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  3. Tie all the tea bag strings together, throw into glass container. Add 1 cup sugar to glass container. Fill container with water within 2 of top. Shake container to dissolve the sugar

Set in the full sun until the tea is nicely dark, 1 to 2 hours. Remove and discard the tea bags. Add 1/4 cup honey and 1/4 cup sugar and stir until completely dissolved. Taste and continue to add.. Sterilize a clear container that will hold as much water as you are using. Add water and tea bags to the container. Set in direct sunlight for 1 to 4 hours or until tea is the color and strength you prefer. Do not leave in the sun for longer than 4 hours

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  1. Make the tea: Put 4 to 8 tea bags into a clean 2 quart or gallon glass container (4 teabags for a 2 quart container, 8 tea bags for a gallon container). Fill with water and cap
  2. Sun tea is brewed in a warm place, such as in the summer sun or on a kitchen counter. You don't have to boil water like other iced tea methods require to make sun tea—simply add water and tea bags to a glass jar, let steep and the tea is ready to drink within hours
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  4. This is the way Grandma Rose made her Sweet Sun Tea. This was one of my favorite drinks growing up. There was nothing better than a refreshing glass of Grandma's Iced Tea after being out in the..
  5. Combine the sugar, tea, and more water to make one gallon. Serve with thick 1 1/2 wedges of lemon. It usually takes 4-6 hours of being in the sun, in order to steep. You can eye ball the tea, and bring it in, after the tea looks dark enough
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The water will turn golden brown as the tea brews. Once the tea has strengthened to your liking remove it from the sunlight. Remove the tea bags from the tea. Sweeten tea to taste with honey or sugar Once the tea has brewed, remove the tea bags and add some sugar if you want a sweeter tea. Finally, fill some glasses with ice, then pour in the tea. For tips on how to use fresh herbs, like lemon balm and mint, to make sun tea, keep reading To View the First Video in this Series Click Here: http://www.monkeysee.com/play/9833-how-to-have-a-caribbean-bb How to Make Sweet Tea with Xylitol and Stevia. 12 individual size green or black tea bags (if using the family size tea bags use 4 bags) 1/2 cup of Xylitol - (we only use birchbark Xylitol, otherwise it is probably from GMO corn) 1 tsp of Stevia Mint leaves, washed and dried (optional) Sun Tea Sugar Free Directions. 1 Sweet tea, sun tea, and lemonade have long been southern favorites. Down south there is much debating over which southern drink is best. The general public prefers sweet tea, some people like sun tea and others favor lemonade. I'm an advocate for all three drinks

Refrigerate any leftover tea. Use within 2 days. The longer you let the tea sit outside the darker it will steep. Your preference will tell you exactly when to bring it in. Keep in mind sun tea is not as strong but more mellow than regular iced tea. The best choice is a glass sun tea jar with a metal screw-top lid The sunlight will help the sugar truly dissolve- it'll heat up the water a bit and really help push it towards being nice and sweet without any gritty flavor you'd usually get from an iced sweet tea that didn't get a chance to sit in the sun a bit

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This Traditional Southern Iced Sweet Tea is a refreshing home-brewed sweet tea made from black tea and boasts of great hints of lemon and a whole lot of sweetness—just like they like it down south! The perfect drink for the sunniest of days regardless of the season The idea behind a sun tea is making tea purely with the help of sun. Because the sun is heating surfaces stronger than the air, the temperature will be high enough to make tea within 1-5 hours. The best of all, it will never be too hot to ruin it or cause bitterness. Depending on the sun and the tea leaves, it will take about 1-5 hours to make. Making it sweet is a little bit more complicated than the super-easy unsweet sun tea, but still not hard at all, especially if you love someone who loves sweet tea. Love conquerors all. Even the gap between the sweet and unsweet tea lovers Lipton Southern Sweet Tea Iced Tea Drink Mix 22 Family Size Tea Bags 90.7g Box. 22 Count (Pack of 1) 4.6 out of 5 stars 497. $6.07 $ 6. 07 ($0.28/Count) $6.86 $6.86. Get it as soon as Sun, Apr 11. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Lipton Southern Sweet Iced Tea Bags 22 Count Family Size.

