so you can fit the column to the keg, for this you will need a hammer and an anvil or something to hit the copper against. this is called an easy flange we need to bend over the edges of the pipe by about 6mm so they are at a 45 degree angle to the pipe but you can't do this all in one go it has to be done gradually My Alchemist 2-inch Copper Still is not just an average column still, it is a Forced Reflux Still ! This means you can adjust the reflux and the cooling. The Alchemist tower is not just a regular column still - at all Recommendations range from marbles, glass beads, copper or stainless scrubbing pads, to broken automotive safety glass and others. Packing is a poor word to use for this material. Otherwise fill it up to a point just under the reflux return tube on the Valved Reflux column. Put the cover cap on, and attach the cooling hose couplings with.

Seller: oakstills-com ️ (1,028) 99.7%, Location: Hangzhou, Ships to: Americas, Europe, Asia, AU, Item: 323808023276 1.5 2 2.5 3 4 Glass Reflux Column Section with Copper Bubble Plate. Specifications:Material: SUS 304, T2 Lead Free CopperHeight: 1.5 and 2 is approx 160mm, 3 is approx 165mm, 4 is approx 170mmCan be used as an additonal section on the bottom of your reflux column, it. If you are, in fact, building a Bokakob dual slant plate reflux column then most here would consider 1.5 copper to be the minimum... I have an extra 20 feet of 1.25 copper and intend to build a Bokakob dual slant plate with some of it, just for shits and giggles, to see what kind of performance it provides for small scale.. 100 % Hand Made with Paul Revere 20 oz, 99.9% Pure Copper. Along with a 6 Sectional Reflux Column. They also made us a custom 8 Cooling coil. Needless to say, we love StillZ products Benjamin Voss Alligator Bay Distillers I bought a StillZ 100 Gallon. I couldn't be happier with the craftsmanship and The Customer Service is second to none Copper is the traditional material of choice used by moonshiners for generations. Now you can buy a genuine hand crafted, New Zealand made still to perfect your home brew product. Produces high purity alcohol, 3.2-3.5 litres at 92%. It comes complete with: Copper Condenser; Stainless steel boiler (25 litres How to Make a Copper Reflux Still: In this instructable I will show you how to build a reflux still which can be used for producing high proof alcohol.This still is a basic reflux still, and is a nice intro into reflux stills, as more complex reflux stills are hard to build and will

The Copper Pot Still now features male garden hose quick disconnects as opposed to barbed fittings. Our connection kit includes female quick disconnects and tubing for the coolant inlet and outlet. This Reflux still top is a great way to do it Columns made with heavy duty copper and 3.5″ sight glasses. Both Columns and dephlegmator all use our 8″ EZ Clamp system. **The stainless-steel reducer at the bottom of the column is NOT included in this price. This was to adapt it to a 500 gallon still with a larger 12″ collar Re: Alcoengine reflux column - any good? Post by copperkettle » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:39 am Yes it looks like a bokabob design to me although there's a bit of difference around the angled plates I think; this one seems to have some arrangement of wires instead

Constructed with food-grade T2 copper tube and stainless steel 304 distillation column Distillation column assembly with condenser water connections Digital temperature probe to measure the water outflow temperature Water Flow controller and tap adapto The re-innovated reflux column, Phillippe Rephlux is a gorgeous, copper, polished distillation column that comes plug and play. All the pieces you need are included - valves for water and alcohol flow control, condensers, silicone tubing, thermometer and bung, pall rings for packing, gaskets and clamps height and internal volume of the reflux column. Our reflux column boasts a height of 77cm and diameter of 50mm meaning that this is also one of the largest domestic stills available. The Keggomax CM Reflux Still features: • Copper catalytic converter to release sulphurous odors from your spirit • Huge 77cm tall reflux column • Pre-cooler. The distiller column is a 2 diameter type L copper pipe that is 34 tall. We do not use cheap thin-walled DWV or type M pipe like our competitors. Three cold-finger condensers at the top of the column enables this distiller to provide up to 100% reflux while making the purest ethanol fuel

The reflux column has it's own built in condenser. This still is made with high grade, polished stainless steel, and copper using sanitary Tig welded construction. The boiler stands at 17 1/2 tall and 12 5/8 in diameter. This still comes with Copper Reflux Column Condenser. $375.00. Still Spirits. Copper Reflux Column Condenser. $375.00. SKU: 5670E Availability: Usually Ships within 24 hours : Quantity: Share. Product Description. Disclaimer: This item should not be sold or shipped to the following states:. The Essential Extractor Pro Series II is a 2 reflux distiller utilizing a 2-piece column more than 3' tall for true Reflux operation, as well as the ability to attach only the top portion of the column to the kettle, resulting in a true Pot Distiller system

