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But Did You Check eBay? Find On 100 On eBay. Everything You Love On eBay. Check Out Great Products On eBay To get 100 blups you need to win at least 20 competitions in all. 5 Achieve a BLUP of 100 or better. After you have bolded the top three skills, have won 20 competitions, and have your horse older than ten years, the BLUP should be at 100

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Please note that fully trained is not fully blupped. To get your horse fully blupped, you'll need your horse to gain 200 points of BLUP (from -100 to 100). In short, your horse will need to do or have the below: Skill gains complete in top 3 skills (train, ride, and compete until there is no more gain in any of the top three skills) Just figured I'd tell you all on what you need to BLUP. Favorite and subscribe for more help on Howrse. : To attain 100 BLUP, you can do: Play with a foal until you can take it for rides when you can take it for rides, do. Train the horses top three skills first

It must place 1st in all, and it doesn't matter if 3 are barrel racing, and the other 17 are cutting, as long as the horse has placed first in at least 20 comps of any kind. It will gain skills from the first 20 competitions it wins, which gives you more of the required skills for the horse to be 100 BLUP. You also must finish the rides their BLUP to +100 by the time they are 10 years old. BLUP stands for Best Linear Unbiased Production. Once your horse reaches 100 BLUP, they are at their full potential and cannot get any better. To get 100 BLUP, you must train and bold your horses top 3 skills and have a total of 20 competition wins before they are 10 years old

Blup starts at -100 and can reach +100 (that means that there are a total of 200 blup points available for every horse.) You get 130 points for completed training in your best three skills, this includes rides and comps., the skill must go bold before this requirement is met. 40 points for reaching the age of 1 For a horse to reach 100 BLUP, three things must occur. First, they must win 20 competitions (any mixture). Second, they must be bolded in their top three skills (comps, rides, and training). Third, they must be at least 10 years old

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The higher the BLUP, the better the offspring. This is vital when trying to produce bigger and better horses. Your horses BLUP starts at -100.00 and raises to a maximum of 100.00. You can locate your horse's BLUP by going to the Genetics tab Any serious player who wants to get their horse to 100 by 10 years old (saving APs and allowing more foals from a mare) will use some strategy in their blup. For that Curly I would assess the lowest skills and decide that for wins, I would attempt something with gallop or jump as the primary skill, so either show jumping, gallop, or reining Long story short, every single time I BLUP one of my horses ( as in I get the age requirement, all training, rides, and competitions ), my horses get stuck at 94. I'm not really sure what I'm missing to get the BLUP of 100

If you get done with that before 3 years, use that time to train to 300 or as close as you can get to 300 in gallop and stamina. If you have extra time after that, train more in gallop and stamina. When 3 years old, enter in rookie trot competitions until the horse gets 20 wins and gains no more skills in the competitions Complete Dressage training to 100% - Dressage is a requirement in all competition disciplines, but apart from the dressage competition itself, is not the main skill focus. This is a great area in which to build skills that won't disadvantage your horse while trying to BLUP. 3. Complete Speed training to 100 On Howrse BLUP stands for Best Linear Unbiased Prediction. This sounds complicated (and in fact if you want to see the maths behind it just Google Best Linear Unbiased Prediction!) but it's actually quite simple. It is a genetic indicator which plays a role in breeding. Basically the BLUP of a foals parents determines how good the foal will.

Follow 100% BLUP's mission progress: #10752292 was bred by ilovehorsessomuch on Howrse. 100% BLUP is a riding horse bred by ilovehorsessomuch on the horse riding simulation game Howrse. Play Howrse. Breed horses, enter competitions and manage your own equestrian center Enter your horse in competitions, do lessons and take them on rides, just to increase the skills. Carry on with the rides, lessons and competitions until the top 3 or all of the horse's skills are bold. Now, If you check the BLUP, it should now be at 100. Frequently asked BLUP questions in the Game Play forum

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Based on these parameters, the BLUP value will always be somewhere between -100 and +100, -100 being the minimum value and +100 being the maximum value a horse can reach. The higher the parents' average BLUP values, the higher the chances for the foal to have a high genetic potential and innate skills De BLUP is een genetische indicator. Het speelt een rol bij de voortplanting omdat de BLUP van de ouders van invloed is op het potentieel van het veulen bij de geboorte. Ieder paard begint met een BLUP van -100 elk paard wat 100 BLUP of op zijn minst een positief BLUP heeft wordt beschouwd als een goed getraind paard