Southern Sweet Sun Tea. Learn how to make sun tea the safe way using our handy safety tips, homemade sun tea recipe, and bonus directions for making simple syrup with flavorings. Beat the summer heat the old-fashioned Southern way with a sweat-drenched glass of iced sweet tea! #recipes #sweettea #suntea #summer Circleware Sun Tea Mini Mason Jar Glass Beverage Dispenser with Metal Lid Glassware Water, Juice, Beer, Wine, Liquor, Kombucha Iced Punch & Best Selling Drinks, 1 Gallon, Clear 4.2 out of 5 stars 151 $21.99 $ 21 . 9 Sweet tea, steeping, and brewing in the summer sun, is a great way to celebrate summer! Once you taste ice tea brewed from the hot sun, making sun tea will become one of your summer traditions. I learned How to Make Sun Tea way back in the 70s while living in Central Oregon Making sun tea was a fad when Dale and I first got married. It is a simple way to make tea, just takes a sunny day, tea bags, and water. / Recipes / Drinks / Other Drinks. Sun Tea. 1 photo of Sun Tea. By Joyce Lowery @jlowery55 1. Making sun tea was a fad when Dale and I first got married.. Fill with warm water and and stir in 1-2 cups of sug­ar, depend­ing on your pre­ferred lev­el of sweetness. Place 4 fam­i­ly sized tea bags, of your choice, in the water, keep­ing the string hang­ing over the edge for easy removal

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Sweet Sun Tea by Dorinda Potter June 15, 2018. 11 tsp Black Tea (we used Black & Gold Vitality from Mr. & Mrs. Tea0. 96 oz of Water. 3/4 Cup Maple Syrup. Combine and stir all ingredients in a large glass jar with a lid and leave in the sun for 24 hours. Then filter out the loose tea, stir and enjoy over ice A review of Apocalypse Sweet Sun Tea from The Walking Dead Cookbook. By Jessica in Recipe Reviews on March 16, 2018 March 12, 2018. No comments. Apocalypse Sweet Sun Tea. This recipe actually could be easily made during an apocalypse Use cold filtered water and infuse the tea at room temperature instead of brewing the tea in the sun. Think of this sun tea as the tea-lover's version of cold brewed coffee

Bright sunlight helps slow-brew Ceylon orange pekoe tea and cold water into a deeply flavored beverage strong enough to withstand abundant ice, yet without bitterness, making it a favorite for a summer day The Tea The idea with sun tea is simple: place tea bags (or loose tea) in a glass container filled with water and set it in direct sunlight. A few hours later, you've got brewed tea, ready to be served over a cup of ice There's sweet tea, then there's southern sweet tea. If you want authentic southern-style sweet tea, all you need is a pot of boiling water, tea bags and lots of sugar. Anything else just isn't the real deal. Nix the powdered junk

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Step 1 Sprinkle a pinch of baking soda into a 64-ounce, heat-proof, glass pitcher. Pour in boiling water, and add tea bags. Cover, and allow to steep for 15 minutes Southern sweet tea is an iced tea, meaning that it is tea made to be served over ice. Some brands that are preferred for iced tea are Red Diamond, Luzianne, Lipton and Tetley. Look for markings on the package to say that it is specially made for iced tea. • Don't burn your tea Place the tea in a lidded jar that will hold at least one gallon. Fill the jar with a gallon of water, and tighten the lid. Step 2 Place the jar in a sunny spot outdoors, and allow the tea to brew for 4 hours Sweet tea is delicious, but brewing with sugar can can cause tea to ferment and grow bacteria faster. Instead, sweeten your iced tea by the glass with simple syrup, honey dust, or maple dust. Use your good tea leaves. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the higher quality of tea, the longer the flavor seems to last Sun tea is just that: tea brewed in sunlight instead of with pre-boiled water. While making sun tea feels very homesteady, like baking your own bread or growing herbs, it should only be done safely, and with the right equipment. Grab a large clear glass jar that has a lid

What to do: Place tea bags in gallon jar and fill with water; place cover or cap loosely on jar Place jar in direct sunshine Steep tea for 3 to 4 hours (do not exceed 4 hours Place tea bags into a clean 3 quart clear glass jar. Make sure to leave the paper tags on the outside of the jar. Add the water and screw on the lid. Let the jar of tea stand in direct sunlight for 3-4 hours or until the tea reaches the desired strength

