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Check Out Steering on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today! Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Steering now HyNautics has a system that requires this pressure. I think it is because the reservoir is normally mounted in the engine or steering compartment and they want pressure to keep the oil in the upper helms. Sort of makes sense and there are a bunch of these systems out there and for the most part seem to work well

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If your steering is harder than you think it should be. Remember that unless you have a power-assist steering pump that is attached to the engine (like your car) or electrically driven in a seperate unit, you do not have power steering, simply hydraulic steering Hynautic steering problem-gctid459080 03-17-2013, 08:04 PM. Hi Guys. On the weekend, my upper helm leaked fluid. Using Dr Google today, I believe the system on my boat, is the H-50 series hynautic. We have done a few of these and with a clean work area and a bit of patience this is about a 3-4 hour task from entering the boat untill cleanup. I just started preparing my 32XX for the upcoming season and the upper steering keeps spinning with no effect. The lower helm works fine. I believe I have an Hynautic H50 dual helm system. It has done the same in some previous seasons but would go back to normal after a while. I am going back to the boat in the next few day This is not power assist hydraulic steering, the pump is at the helm and operated by turning the wheel that then pumps the fluid to (or from) the ram. I helped the owner remove the rudder and left the ram and wheel in the position it was in at the time HYNAUTIC THREE LINE BLEED Use Hynautic steering oil or light viscosity hydraulic oil that meets the aircraft hydraulic fluid spec Mil-H-5606, such as Texaco #15, Exxon Univis J-13, Castrol AWH-15, Castrol Aero-585-B, or Shell Tellus 15. Heavier oils, such as automatic transmission oil Type A or Dextron II, may be used but will cause harder.

I lost my steering on the last trip out this past December, and I'm finally ready to dig into it this Sunday. I figure I'll start at the rudder and work my way back til I see what's moving and what's not, but I wanted to eliminate any obvious stuff first. I have about 20 - 30# of pressure on the tank, so that shouldn't be the problem If the steering wheel moves freely, but the cable's motor end does not move, then look for a stripped gear at the helm. There will either be a bare spot in the rack or a stripped gear on the steering shaft. If there is a bare spot on the rack, you will need a new cable. If it is on the steering wheel shaft, replace the gear Servicing hydraulic steering units is NOT a do-it-yourself project. If you cannot tell which part or parts is bad/broken/missing from these photos and you do not know exactly where and in which orientation all these parts fit, then you can not put it back together once it comes apart

Hynautic 3-Line Heavy Duty Hydraulic Steering System: SeaStar offers rugged 3-line Hynautic Heavy Duty steering systems for most work and pleasure vessels up to 70 feet. Heavy Duty helms combine one or two bi-directional axial piston pumps with pilot check and make-up check valving. The result is a unit which prevents rudder feedback, is very. Hydraulic steering can cause increased loads on mounting hardware compared to traditional steering systems. This means we must increase the strength of the rudder quadrant, tiller arm, and the cylinder mounting point to the hull compared to traditional steering systems The rams on their site say hynautic but helms can be heavy duty Hyanautic with pressurized reservoir or the non reservoir seastar or capilano. Either way OP said its not a pressurized syst and the problem has to be something changed like tiller arm put on different if ram is going full stroke. Mar 18, 2016 #4 When hynautic steering stops working at upper station make sure you have enough pressure in fluid reserve tank for your hynautic steering system (on my 1976 43DCFB it's 20 PSI). Was out yesterday tooling around and decided to hop up to flybridge for some fresh air when I noticed the wheel would just spin and spin and spin with little effort and no steering effect

If you have a Hynautic steering system on your vessel that is not functioning properly, we can probably service and reseal it for you. (We do service and rebuild all brands of hydraulic steering units and we recommend that if you currently have a unit that you rebuild, rather than purchase new to save a considerable amount of money. SeaStar offers rugged 3-line Hynautic Heavy Duty steering systems for most work and pleasure vessels up to 70 feet. Heavy Duty helms combine one or two bi-directional axial piston pumps with pilot check and make-up check valving. The result is a unit which prevents rudder feedback, is very efficient (even at low RPM), and is immediately. Hynautic steering problem/question--long post Post by John F. » Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:13 pm My steering was working fine, but the copper lines and aluminum relief valve (my system has a separate resevoir mounted in the starboard engine box and a relief valve mounted on the aft tank bulkhead facing the transom) were corroded together as a solid.

