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Over £225 Million has been reclaimed for our clients so far. Apply Online Today Self-Assessment Criteria Anaesthetics ST3 (2021) Please note: Unless stated otherwise, all domains are measured as at the time of application Domain Descriptors Scores Undergraduate Training - Additional Degrees None 0 MD linked to Primary Medical qualification 0 First-class or 2.1 Intercalated BSc (or BA or similar/higher) achieved without prolonging the conventional 5 year ST3 Anaesthetics Online Self-Assessment Portfolio Guidance At time of application you will have provided a self-assessment portfolio score. You will be requested to upload evidence to the self-assessment portfolio portal to support your self-assessment score. The evidence will be verified by an experienced clinical assessor Self-Assessment Criteria Anaesthetics ST3 (2016) Please note: Unless stated otherwise, all domains are measured as at the time of application Domain Descriptors Scores Undergraduate Training - Additional Degrees1 First-class intercalated BSc (or BA or similar/higher degree) OR First-class BSc (or similar/higher) prior to starting medicine and relevant to medicine/anaesthesi Person Specification 2021: Anaesthetics ST3 2021 Self Assessment Criteria for Anaesthesia ST3 2021 Online Self Assessment Portfolio Guidance for Anaesthesia ST3

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Self-Assessment Criteria Anaesthetics/ACCS Anaesthetics CT1 (2020) Domain Descriptors Scores 1. Undergraduate Training - Additional Degrees 2.2 BSc (or similar) prior to starting medicine and or similar) None 0 MD linked to Primary Medical qualification 0 not relevant to medicine/anaesthesia or 2.2 intercalated BSc (or BA New changes to self-assessment scoring Over the last 18 months, the self-assessment scoring system used by candidates applying to anaesthetic training posts (both CT1 and ST3) has undergone extensive review and fine tuning: it has been mandated by Health Education England nationally that, at CT1 level, points cannot be awarded for any Colleg To obtain a UK CCT in anaesthetics, a trainee has to follow a training programme with an indicative duration of 7 years. There are two entry routes: directly into the anaesthesia programme and via Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) training, which will usually take 1 year longer. One of the interviewers. Following the Autumn recruitment rounds for CT1 and ST3 the College's Recruitment Advisory Group (RAG) has established plans for 2021 recruitment working in conjunction with the Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office, Medical and Dental Recruitment and Selection (MDRS), anaesthetists in training representatives, Clinical Recruitment leads for the four nations, senior members of the College. Anaesthesia Training in the West Midlands in split across 2 levels CT1 and CT2 (CT3 if ACCS) then ST3 to ST7 Training. There are 2 routes for Core Anaesthesia Training and they are; Core Anaesthetics training where you spend 2 years doing Anaesthetics with a period of time doing ICM

If applying from an Anaesthetics training background via Core Anaesthetics or ACCS Anaesthetics training, or equivalent: • Have at least 24 months' experiencexiii in Anaesthetics and/or Intensive Care Medicinexiv (not including Foundation modules) by time of intended start date (of which at least 18 months is in Anaesthetics 2021 Anaesthetics curriculum. 2021 Curriculum for a CCT in Anaesthetics Welcome to our updated section of information about the new curriculum. We will update this area regularly so please check back often. Recent curriculum updates. CT3 equivalent training guidance published

  1. Still get your hands on the CT1 application self-assessment criteria, but the goal here is also to score points. A taster week in Anaesthetics +/- ICM is a must (arrange it during your least favourite F1/2 rotation for a win-win). Still talk to Anaesthetists (and Intensivists) of all grades to understand their views etc
  2. 2020 ICM ST3 National Recruitment - Portfolio Self-Assessment Matrix Please note: Unless stated otherwise, all domains are measured as at the time of application Domain Descriptors Scores 1. Additional Degrees & Qualifications I have a Medical Degree and expected Core Training exams only (i.e. MRCP, MRCEM/FRCEM Intermediate , Primary FRCA)
  3. Anaesthetics ST3 . The Portfolio station is one part of the selection process and is designed to assess awarded yourself in the self-assessment part of the application form. Whilst it is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of acceptable evidence, the table below wil
  4. Postgraduate degrees and qualifications; Option Score available Notes; PhD or MD by research (can include non-medical related qualifications) 6: You undertook research involving original work, usually of at least two to three years' duration, and ideally resulting in one or more peer-reviewed publication
  5. Applying to Anaesthetics . The recruitment to anaesthetics at CT1 is co-ordinated nationally and opens in November. One great thing about anaesthetic training; there's lots of great information available to applicants on the Health Education England website.The personal specification is available via the HEE website in the downloads section. This is the single most important piece of.
  6. For entry to ST3 applicants are required to hold evidence of completion of the UK core anaesthetic training programme (or equivalent) and success in the UK Primary FRCA. However, in accordance with EU directive 2005/36/EC it is possible for certain individuals to provide alternative evidence in order to fulfil this requirement