We serve tea at every Southern gathering, from funerals to baby showers to church potlucks. A pitcher of Southern sweet tea doesn't last long in the fridge - but with this recipe, you'll be able to replenish the supply in no time. Making sweet tea isn't difficult at all, but many Southerners argue about how much sugar you should include Sun tea captures the essence of sweet summer sunshine in a refreshing iced tea. Check out Food Network's easy how-to and brew it at home Making this sweet tea is as simple as following the directions on whatever tea you purchase and getting the best tea pot. There are a few ways that you can go about making sweet tea, though. We prefer to use the no-boil tea bags that you steep in cold or room temperature water, and then add the sweetener at the end

If you want sweet tea, add granulated sugar to taste before you add the rest of the water, or make a simple syrup and sweeten each glass individually. You can also try sun tea, where you drop the tea bags into a large jar of water and let it sit in the sun for several hours Sun tea follows the same principle as cold brew tea, but the brewing process happens in a sunny spot instead of in the refrigerator. Sun tea has a nostalgic feel to it, but there is a small chance of bacterial growth by leaving tea out in these temperatures With temperatures soaring, nothing's more satisfying in the dog days of summer than an icy cold, sweaty glass of sweet tea sipped on the front porch (or backyard, or poolside) on a lazy Sunday. I first discovered sweet tea — real sweet tea, Southern style — two decades ago when I was moving cross-country from New York to California Hold a bunch of mint in one hand; use your other hand to twist and squeeze the leaves, slightly bruising them to release their fragrance and oils. Immerse the bunches in the water mixture. Cover the container and place in direct sunlight for two hours. Remove the mint leaves, shake, and serve over ice in tall glasses, garnished with a mint sprig Add tea bags and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes depending on the strength of tea you prefer. Remove tea bags and stir sugar into warm tea; continue to stir until completely dissolved. Pour concentrated tea into pitcher and mix in remaining 8 cups water. Allow to cool to room temperature

How To Make Sweet Tea. Heat 2 Quarts water in saucepan. When simmering, turn the heat off. Add 1 Cup of Sugar (for sweet tea) to the warm water and stir until dissolved. Place 4 tea bags or 1 Gallon size tea bag in hot water. Allow tea to come to room temp. Squeeze tea bags Those tend to be things like friendly people, sunny weather, and sweet iced tea—very sweet. A classic Southern sweet tea recipe can be very simple—just tea, sugar, water, and lemon if you so choose Tie your 14 tea bags together. Place in bottom of a 4 quart clear container. I use a BIG restaurant pickle jar. I just cleaned it really, really well & let it soak with baking soda to get the vinegar smell out. ANYWAY fill the container with cold water, put the cover on and place outside in the sun for @ 3 hours Boil 4 cups (1 quart) of water add tea bags and sugar. Stir to mix in the sugar. Reduce the temperature to simmer/low. Steep the tea for five minutes The bitterness in tea comes from steeping it too long. Filling a jar with water and tea, then walking away for hours, will not result in a good glass of tea. There really is a technique to good homemade sun tea. Homemade Sun Tea Recipe Water to Tea Ratio. If you are using tea bags, you want to use one bag of tea to one cup of water

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Sun Tea. According to the CDC, The practice of making 'sun tea' by steeping tea bags in a container of water in the sun may be higher theoretical risk than brewing tea at higher. Using the natural rays of the sun to make sun tea is popular in the summer. Tea is brewed by leaving a clear container with tea in it out is the sun for a few hours. However, using such a method to make tea is highly discouraged. Sun tea is the perfect medium for bacteria to grow Nothing is better on a hot day than cold, slightly sweet Fresh Mint Sun Tea! I simply use a tad bit of stevia to taste. My kids do this as well. If you bring in your sun tea while it's still warm from the sun, then strain, that would be an ideal time to stir in some raw honey, if you prefer honey over stevia A safer alternative to sun tea is refrigerator tea. To make it, fill a pitcher with a quart of cold water, add four to six tea bags, and refrigerate it at least six hours or overnight Add black tea and steep for 10 minutes. Remove tea and cool. Pour into glass pitcher and stir in 10 packets SweetLeaf ® Stevia Sweetener. Stir until sweetener has dissolved. Let cool. Sweetened tea is more perishable than unsweetened—store it, well-sealed, in a glass (not plastic) container in the refrigerator