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  1. Hynautic, Inc., t s not responsible for cost of' labor required to Hynauttc , replace defective parts except as herelnabove provided. Inc. , will not be responsible for any work done to correct errors unless such work Is authorized by the written consent or approval of Hyna-utic, Inc
  2. Teleflex HYNAUTIC STEERING SEAL KITS. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. $43.28 $ 43. 28. FREE Shipping. 690081 UNION TEE 3/8 HYNAUTIC STEERING FITTINGS. $5.99 $ 5. 99. $7.00 shipping. HYNAUTIC Cylinder Seal Kit. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. $41.65 $ 41. 65. FREE Shipping. Hynautic Steering Seal Kits (Seastar) $43.99 $ 43. 99
  3. Hynautic H-21 2.75cu. in. 1 Straight Shaft - Hydraulic Marine Helm Pump SeaStar offers rugged 3-line Hynautic heavy duty steering systems (H21) for most work and pleasure boats up to 70 feet

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Hynautic steering systems. Log in to post new content in the forum. Topic / Topic starter Replies Views Last post; Normal topic: Tie Bar/ Steering Rod by dre » Thu, 12/03/2020 - 12:51 : 4 : 205 : by machmike Sun, 03/07/2021 - 13:33 : Normal topic: 33 Blackfin - Steering making grinding sound when under load, steering slipping. Teleflex Hs6038 Hynautic Steering Fittings Quad Ring 214-10. $27.62 $ 27. 62. $18.99 shipping. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. Teleflex Hs6037 Hynautic Steering Fittings Quad Ring 210 20 Per Pack. $18.21 $ 18. 21. $18.99 shipping. Only 20 left in stock - order soon. HYNAUTIC Seal Kit, H20 Series W/External Black Seal Seastar Solutions Ks-05 Hynautic Steering Cylinder Seal Kit. $31.95. Seastar Marine H42-04 Hynautic Steering Helm Unit Assembly 1 Straight Shaft. $1,145.00. Hynautic H-25 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Helm 2.75cu. 34tappered Seastar Steering Md. $830.55. 2 Hynautic Hy-steer Sea Star Hydraulic Steering Hoses 13ft 17ft 516 Id 1000 I couldn't find any good info online on how to rebuild a Hynautic Steering Cylinder. I figured it out on my own, took some pictures and thought I'd share with everyone. First of all, its very easy to do once you figure out how to disassemble it. Heres a picture of the rebuilt cylinder 2014-03-09102307_zpsd46185d2.jp

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  1. Fisheries Supply offers a full range of marine products from Hynautic. Shop for Hynautic Hydraulic Steering for Boats today
  2. We had both of our Hynautic H21 helm pumps rebuilt two years ago by a guy that used to work for Hynautic and said he used Hynautic parts (we think the parts followed him home). We were very surprised to see the helm in the FB leaking this year. At this point the steering is locked on the FB
  3. after august 1983 hynautic steering cylinder: seal kit: ks-06: k-21 thru k-29: prior to august 1983 hynautic steering cylinder: seal kit: ks-04: k-3, k-4: after april 15 1994 hynautic steering cylinder: seal kit: ks-17: k-3, k-4: prior to april 15 1994 hynautic steering cylinder: seal kit: ks-13: k-31 thru k-33: hynautic steering cylinder: seal.
  4. A seal kit will NOT work if there is any damage to the steering cylinder shaft that will not allow a new seal to seal. To ensure that the cylinder is repaired properly we recommend contacting one of our Authorized Repair Centers to assist with the repair
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  1. Check Out Steering On eBay. Find It On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Find Steering On eBay
  2. Re: Hynautic steering does not work Oh, and by the way, I said at the beginning that I had zip experience with hydraulics. So if I locate the leak, do I just remove the bad piece (presumably spilling fluid), take it into a hydraulic place and get a new piece, then come back to the boat, install it, top off the reservoir, bleed the system and.
  3. 21ft wellcraft 1980-1985 200hp black max MERCI just got a old black max merc 80-85 im guessing. The hydraulic steering does not work. The wheel will turn and I can hear the faint clicking of the pump. but no outboard movement. The outboard will NOT turn even by hand it seems like i can move it..