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Self-Assessment Criteria Anaesthetics ST3 (2019) Please note: Unless stated otherwise, all domains are measured as at the time of application Domain Descriptors Scores Undergraduate Training - MD linked to Primary Additiona The Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office (ANRO) has today released the self-assessment verification scores for those applying to ST3 Anaesthetics. We know that candidates have applied for these posts after an unprecedented 12 months, and that the recruitment process has been through a number of changes in that time The Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office at Health Education England (West Midlands) is the responsible organisation for coordinating CT1 and ST3 recruitment to Anaesthetics specialty training posts (including ACCS Anaesthetics) within the NHS. ST3 Self Assessment Criteria 2020 Self-Assessment Criteria 2020 - ST3.pdf Adobe Acrobat.

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The Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office (ANRO) at Health Education West Midlands is the responsible organisation for coordinating CT1 and ST3 recruitment to Anaesthetics specialty training posts (including ACCS Anaesthetics) within the NHS. Information is published in early November with applications opening shortly after This could include, but will not be limited to, use of the Multi Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA), verified self assessment and digital interview. Plan B will invariably utilise the minimum clinical time possible. This selection method will only be used where delivery of Plan A becomes impossible. Anaesthetics. ST3. HEE - West. Just wondering how impossible higher training (ST3+) in anaesthetics and intensive care is to get into? I've just got into core training and was looking at the higher training self assessment score out of interest, does one need research and publications and masters degrees and extra post grad exams and so on to get a post? Audits and quality improvement (QI) projects. Applicants who have led, managed, and presented audit loops will gain maximum marks. While it is important to be part of projects or audits with large sample sizes, these take a long time to complete, so candidates are advised to complete one audit loop that makes a difference to clinical practice even if the sample size is relatively small

This section of the website gives guidance on the ST3 interview process. Covered in this section are five main areas; please select the relevent link below for further information. Invitation & booking - should your application be assessed as eligible, and score highly enough to progress through shortlisting, then you will be invited to interview Understanding the Application Process and Developing your CV/Portfolio for Core Training in Anaesthetics/ACCS Anaesthetics - Saturday Sept 26th 2020. A half-day course to prepare you for the application process, and help you optimise your CV/portfolio and self-assessment score in advance of the application deadline Lincoln County Hospital Department of Anaesthesia information for anaesthetic trainee Anaesthetics. Key websites. Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office (ANRO) - make sure to read thoroughly the Person Specification, the Applicant Handbook, and the Applicant Guide. The Royal College of Anaesthetics Careers and Training page. Oriel. Core vs ACCS. The entire application is the same. Core anaesthetics is a 2 year programme, the. The Portfolio station is designed to assess past achievements, commitment to specialty and career progression to date. 10 minutes of the station time will be used to confirm your self-assessment score. You will therefore be expected to have evidence to show for each of the self-scoring domains

An example of the General Surgery ST3 personal specification can be found at the Health As part of applications some specialities require trainees to complete a self assessment. This is used at interview by the panel to check the evidence to support your scores. ascitic taps, chest drains, lumbar punctures, or for anaesthetics; arterial. For anaesthetics CT1 recruitment, the MSRA will be used to rank all applicants to the available interview slots and make a minor contribution to the overall selection score, when combined with digital interview. 6. Can candidates know the self-assessment cut off scores in advance for interview? There is no defined cut off score As shown in the table, for each of the question areas at interview, 3/5 is considered a satisfactory score; and reflects the level of performance that would be expected of a trainee ready to progress to ST3. Should your performance go above and beyond this expected level, interviewers can award marks of 4/5 or 5/5 as appropriate CT1 Anaesthetics Interview Course Here at Anaesthetic Interview we understand that the best way to succeed at the CT1 anaesthetic interview is with early, realistic practise. Our Anaesthetic Interview Course is designed to simulate the interview experience and offer feedback and insider tips to help you gain a national training number DOWNLOAD CT1 & ST3 APPLICANT GUIDES; Applicant Guide - ICM August 2021: View / Download: Further Documentation to Support the ICM Application Process; Complaints Policy & Procedure 2021; Equivalence Guidance for Core Programmes; ICM Self Assessment Criteria 2021; ICM Online Self-Assessment Portfolio Applicant Guidanc