The Main Pot is 30 inches by 71 inches Tall with the Whiskey Head on it and 79 inches Tall with the Reflux Column. The Reflux Head is 6″ x 42″ (four total sections) includes a Temperature Gauge and Three, 2 Sight Glasses. Three Sections get a single site glass and the Top section is The Dephlegmator Reflux Column & Soldered Copper Alembic Stills The Reflux Column alembic is comprised of the traditional alembic pot, onion shaped hood and reflux column with an integrated condenser. The complete double alembic set includes the traditional swan neck pipe and condensing unit with serpentine coil Packing a distillation column with copper mesh is the easiest way to increase the final proof of moonshine whiskey while making it taste better. The packing material increases final proof by causing a slight natural reflux action in the column. If copper packing material is used, it simultaneously removes sulfur compounds from the vapor.

This stainless steel extension tube can be filled with copper or stainless packing. By increasing the volume of the reflux still column this will enable you to get higher purity and/or collect spirit faster (it's basically a trade off between the two). $174.95. Availability: In stock. SKU reflux distilling column copper stills distillery Alcohol Industrial Distillation Machine reflux distillation. US $4600-$5000 / Set. 1.0 Sets (Min. Order) CN Shandong Tonsen Equipment Co., Ltd. 3 YRS. 95.0%. 5.0 (2) Contact Supplier. 1/6. 26 Gallon Moonshine Still with 4 copper Reflux Column For sale is the copper column (incl any hoses, attached copper parts, and brass flange pictured) only, anything stainless in the picture is not included. About the PDA-II's time with us: We purchased this unit new from Mike McCaw and the Amphora Society in 2006 leading up to the license of our facility Custom Copper Stills, 50 Gallon Pot Stills, 100 Gallon stills, Thumpers, Column Distillers. 250 gallon distillers, 500 gallon distillers 100-500 gallon cans reflux and/or column second distillers can be added to meet your distilleries needs. Column Heads, Sight Glasses, Bubble Caps, Down Combers, Ports, Plates, Valves, Reflux Control, and. Many people prefer to make this type of coil condenser to condense vapor at the top of a column because it is simple to make, despite its complicated appearance. Since it is most often used to condense reflux, it is simply called a Reflux Coil. Soft copper tubing 5mm (3/16 inch) to 6.5mm (% inch) in diameter is the best material to use

Copper Reflux Distillation column-The reflux distillation column is the workhorse of the Alchemist Still. This is where the ratification takes place. The vapor from the boiler passes through the column, to the dividing head then on unto the condenser where it condenses and turns the vapor into a liquid. This liquid then falls into the reflux. 26 Gallon Moonshine Still With 4 Copper Reflux Column , Find Complete Details about 26 Gallon Moonshine Still With 4 Copper Reflux Column,Moonshine Still,Reflux Column,Reflux Still from Other Beverage & Wine Machines Supplier or Manufacturer-Daeyoo Tech. Co., Ltd. Wenzho Aug 7, 2016 - How to Make a Copper Reflux Still: In this instructable I will show you how to build a reflux still which can be used for producing high proof alcohol.This still is a basic reflux still, and is a nice intro into reflux stills, as more complex reflux stills are hard to build and will PERFORMANCE HOBBY Copper 100 L (26 gallon) still with 4 3 bubble plates copper reflux column *THE NEWEST PRODUCT* See the product. Accept. This site is using cookiesDetails.

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The reflux column is made of a 28 section of 2 copper tubing. It attaches to the 2 X 2 X 1-½ Still Head Tee on the top, and to the boiler cap on the bottom end. Column and Head Assembly The valved reflux still is quite easy to build and assemble as can be seen from the sketch on the right While the basic distillation process is more-or-less the same for various types of alcohol production, it's important to know the difference between a pot still vs. a column still. These two main varieties of distillation stills are used to make virutally every kind of liquor on the market. If you're considering starting or expanding your own craft distillery, it's absolutely vital you select. (4) Fast heat conduction can save energy.The material of our distiller are thicker than stills offered by many other manufacturers. We use C12200 red copper as our copper material. It is a special material for pressure vessles and contains 99.9% pure copper, which makes good performance on heat treatment. (5) Less waste and save labor