When you have to replace the hoses or rams on your boat's marine hydraulic steering system, air gets into the system. The air occupies space normally occupied by hydraulic fluid, which diminishes the operating characteristics of the steering system. Steering will be harder and the steering mechanism will be less. Not sure if there is a valve in the ram that is not working right or what, but in the spring I will start with a fluid change and go from there. Problem is right now she is working great. 1975 FBC BERG1467-31

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Rob, what model seastar helm do you have. I was told not to use the ss pro with the side ram. I also was told it would not work on my last boat but I did it any way with the hynautic h-100 and latham ram and it was flawless. I have a ss pro helm on this boat and I want to change to a side ram. so, if its working for you then Im gonna do it There's Nothing It Can't Do Optimus 360, for twin, triple and quad engine applications. Optimus 360 gives your boat a whole new dimension of control. By developing the joystick function to be intuitive, Optimus 360 allows you to move your boat not only forward and back, but also sideways, by pushing the joystick to the left, or to the right, and even, rotate on a dime, all with a simple. 1967 johnson 33hp steering parts. 6 minutes ago; Chris1956; Electrical, Electronics, Audio and Trolling Motors. Threads 24.2K Messages 141.2K. Threads 24.2K Messages 141.2K. Here to talk not only about boating but just want to enjoy the huge community of members at iboats? This is the place for you! Threads 33.4K Messages 549.9K. Threads 33. Wheels camouflage bad weatherhelm, not cure it. If your rudder is over more than about 15 degrees with a wheel, your boat's not balanced. Also bad trim, being down by the head or squatting at the stern, can make a boat more difficult to steer. Until you get to this point, you're not ready to begin fooling with a vane

The HO6128 will NOT work with a BayStar Steering System; The HO6128 will ONLY work with SeaStar HC5345-3, HC5358-3, and HC5348-3 steering cylinders; Do NOT use on Honda 200-250HP engines. Cable damages will occur. The HO6128 has a has a cable length of 28 and 20HP Maximum. The HO6128 kit includes: 1x Steering Cable Assembly (TFXtreme 40 series. The s1000 is designed for hydraulic steering systems with a capacity of 5 to 8 cubic inches (80 to 130 cubic centimeters). Compatible systems include: SeaStar steering systems HC5345, HC5347, HC5348 and HC5358; Teleflex steering systems with HC4600, HC4645, HC4647, HC4648 and HC4658; Hynautic K6 steering ram Hynautic K-19 K19 Hydraulic Marine Steering Cylinder, For Parts 1 Endcap Cracked. $49.00. Free shipping . Teleflex Seastar Mounting Plate Bracket HC5340 Hydraulic Steering Cylinder Assy. If a purchased item or repair does not work for its intended purpose please contact us immediately. We will make the repair process as quick and painless. • Will NOT work with a BayStar Steering System • Will ONLY work with SeaStar HC5345, HC5358 and HC5348 steering cylinders • Do NOT use on Honda 200-250HP engines, cable damage will occu