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ST3. 3. NIMDTA. Self-Assessment - interview capacity of 10. 25 th May 2021. Oriel. Immunology. LAT3. 1. NIMDTA. Self-Assessment - interview capacity of 10. 24 th May 2021. Oriel. Neurology. ST3. 2+ NIMDTA. Self-Assessment - interview capacity of 10. 25 th May 2021. Oriel. Rehabilitation Medicine. ST3. 1. NIMDTA. Self-Assessment. The first 10 minutes consists of verifying your self assessment score and with some prior organisation of your written portfolio should be straightforward. ST3 Anaesthetics Interview Course £ 375.00; ST3 General Surgery Interview Course - Morning Only. Portfolio Station (50 marks x 2) - Part one is checking of self assessment score (make sure your evidence is easy to find in your folder!) & part two is a traditional interview panel. Useful Resources . Royal College of Anaesthetists; Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office; Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) Rout It provides trainees with more widely based experience than is available via the Core Anaesthesia programme. The first two years of ACCS training (AIM, EM, Anaesthetics and ICM) are followed by a third year spent gaining additional competences in Anaesthetics, thus fulfilling the requirements for progression to higher ST3

Timeline for 2021 ST3 recruitment (round 2) Specialty advertisements published (by) Wednesday 14 July 2021 (to www.jobs.nhs.uk ) Applications. open - Tuesday 27 July 2021 (10am UK time) close - Tuesday 17 August 2021 (4pm UK time) Long/shortlisting. long and short-listing for each specialty will be completed no later than seven days prior to the first interview date for that specialt Specialty Training in Anaesthesia - Recruitment Yorkshire and the Humber is a geographically large region - anaesthesia training is separated into three localities or hubs centred around each of the Tertiary Hospitals. These three locations are termed Leeds Hub (West Yorkshire), Hull Hub (North and East Yorkshire) and Sheffield Hub (South Yorkshire) the 'self-assessment' section of your application. 4. The 'self-assessment' score will be used to shortlist applications if more than 1300 eligible applications are received. 5. Candidates will be required to provide evidence at interview for each declaration of achievement made in the self-assessment in their application ST3 Resources › Cardiology; General Surgery Prior to the interview you will be provided with a portfolio self-assessment score sheet and a list of required documents. Bring both with you to the interview. Make sure that you have prepared photocopies of all the required documents as there will not be the time or the facilities to make. ST3 Anaesthetics Interview Course The first 10 minutes consists of simply confirming your self assessment score and is a test of the organisation and ease of use of your portfolio. The second 10 minutes is devoted to questioning specific elements of your portfolios including reflections, commitment to specialty and interests outside of.

Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA), verified self assessment and digital interview. Plan B will invariably utilise the minimum clinical time possible. This selection method will only Anaesthetics ST3 HEE - West Midlands Audiovestibular Medicine ST3 HEE -London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex Cardiology ST3 HEE -London and Kent. PAEDIATRIC & PERINATAL PATHOLOGY - ST3 2021.pdf View / Download: PAEDIATRIC CARDIOLOGY - ST4 2021.pdf View / Download: PAEDIATRIC SURGERY - ST3 2021.pdf View / Download: PAEDIATRICS - ST3 2021.pdf View / Downloa