Your mom probably brewed it in a pitcher bathing in the hot sun on your back porch, then served it unsweetened. I remember my mom doing this, and I loved it. It wasn't until the fall of 2000, when I moved down south to college, that I was introduced to sweet tea. It was by accident Sweet tea is a favorite summertime drink and it gets better when you add a shot of liquor to the mix. As you will see with many of these recipes, the sweet can come from a variety of sources. One recipe may rely on a sweet liqueur while another asks you to make a unique flavored syrup Sweet tea is a popular style of iced tea commonly consumed in the United States (especially common in the southern United States) Sweet tea is most commonly made by adding sugar or simple syrup to black tea either while the tea is brewing or still hot, although artificial sweeteners are also frequently used. Sweet tea is almost always served ice cold. It may sometimes be flavored, most.

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What's Wrong With Sun Tea . While sun tea has long been a favorite summer drink, there are concerns about brewing tea for a long time in the hot sun. The primary reason for concern is that the heat and rays from the sun can cause bacteria to grow in your tea. If you have ever noticed long strands in your sun tea, that's bacteria 5 cups water, divided use. 2 family-size tea bags. 1 cup Splenda® Granulated Sweetener. ¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, optional. Mint sprigs and lemon slices, for garnis You have searched for glass sun tea jar and this page displays the closest product matches we have for glass sun tea jar to buy online. With millions of unique furniture, décor, and housewares options, we'll help you find the perfect solution for your style and your home

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A flavored black tea that contains the ingredients of our beloved Hot Cinnamon Spice, with a slightly different name. Sugar free! Our most popular flavored tea is a blend of black teas, three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves. It is remarkably assertive, and that is its most admired quality. Available here in a tin of 20 sachets. In restaurants I always find sweet tea generally far too sweet for me, so I order it half and half - half sweet, mixed with half unsweetened, and during the summer I go through so much tea that I now make a full gallon of a diet sweet tea. Sweetening aside, one thing is for certain. I believe that the perfect iced tea starts with Luzianne brand Calories per serving of My Sweet Sun Tea 21 calories of Honey, (0.02 cup) 2 calories of Herbal Tea, (1 cup (8 fl oz)) Nutrition & Calorie Comments . I use the decaf tea with different flavors like blueberry or raspberry and then I don't even need the sugar or any sweetener. It's so great with ice after a workout

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Luzianne Sun Tea Recipe Use 9 tea bags for every gallon of water. Place bags in clean gallon jar filled w/cold water (Sun Tea containers can be purchased) Cap jar loosely & place in sunshine away from combustible material. Seep tea for 3-4 hours. Do not exceed 4 hours. Remove tea bags Bring the water to a boil. Remove from heat, pour into a pitcher, and steep the tea bags about 5 minutes. Mix the sugar mixture into the iced tea Iced tea is full of oxalic acid, which, when taken in excess, deposits in your kidneys and mucks up the work of removing waste from the blood, says Scott Youngquist, MD, an emergency physician at University of Utah Health. This patient was drinking 16 8-ounce glasses of iced tea per day for an unknown period of time I made two batches of this sweet tea recipe for a large summer dinner, and both easily qualify as a Testers Choice. The first I made with the orange pekoe tea. I steeped for precisely the 30 minutes specified and used precisely the 3/4 cup sugar and 3 quarts (or 12 cups) of water for the sugar syrup.. UPDATE: Some of the information in this article needed updating due to more recent studies and some exaggeration of the risk involved. One of the most popular teas in summer is sun tea - tea that is brewed by leaving a clear container with tea in it out in the sun for a few hours

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Calories in Sun Tea based on the calories, fat, protein, carbs and other nutrition information submitted for Sun Tea Sweet Tea . 5 tea bags. 3/4 cup sugar. Makes 2 quarts . Place tea bags in sauce pot or coffee maker (down in the coffee pot). If using coffee pot, run a cycle of water through to make tea. If using a sauce pot, fill about three inches and bring just to a boil, then remove from heat. Fill pitcher 1/2 of the way with cool water and add sugar. Stir Sweet & Spicy Sun Tea Serves 8 8 cups water 24 packets Equal® sweetener 6 to 8 bags orange pekoe tea bags 2 cinnamon sticks, broken in half 6 whole cloves 1 orange, cut into 8 slices, optional Fresh mint sprigs, optional Substitute 1 cup Equal Spoonful for the packets Sweet tea is the perfect summer drink for a 'barefoot blue jeans night.' It is crisp and refreshing and oh so delicious! Sun tea brews slowly in cold water and ends up having less caffeine than regular tea and isn't as bitter. Brewing it in mason jars is a stroke of genius! When the tea is ready just add some fruit, chill, and serve