You need to max out training, rides, lessons, and win 20 first places in the competitions to get 100 Blup. Takes a long while :P Probably 8 years or so of his life. 5 Follow Pure and 100 Blup's mission progress: #2586748 was bred by schnuffim on Howrse. Pure and 100 Blup is a Riding pegasus bred by schnuffim on the horse riding simulation game Howrse. Play Howrse. Breed horses, enter competitions and manage your own equestrian centre

It's pretty simple: You BLUP a horse in order to maximize its baby's skills. The whole point of Howrse is the breed the horse with the most skills. In order to do that, its parents will have to be at 100 BLUP. For horses with a GP lower than about 2000, you only need to have around 90 BLUP for the foal to have maximum IBS I know you have to do comps and stuff to raise your horses BLUP on Howrse, but are there any quicker ways? My horse is 10 years 10 months and her BLUP is -15.97 do BM items have anything to do with it? In case it does, she has : 1 piece of cloud, Eolus' wind, Philosopher's stone, Chronos' timer and Sea horse. So if you know any ways to raise it, please comment Follow PuercoespínaPet BLUP's mission progress: #11089413 was bred by Pandora on Howrse. PuercoespínaPet BLUP is a Riding pegasus bred by Pandora on the horse riding simulation game Howrse. Play Howrse. Breed horses, enter competitions and manage your own equestrian center Offer coverings or get covered and sell the the foal for 1 pass, that'll get you started, but if you want to have a reputation on howrse, use tears every time you breed. Lessons every day and pastures instead of feeding box will earn you equus daily, if your howrse is too thin, use BOTH box & pasture, but this will only work for 100 blub horses

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Blup starts at -100 and can reach +100. You get 130 points for completed training in your best three skills, this includes rides and comps., the skill must go bold before this requirement is met. 40 points for reaching the age of 10. 30 points for winning 20 competitions. All these points are gained over time a little each day until you reach 100 ~Once your horse gets to 100 BLUP, you can finish training in it's lower skills. Follow the same steps as above - complete rides, train, and enter competitions to get full gain. ~After all training is done, your horse should be about 12 to 13 years old, depending on how much training you got in for each year When trying to breed a howrse with a new highest set of stars e.g. for arabs have to 18* parents and want a 19* it is a good idea to use tears on the mother (with 100 BLUP) and make sure the father has 100 BLUP also, this will mean on average they get around 100 more skills, you need around 180 - 200 IBS to get another star then age until your. Blup it. If you blup a horse to 100, it is sold very fast for about a pass. Train the horse in every bar (may take a lot of time). Enter the horse in a lot of competitions. When you see that the horse has 100 blup, breed it with another 100 blup pure breed of its own breed. Then sell it for 500 equus and 1 pass. It works all the time BLUPping is used to get the highest genetic potential for your horses' offspring. Although, you only need to get to 70 BLUP to get the most genetic potential for your offspring,its always nest to get 100 as your horses will sell for more

How to Make Skillers in Howrse. open breeding farm and BLUP should be 100. click on the covering offer which should be STALLION (you can put STALLION code in offers). Use Aphrodite's Tears. Click the cover my mare, you can see the energy will be full. click on Age and confirm and go get the vet and put name SKILLER How to Obtain: Originally obtained from the Howrse Lottery during March of 2011. Sellable: Yes Additional Information: Is the brother of the Divine Xanthos. Comes in four different styles (Nebula, Snow, Lightning, and Fire). Coat has no effect on skills, and the coat you get is randomly chosen from the four styles This means that eg the first victory has much more influence on the BLUP of the 20th, as well as for the first 1/2h type of workout you can get 0.9 skill, for the last instead of just 0.1. With all the races you can get to 100 BLUP 10 years doing all the lessons, it is just a matter of good energy and take advantage of the time available BLUP is a measurement of your horse's skill level and achivements. The higher your BLUP is, the more GP and inborn skills gets passed onto the next generation. If you have two 100 BLUP horses, then the inborn skills will be about 70. If you have two horses with about 50 BLUP, they foal will have about 30 inborn skills 7. Make sure your horse is 10 years old for 100% blup with 20 wins and jump, dressage, and speed bolded. That's all there is to it. You can find the basic schedules and tips in my Howrse: Basic Training and BLUP 1,2,3 posts. Until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand, GelflingandCo