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This is essentially a home made steering system using a lot of Hynautic components. The TR had been converted to a Hynautic system using their K5B external cylinders, a non-boosted Hynautic helm that required 5 turns L to L, a reservoir, relief valve, and a outdrive mounting bracket from some other MFGR - Mark and remove steering lines from steering cylinder - Using your hands, manually try to work the steering cylinder shaft IN/OUT o The cylinder shaft should be very easy to move IN/OUT. If it takes any effort at all then your problem is with the cylinder and the cylinder will need to be replaced with part # HC5314- Recently they've acquired Morse and Hynautic, thereby emphasizing their commitment to market dominance. On this page, they describe acquisitions as a key part of their strategy. It must be working; they claim consistent 20% growth for the last quarter-century and I've seen nothing online to contradict this. They're everywhere

Ordered to replace failed HH5741 steering in my 2003 Sea Ray. This helm is the replacement to the discontinued HH5741. It was a Perfect fit drop in replacement. Be advised that the helm uses an upgraded ORB fitting for the steering hose connections and comes with 2 in the kit. FYI, the old fittings do not work on the new pump My boat has hynautic three line system , but the tubing leaves the helm area and does not show up again until it appears in the cockpit area where it is connected to the sump and the steering ram. there is plenty of room for the pump near the ram and the ccu can be installed there to I guess Will Accept All Standard 3/4 Tapered Shaft Steering Wheel Part# TELHH6191 Hynautic by Teleflex H21 Helm 2.75 CI., 1 Straight Shaft, 20 Series Hynautic Heavy Duty Helm Pump. Prevents rudder feedback and is immediately adaptable to multi-station use. OMC 2 & 4 Cyl. Yamaha, 40 To 90HP. *Will VIKSTT-4YN Not Work On A 1993 40HP* VIKTTR-375.

Results 1 - 48 of •Add depth and realism to your layout with this new scratch built brewery building front! . He did a great job of printing out the wiring directions, and he MTH Operating ESSO Gas Station Condition is New According to the seller, everything on the vessel is in good working condition with no known issues. A January, 2016 survey valued this vessel at $535,000 with a replacement value of $2,200,000. This survey is not available for evaluation and we always recommend buyers get an updated survey to determine the vessel's current condition (NFB not for power steering) TO DATE Safe-T II Tilt (components)† or NFB 4.2 Tilt (SS157XX)† (NFB not for power steering) M47/M66 Cable. U-Flex NR Dual Cable. TO DATE NFB 4.2 Dual Cable. FORUM: TOPIC: ORIGINATOR: POSTS: DATE: TOPIC: 1 : Volvo: General: D6 DP-H helm pump?: tkinak : 5 - 17-Dec-15 Original Post : 18-Nov-15 : I´m repowering with a used D6 with a DP-H and need a pair of helm pumps.I don´t see one listed on SeaStar´s website for the DP-H drive, just one that says Diesel and one for the DPS drive Trailer is a twin axle, galvanized, hydraulic brakes, new spare and a 12V power winch. Boat is a 24' Scat Craft and in my opinion is a write off due to a racoon eating through the cover and destroying the interior and the hull. has two rebuilt 302 engines c/w forged steel four bolt mains, 30 over balanced pistons and crank, windsor heads c/w slight porting, aluminium intakes, 450 holly carbs.

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OEM MerCruiser 4.3 V6 Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifold 99745 99746A17 Fits port or starboard side 4.3L GM 1985-2002 (Will not work with Dry Joint) Replaces 99745, 99746 Exhaust manifold 99746A17 is for use on the port or.. Still runs like a sewing machine, full compression. It was serviced last year when I had the boat in to replace the seal for the Hynautic hydraulic steering. The engine is also 1991, T9.9MXHQ hi- thrust. 5. What problem(s) has it had in past and or present or none? This engine can be easy to flood if your not careful