Sweet Citrus Sun Tea Citrus Tea: Fill a glass, gallon sized container (like a pickle jar) with water and float 8 black tea bags on the top. Slice one lemon and one orange (or two lemons or two oranges or two limes etc) and add to the water. Seal with the lid and let steep outside, in the sunshine (duh) and until the tea is dark and warm This is my recipe for Sweet Peppermint Sun Tea: Fill a clean glass pitcher with 2 quarts of filtered water. Make sure the pitcher has a lid. After removing the paper tags add 4-6 peppermint tea bags (depending on how strong you like your tea) to the pitcher. Place the lid on the tea pitcher. and set out in the sun for 4 hours so the tea bags.

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Hi, Kristi in the Rada Kitchen, and today I'm going to show you a quick and easy way to make sun tea in the microwave. Place 3 teabags in 8 cups of water in a glass mixing bowl. Microwave for 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Open the microwave door and dunk the teabags up and down 6 to 10 times Of the two, the fancier-pants tea was hands down more elegant: when brewed hot, it's caramel-like and creamy, but when steeped slowly by the heat of the sun, it's like a delicate sweet orange liquor.We prefer to pour it over a nice block of ice—letting the balance of dilution happen gradually, like any good summer cocktail. Now of course, if sweet's your thing—or mint, lime basil, wedges.

Fill a sun tea pitcher with water. Add 6-8 Oolong tea bags to the top of the sun tea pitcher. Brew in a sunny spot for 4-6 hours. Puree mango, pineapple, and pineapple juice in a blender You get iced tea quickly, but you also get the smooth, mellow, Southern flavor that comes from a traditional sun tea. Add sugar or don't (although I'm a little confused as to why you wouldn't). Either way, this iced tea is about as good as it gets! [convertkit form=5054588] Instant Pot Iced Tea Ingredients. 2 quarts water. 10 tea bags. Good Earth's flagship offering Sweet & Spicy is a range of spicy cinnamon based teas are perfectly complemented by the sweet little bursts of orange that playfully mingle with exciting flavors like lemongrass, peppermint, anise seed, and ginger. Choose from a variety of different tea & flavor combinations Instructions Tie the strings of 8 tea bags together in a knot. In a small saucepan combine sugar and 2 cups of water over high heat. Bring to a boil

Sun Tea - On counter or Refrigerator? madwells1 Member, Premium Posts: 510 Member Member, Premium Posts: 510 Member. in Recipes. I want some feedback on what everyone does with their tea in the summer if they make it. For example, I usually make a large dispenser of tea by brewing a few hours in the sun, then bringing it indoors How to make Lipton Sun Tea. Put three (3) Lipton Family Size Tea Bags in a clean gallon jar and fill with cold water. (If desired, you may substitute nine (9) regular (cup size) tea bags.)* Cap loosely and place in the sunshine, away from combustible materials, for three to four hours.* Remove tea bags Little Henry is a useful native plant with lots of potential for the home landscape. It prefers moist soils and will tolerate wet conditions. It will grow in full sun to full shade, and requires little pruning or other maintenance. Little Henry has lightly scented, pure white flowers that shoot like fireworks in the early summer horizon Discover the Endless Possibilities. Celestial Seasonings teas are an invitation to bring the perfect balance to your day. From relaxing herbal teas to energizing chai and matcha lattes and everything in between, there's a Celestial blend that's just right for any occasion When you refer to sun tea I am making the assumption that you are referring to the tea (usually in the form of tea bags) that is placed in a jar and allowed to sit in the sun for several hours. It is usually prepared then as iced tea. I am fur..