Howrse cheats, walkthrough, review, q&a, Howrse cheat codes, action replay codes, trainer, editors and solutions for PC. Howrse Cheats [ PC] Last updates: Cheats: 0 Q Bad Blup Blupping Cheats Competiton Howrse Howrse cheats Howrse codes Howrse giveaway Howrse international Howrse promo codes Play R4rr Train Works. Reviews Some people like to BLUP their mares and stallion before breeding. To do this, train your stud a lot. When he is a foal (eight months), play with it to gain him an extra 60 skill points. Reach 20 competition wins, age 10 years and earn all possible skill points in his top 3 disciplines to achieve 100 BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction)

You guys are all very wrong. Being an elite breeer, bluping to me is crucial. Blup determines the quality of a horse's offspring. The higher the blup (max. 100) the better the foal! To get a horse to 100 blup, it needs to: Bold top 3 skills (every breed is different, crossbreds vary) Howrse Abbreviations. There are MANY abbreviations on Howrse, and the one with ☆ are the most common ones that are used most often on Howrse. Breeding Abbreviations ☆ BLUP- Best Linear Unbased Prediction: There are 200 points for BLUP from -100 to 100. Your horse will earn a few points for every time it ages

To get your horse fully blupped, you'll need your horse to gain 200 points of BLUP (from -100 to 100). The Basics Skill gains complete when the training, riding, and comps are done there is no more gain in the top three skills BLUP is basically how good a horse and it's offspring is guessed to be when they reach their full potential, the best being 100.00, and the worst being -100.00. They can be gained through many things, and one with 0.00 BLUP is better than one with -10.65 BLUP, for instance Players who own a Falabella have 1 chance in 100 of winning a bonus when they register one of their horses in a competition. Players with 2 Falabellas have 2 chances in 100 of getting the bonus, and so on... The bonus is effective for 4 days in the life of the horse; it cannot be cumulated. The Falabellas first came to Howrse in 2011 Blup starts at -100 and can reach +100 (that means that there are a total of 200 blup points available for every horse.) You get 130 points for completed training in your best three skills, this includes rides and comps., the skill must go bold before this requirement is met. 40 points for reaching the age of 10 30 points for winning 20.

Skills On Howrse, there are six skill categories: Stamina, Speed, Dressage, Gallop, Trot, Jumping. The maximum skills that a horse may reach during its lifetime through the activities that you will have it carry out is determined at birth according to its breed and ancestors In order to use this method, you need to be an experienced skiller who can get to 100 BLUP at 10years, not after, or it will be mostly useless. When you get to 10 years and the horse is 100 BLUP, breed 2-3 times and reserve the coverings to your breeding partners; there are guides on how to make 4 covers per day Then you add the parents BLUP together and divide it by 2 to get the average. Then you divide the average BLUP by 100. Then Multiply that number by the number set aside earlier, and that's roughly amount your foal's inborn skills. If the number is less than 0, then the foal's inborn skills will be 0 so say mum = 430 gp ~ 34 BLUP dad = 400 gp. 100 Blup by 10 Yrs Howrse - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. blup 100 howrse

In other words, add the two parent's BLUP together and divide by ten (the average BLUP). Then add the two GPs and divide by two (to get the average) and divide that by ten (to get the IBS if the parents were 100BLUP). Multiply the average BLUP by the answer to the last part and you'll have the foal's IBS, plus or minus 4% BLUP; When looking for a public covering, your best bet is to open the public coverings page (through the reproduction box on your mare's page) and use the search criteria. Look for a horse with a GP [Genetic Potential] of over 1000. Also its BLUP should be set for over 100 Follow 100% BLUP's mission progress: #6426182 was bred by Emma Holgate on Howrse. 100% BLUP is a riding horse bred by Emma Holgate on the horse riding simulation game Howrse. Play Howrse. Breed horses, enter competitions and manage your own equestrian centre the BLUP is the percentage of parents skills given to the offspring so you enter the BLUP as a percentage into the forumla. for example: BLUP of 100 is entered as 1.00, 95BLUP is entered as .95, etc. 10% of the parents skills are transfered on to foals normally, if not using Aphrodite's tears, use this forumla