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A petroleum (mineral) fluid is a more common fluid and is made from refining crude to a desired level to achieve better lubricant performance with the inclusion of additives, which range from anti-wear (AW), rust and oxidation inhibitors (RO) and viscosity index (VI) improvers.These fluids offer a lower-cost alternative to synthetics and can be very comparable in performance when certain. 2004 Endeavour Catamaran 38 Trawler Cat 38 Power Cat 38 Twin Yanmar 4LHA-STP (240HP) diesels with 1500 hrs. with complete maintenance and service records for last 2 years. Hynautic Steering and dripless shaft seals. Economical cruising speed of 8-9 kts

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Thank you for viewing my listing. I have owned the Hatteras for a year, and have not been able to travel to Texas as frequently as I had planned. With that said, I am listing it as an auction to the highest bidder, because I am forced to sell it and can`t travel frequently to show it. My plans were to live aboard when I retired, but circumstances and health concerns have made that an Sorry for the delay in getting back to a few, but been out of the loop with work, family, and sick. Anyhow, I have received a few requests stating that the link does not work.. but when I go to it, it works for me. Anyhow, if interested let me know. · Hynautic Hydraulic Steering w/ steering fluid reservoir (both upper & lower heavy duty.

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Kilmarnock, Virginia USA. The Phoenix 34 SFX Convertible is a nicely equipped sportsfish/cruiser built to the high standards of all Phoenix yachts with the heft to handle everything the sea can throw at her with the raw aggressive good looks that will turn heads in every marina when the day is over 2003 Riviera 40 Express  Last 1 is a Fish or Family Cruiser friendly with awesome features for both, bridge has Hardtop with Full Enclosure, and AC/Heat for comfort and has a comfortable seating layout. She has dependable Caterpillar's 3126's.This Riviera Offshore offers a superior ride, with beautiful lines

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Hynautic HyperVent I. I; I2Systems IceMule Coolers • Will NOT work with a BayStar Steering System • Will ONLY work with SeaStar HC5345, HC5358 and HC5348 steering cylinders • Do NOT use on Honda 200-250HP engines, cable damage will occu The nice thing about the Hynautic is that it is much smaller and uses a single piston (in and out) on one side rather than the back-and-forth of the Seastar. It also doesn't flex around all over the place (chafing the hoses). The Hynautic freed up the entire port side of the engine, which just so happens to be where my swim step is located I am a proud new owner of a 30' custom built trawler and I recently found out that the hydraulic steering cylinder is leaking a bit. I would like to fix this by changing the current cylinder by a new one and see afterward if the current cylinder can be rebuilt. Regarding this work to be done, as a newbie I have some questions: 1 Boat Mechanical Steering Maintenance Guid Hynautic hydraulic steering system. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Ky state id number 1 . 28 inch steel exterior door 2 . Weiser memorial hospital foundation 3 . Ridin the wave with dave 4 . Moscow middle school staff 5 . 3tb hdd windows 10 6

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A hydraulic fluid or hydraulic liquid is the medium by which power is transferred in hydraulic machinery.Common hydraulic fluids are based on mineral oil or water. Examples of equipment that might use hydraulic fluids are excavators and backhoes, hydraulic brakes, power steering systems, automatic transmissions, garbage trucks, aircraft flight control systems, lifts, and industrial machinery Welcome. Lenco Marine is the true industry leader in the marine and boating world - manufacturing not only trim tabs but also electric actuators, hatch lifts, switches and the all new Auto Glide boat leveling system Modular hydraulic pressure relief valve and hydraulic cartridge pressure relief valve are available in almost all hydraulic systems, so it is important to have a full and deep understanding of the characteristics of the relief valve used.. Hydraulic Relief Valve Function and Application Hydraulic relief valve consists of valve housing A, valve poppet B and spring C and other basic components. That may work with sticky valves, but it wouldn't work free a valve that is stuck in the open position. I need to loosen it up in the valve guide where it is struck somehow. If the head was off I could tap it down, let the cam shaft bring it back up then tap it down again until it was free again View online(87 pages) or download PDF(1.74 MB) Si-tex MARINER Owner`s manual • MARINER navigational compasses pdf manual download and more Si-tex online manual The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser

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