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If you wish the same equipment without swan neck and condenser: 30 L Reflux Column & Soldered Moonshine Pot Still Premium. Treatment : A first cleaning distillation is essential to clean impurities and other unwanted substances Details about 2x4 Copper Reflux Column, Moonshine Still Pipe, SS304 Ferrule Tri Clamp. 2x4 Copper Reflux Column, Moonshine Still Pipe, SS304 Ferrule Tri Clamp. Item information. Condition: Brand New. Quantity: More than 10 available / 80 sold / See feedback 2 4sections glass reflux column with copper bubble plates. Specifications: Height:Approx 47cm. Top and bottom flanges are standard 2 triclamp(OD of the flange 64mm). Made of t2 lead free 99.9% pure copper and stainless steel 304 from big name manufacturers Copper Reflux Condenser Column. Sale Regular price $369.99 Quantity. Add to Cart The ultimate still in home distilling, the T-500 is a must for anyone who wants to produce large quantities of extremely clean, pure alcohol.. 100 -1000L Gallon Alcohol Industrial Stainless Steel Copper Reflux Moonshine Column Whisky Vodka Brandy Gin Still FOB Price: US $ 9000-10000 / Piece Min. Order: 1 Piec

The item 5 Gallon Moonshine Still with 2 Copper Reflux Column, Vodka E-85 Ethanol is in sale since Wednesday, August 31, 2016. This item is in the category Home & Garden\Food & Beverages\Beer & Wine Making. The seller is affordable-distilling and is located in Doniphan, Missouri First time here for me and a newcomer to to distilling. I have a handmade reflux still packed with copper mesh and a Newton/Stone condenser. I'm into making gin, so my gin basket(s), are 2 sections of copper pipe above the reflux column. All good but I want a SD. Loved the post from NoMo Talk me out of a Bubble Cap Now with a redesigned outlet block, prepacked with saddles, redesigned column nut, 2 different tap adapters, in a new craft carton, the all new copper condenser is now available! The Turbo Copper Condenser is a reflux style condenser for use with the Turbo 500 Boiler or Grainfather G30 when paired with alembic copper dome top SS304 Ferrule Tri Clamp 2 Copper Reflux Column Moonshine Still Pipe. Police-specific formulations to avoid high temperature fade, Holds 3 inch x 3 inch sticky notes, Buy Wooden Accessories Company Wooden Tie Clips with Laser Engraved Kyoto Design - Cherry Wood Tie Bar Engraved in The USA and other Tie Clips at, TribeAzure Satchel Messenger Shoulder Bag Cross body Colorful Woven Medium Multi. DYE1000l copper reflux alcohol still reflux column for whisky rum gin vodka brandy distillery products offered by China manufacturer DAEYOO. Buy DYE1000l copper reflux alcohol still reflux column for whisky rum gin vodka brandy distillery products directly with low price and high quality

2 inch Copper Pipe DWG. Sold by the inch, so if you buy 6 you get a 6 long piece, buy 36 and get a 36 long piece. Maximum length that can be shipped in 1 piece is 6 feet (72 inches). Fits standard Stainless or copper 2 ferrules, perfect for building a pot still or reflux column Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Great Deals now! Check Out Top Brands on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today The Perforated copper plate is used to hold in the packing in the column when used as a reflux column. The 4 copper ferrules connect with the use standard 4 triclamps. Customers who bought this item also bought. Custom Metal. Custom metal €0.01. 2 Triclamp fitting upgrade for electric heating element Reflux Stills, Column Still, Column Head, Reflux Heads, bubble caps, downcombers, sight glasses @FloridaCracker I think the 1/10 of the column diameter is to ensure efficient contact between the vapor and the liquid. If the packing is too big, you wil get bypassing/short-circuiting in the column. I have used copper tubing in an older still. It works well, but requires a taller column or more reflux to obtain the same amount of separation than a copper mesh