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You need to have at least 30 days registration, pass your riding level 4 test and become a vet before you can see blup - it's in the genetics tab underneath your horse Otherwise you have to pm someone on the site who is able to see it so they can pm it back to yo The players of the team that win the Howrse Cup each get 100 passes and a new and exclusive Divine which they can activate on any server they wish. To earn diamonds on Howrse Cup your horses need to win races. Every race you enter and place 1st - 4th brings you diamonds. The player and team rankings are all based on how many diamonds you have The BLUP starts at -100.00, and as your horse ages, trains, and wins competitions, the BLUP will move towards 100.00. To get maximum BLUP, the horse must have won 20 competitions, bolded its three best skills, and be at least 10 years old The most significant changes were made to the currency system. Passes got a whole new value, 1 pass of the old system was turned into 100 passes in the new system. So, if you had, for example, 5 passes, you now have 500 passes. Howrse tried to raise the value of passes this way and stop trafficking, which is against the rules

post in the retired coat gallery a lot so you can get your name known there or a different popular topic on the events forum. Help out people on the game play forums as well. 3Try your best for a high ranking. A high ranking will help to get your name known through all howrse players. 4Be unique. Be different from the other players. It helps a. Follow Filly blup's mission progress: #7373387 was bred by lottie3233 on Howrse. Filly blup is a riding horse bred by lottie3233 on the horse riding simulation game Howrse. Play Howrse. Breed horses, enter competitions and manage your own equestrian centre! Choose your first horse Follow f 5226 almost blup's mission progress: #3214157 was bred by skyway on Howrse. f 5226 almost blup is a riding horse bred by skyway on the horse riding simulation game Howrse. Play Howrse. Breed horses, enter competitions and manage your own equestrian center! Choose your first horse

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  1. Yes, the website is howrse.com. I think BLUP is kind of like your GP: you have to play with your howrse to higher it. Maybe BLUP is the amount of howrses you have or how you take care of it. I have two howrses that I accidentally bought, so if you need a howrse, I have some. My howrse account is uhhohhitsalyssa. Source(s): Myself. 0 1
  2. The aim is to try and get lower and lower GP horses by doing the following; -not playing with young foals -breeding with negative blup -breeding as close as possible to 2y6months -avoiding any activity that increases BLUP (except for aging which is inevitable
  3. Follow Dakota 4870.48's mission progress: #3316906 was bred by Ice Viper on Howrse

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Age = BLUP can only reach 100 when horse is 10 years old. Evaluate your method to get BLUP 100 The trainor calculates a BLUP factor for your horse. The method to get BLUP 100 the quickest, will give the highest BLUP factor (100%) for the youngest horse Howrse how to get passes keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, Howrse how to increase blup. Howrse how to breed yggdrasil. Howrse how to sell a horse. Howrse how does a horse die. Howrse how to take off tack

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  1. In Born Skills (IBS) are skills your foal has when it is born. They are inherited from the parents, depending on their GP and BLUP. There is a way of calculating the inborn skills: ((Mother's BLUP + Father's BLUP)/10) X (((Mother's GP + Father's GP)/2)/100) And then +/- 4 % for randomnes
  2. On Howrse, I'm a little confused as to how much one of my horses is worth. She's a female Hanoverian with a Dark Bay coat, she's 7 years 2 months old, her skills are 225.94, her BLUP is -20.55, she has no coverings, she's not a pure breed, no competition wins, plus she has the Daphne's Laurels
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  4. #31 Get 1,2 and Third place with a horse you produced #32 Use your Notebook #33 Sell 100 Droppings #34 Congratulate 5 players #35 Get your horse run 40 competitions #36 Get 2 more horses from the sales (or breed them) #37 Add another friend to your list #38 Send Ow a PM with :) as a title #39 Breed a foal from a positive BLUP mare (filly is.

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  1. It takes 80 generations to acquire a single greenstar. If you breed two greenstar horses, and don't get a greenstar, this may be because of GP and BLUP. If your horses are barely greenstars & you breed with negative BLUP, the baby is unlikely to be a greenstar. To be sure you will get a greenstar, max out BLUP. Crossbreeding can also cause this
  2. Look for a 100% purebred horse with 100 Blup and your desired coat at 200e. Star Check: Check the highly skilled horses for their stars under the genetics tab. They should have more than 24* if you want a successful foal
  3. BLUP ranges from -100 to +100 and is raised through training and competition, as well as reaching 10 years old. It sounds a lot more complicated than it really is, trust me! Howrse: A virtual horse that you feed, care for, train, compete with and breed
  4. e! And now for Stud Of The Day: SOTD presents: Glory Go
  5. Get help on anything and learn the best tips for breeding, blupping, ECs, and more. 1: 3: manure makes money honey! by coco Nov 21, 2009 8:59:56 GMT -5: Foal games and blup schedules. Need foal games or a blup schedules? come here!!! 2: 2: coco's arab blupping by coco Nov 19, 2009 15:39:26 GMT -
  6. o and white Saddlebred with a beautiful blonde mane and tail. My husband asked me to name him, we call him Trace his show name is Without a Trace

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