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Tea olive likes a good amount of sun but will grow fine with partial shade. Certain varieties may show some leaf discoloration in full sun. Four to five hours of direct sun will ensure the heaviest flowering. Afternoon shade is preferable to morning shade, to prevent late afternoon heat from burning foliage in especially hot weather The Best Gin And Sweet Tea Recipes on Yummly | Hibiscus Rose Sweet Tea, Long Island Sweet Tea, Sweet Tea & Spiked Sweet Tea Spiked Sun Tea Tasting Table. lemon rind, tea, water, sugar, water, gin. Marigold Tea Cocktail Love Food Life Alchemy. lemon juice, gin, champagne, simple syrup, tea, thyme Sweet Tree Cannabis Co. is a recreational marijuana dispensary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with carefully curated cannabis retail products. Our in store team of cannasseurs can help you shop for your best blend - visit one of our locations today Tea leaves, like all food, have natural bacteria on them, even in their dried form. Home cooks should brew tea at 195 degrees Fahrenheit for three to five minutes to kill bacteria. Nonetheless, bacteria can still grow in tea, so once it has reached room temperature, place it in the refrigerator for storage Put about 2 quarts of water in a large pan and bring to boil. Pour 4 cups of artificial sweetener into a 1-gallon pitchers. Once your water comes to a boil, pour it into the pitcher containing with the sweetener Being Very Careful, stir the mixture

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In fact, southerners drink sweet tea all-round the year and not just during summers. The recipe for making sweet tea is simple and easy as you need to boil water and add sugar and tea bags inside to let the tea brew for some time. Serve in glasses over ice. You can also add flavors such as mint, raspberry, or lemon In a sauce pan boil 2/3 cup granulated sugar and 2/3 cup water together, until the liquid is clear and the sugar is melted. About 3 minutes. Next add the syrup to a gallon sized jug followed by the mint leaves, lemon slices, and enough water to fill the jug. Hang the tea bags off the jug and close with a lid

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Get Tea from Target to save money and time. Select Same Day Delivery or Drive Up for easy contactless purchases A quick search on Instagram for #suntea will turn up more than 36,000 posts, many of them coming within the last few months. It's clear summer months are prime time for this classic tea beverage. With so many of us still spending more time than usual in our homes, now is the time to try out all kinds of new recipes and hobbies—so you may be looking into making sun tea, too Sweet tea is always steeping in the sun. We and our partners process personal data such as IP Address, Unique ID, browsing data for: Use precise geolocation data | Actively scan device characteristics for identification.. Some partners do not ask for your consent to process your data, instead, they rely on their legitimate business interest

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A Sweet Summer with Herbal Sun Tea. This is a sponsored post. Thank you for supporting SITC. Summertime, as you know, is my absolute favorite season. I love the freedom and long, lazy summer days at the beach and pool. Everyone has their happy place, and my happy place is definitely the Hamptons. Come summertime, my family and I spend as much. The flowers of devilwood are relatively small compared to other tea olives, but open very early in spring and have the typical tea olive sweet fragrance. Devilwood will grow throughout South Carolina. It grows in either sun or part shade Dad's delicious sweet sun-tea Lavender Mint Tea Mint Tea Fruit Punch Mint Iced Tea with Mint Ice Cubes See all 12 recipes Recently Viewed. Southern Sun Tea. Reviews and Ratings Global Ratings: (1) Reviews in English (1) S. by sanzoe. 0. This was good and I will make it again but cutting back the sugar for our tastes..

Inspired by the Southern States, this is a much-loved speciali-tea. Your favorite Lipton® Tea, chilled with a little lemon and mint. Simple. Classic. A superb sweet tea treat Address 539 Loring Ave Salem, MA 01970. Phone (978) 306-7369. Email. info@sweet-java.com. Hours: Mon - Sun: 8am - 5p 8-10 regular size tea bags or 4-5 family size (You can use any kind of tea you like, or even a combination of flavors, such as green tea, although I highly recommend regular Luzianne or Lipton Iced Tea Brew. The teas made especially for Iced Tea are a little better; however they are not necessary to make great sweet tea Classic Sweet Tea: 2 family sized tea bags. 7 cups water, divided. 1 cup simple syrup (you can add more or less to suit your taste) Ice. Bring 4 cups water to boil on stove. Remove and pour over 2 family sized tea bags. Let steep for 5 to 7 minutes. Remove tea bags and add 3 more cups water and 1 cup simple syrup

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