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Copper is the traditional material of choice used by moonshiners for generations. Now you can buy a genuine hand crafted, New Zealand made still to perfect your home brew product. Produces high purity alcohol, 3.2-3.5 litres at 92%. It comes complete with: Copper Condenser; Hoses and thermometer; Instruction Puking apparently happens when the T500 can't reflux, accumulates a quantity of liquid in the column and then pukes it out through the alcohol tube. With help I discovered that I had far too much stuff packed in the column. I wanted copper, lots of copper to extract nasties from the ethanol and make it excellent spirit Hand-crafted Copper Moonshine Stills. Copper is the preferred material in the construction on any moonshine still. A copper moonshine still removes all the sulfides that are produced during the distilling process. The most demanding distillers demand copper for their moonshine stills. Just rinse with water when you're finished and you're done There is always a vigorous debate over whether Copper or Stainless Steel is the best material for a still. Now, with both versions at the same great new price, the choice is yours. Now with redesigned outlet block, prepacked with saddles, redesigned column nut, 2 different tap adaptors and a sharper price! The Turbo 5

For the reflux column set up you need to have the boiler and either the stainless steel or copper reflux column (for just a clean spirit to flavour with essences l would go for the stainless steel one). And don't forget the first yeast pack which will come with 7kg of dextrose sugar. This yeast pack contains a pure fermenting yeast, liquid. A Reflux Column Still anyone can build! 190 proof alcohol -1st run The secret is in the design complete distillation in one run. Yield 1.5 liter/180 proof spirits for $3.00 from a 5 gal. run! Package comes with: Detailed plans and step by step instructions for building a complete ALL COPPER reflux column still reflux column Bridgewater 14/03/2021 2.5 reflux column stainless steel $75 text pleas

Packing Your Distillation Column With Copper Mesh: The copper mesh we sell comes in a 30-ft strip. You'll need to cut and roll it to create a kind of mesh plug or roll. A plug for a standard-sized column (2 in diameter), you'll want to cut a piece about 4 feet long. The High Capacity/Volume columns will require about a 10-foot long stri Order a reflux column today! Showing all 5 results. 5″ Reflux Column with condenser and built in Proofing Parrot $ 549.00 Add to cart. 2″ Reflux Column with condenser $ 249.00 Add to cart. 8″ 3-Piece, 6 plated reflux column with dephlegmator $ 3,199.00 Add to cart. 4″ Reflux Column with condenser and built in Proofing Parrot. We make copper distillation components with brass ferrules for hobby, laboratory and commercial testing that look fantastic and perform exceptionally well - it is a well known fact that for the best tasting distilled alcohol, coppper is best by far - slightly back off the reflux until product appears. Hold the column top temp to sub 160F until all production stops. Repeat for 165F - 168F. - once the column temp reaches early hearts (168-170F or so), back off the reflux quite a bit and let it produce as it wants. Keep some reflux going. Adjust the reflux for a spirit proof of 140-160 or so

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These copper weld ferrule's are 1-1/8 long. These are perfect for soldering, brazing or welding to a 3 copper distilling column. These ferrules are made so that 3 copper ferrule will slide up inside the copper pipe. These ferrules can be used with type DWV and type M. DETERMINING TRI CLAMP SIZE Tri Clamp sizes are What are some alternative ways to attach a copper reflux column to a stainless stock pot lid for a still? I am looking into building a still, and for some reason the hardest part of the design has been attaching the copper column to the pot lid. I have a 4 gallon stock pot and a 1.5'' x 3' piece of copper pipe that will serve as the column If your copper still has a column, rinse it well, and then use a carboy cleaning brush to scrub it - it should be about the right size and shape for the job. Rinse your copper still thoroughly with clean water, and dry it completely. Store it in a safe, dry place until its next use

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Copper Column on Copper Helmet with Dephlegmator & Liebig & Parrot. + 3 Thermometers. Bespoke Still Combination 4 inch Reflux Column Section complete with Copper Bubble Plates. Please note that Copper Dome or Copper Helmet is not included in the still combination price. This item is sold as an extra Make your own base spirit (92% abv). Quality copper reflux column and condenser. Proudly New Zealand made . Can be added to any 2000w boiler Copper 2 Helmet Reflux Column with Condenser. Regular price $ 699.00 Tax included. Add to Cart Share Share on Facebook Tweet.

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Column Reflux Still Plans, see picture >> Plans & Tutorial: Full Step by Step Fabrication Manual, Column & Boiler, 20 pages with pictures $4.99. Moonshine Recipes: Wheat Grain Vodka Mash Distillation full distillation process $1.99 pdf ebook 6 pages Pot stills and copper components tend to be a big influence on whiskey composition and aroma Copper Reflux Condenser Column Electronic thermostat (water flow and reflux temperature) The ultimate still in home distilling, the T-500 is a must for anyone who wants to produce large quantities of extremely clean, pure alcohol

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