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  1. Beyond readying your documentation, there is some other preparation you can undertake ahead of ST3 interviews. It is not really possible to 'revise' before the interview, although of course it is always sensible to review your application form, experience and skills to date, achievements, etc. in advance, and to prepare yourself more generally.
  2. Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery ST3 2021 National Recruitment The National Recruitment Office for ST3 Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery is Health Education England Yorkshire and the Humber. We are recruiting to posts across England and Scotland. All posts have the required educational and Dean's approval. Applications will open at 10am on 26 November 2020 and will close at 4pm on 1
  3. 6. Self-Assessment The application form will contain a number of self-assessment questions. It is imperative that you answer the self-assessment questions accurately and honestly. The self-assessment will be ratified as part of the Portfolio Station at Selection Centre and you will be required to provide evidence to support your score
  4. Medical Portfolios for junior doctors training, Surgical, Medical, Anaesthetic, Trauma And Orthopaedics, Urology Radiology Portfolios, Appraisal Revalidation, Training Assessments, CT Surgery Divider Set, ST Surgery, Anaesthesia, CT Medicine Eligibility, Medicine CT Evidence, Medicine ST3 Eligibility Divider Set, ST3 Medicine Recruitment ST Trauma And Orthopaedics, ST Urology Divider Se
  5. Preparation if one is thinking of applying: One of the most important resources is the portfolio self assessment matrix. The ICM applications are usually competitive with candidates from different specialities and skill sets applying and like with every exam/application it is about gaining the maximum points by meeting the exact criteria of.
  6. National Urology ST3 Recruitment 2021 The national Recruitment Office for ST3 Urology is Health Education England - Yorkshire and the Humber. All posts have the required educational and Dean's approval. Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber is co-ordinating national recruitment for vacancies in Urology ST3 and LAT posts across England, Scotland

The exact interview/recruiting process will depend on how fucked up the covid situation gets, see here.Basically instead of self-assessing your portfolio and giving that a score for CT1 applicants, they will ask you questions around the same areas self-assessment is meant to cover, and then give points accordingly in a somewhat similar fashion without asking you to physically present evidence It allows for training in Emergency Medicine, Acute Medicine or Anaesthetics. It includes placements in Emergency Medicine, Acute Medicine, Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine. There have recently been some changes to the training programme for Emergency Medicine, where they are piloting run through training Trainees who have been appointed to an ACCS (Acute Medicine) programme will have access to the JRCPTB ePortfolio once they have enrolled. Trainees will be assigned the ACCS curiculum for the first two years of the programme but should then use the core medical training (CMT) curriculum to record evidence in the CT3 year of Acute Medicine

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to Trauma and Orthopaedics ST3 posts in London had no first author publications on this on its own can attract marks e.g. on the anaesthetics . Health Education England. 2016 Self. self-assessment process, the PSRO introduced a revised model across all medical specialties. The revised PSRO model removed 5 of the shortlisting score parameters and adjusted the weighting of the remaining 5. Unpublished PSRO analysis claims, the 5 chosen parameters correlated most closely with interview performance (2)

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Entry to ST3 will only proceed if the competencies described in this document are achieved, irrespective of the training system, be it run through or generic/themed training. renal drugs, drugs used for the management of endocrine disorders (including diabetes) and local anaesthetics. Mini-PAT comprises a self-assessment and assessments. A 3 month unit of training in ST3/4, which expands on Basic level training. The minimum number of assessments over the course of 3 months intermediate training is MSF x1, DOPS x1, CEX x1, CBD x1, ACAT x1 HIGHER TRAINING A 3 month unit of training usually in ST5/6, leading to a more in depth knowledge of and skill set for intensive care For the remainder of the station you will be presented with a list of cases and asked to prioritise and exchange information. The list of patients provided could be trauma or elective cases and will feature patients with varying co-morbidities and circumstances that may affect when they can be operated upon such as diabetics, previously cancelled patients, young children and life-threatening.

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The ST3 should progressively take personal clinical responsibility for a caseload, initially under direct supervision of the GPT/CS, (as in a Joint Surgery format). The Self-Assessment Tool may be re-visited at intervals throughout the training programme and prior to the final review to assess progress An attempt could be made to match General Medical Council (GMC) guidelines more cohesively with the existing Joint Committee on Surgical Training (JCST) requirements for entry to specialty training year 3 (ST3) and Certificate of Completion of Training between each of the surgical subspecialties Self-Assessment Tests A Platform has been launched where you will find some self-assessment tests on three different topics: abdominal, breast and other subspecialties (the latter includes a variety of topics including physics and pharmacology). Each test consists of 20 questions that will help you prepare for the EDiR examination Background. Cauda equina syndrome (CES) is a complex of symptoms and signs—low back pain, unilateral or bilateral sciatica, motor weakness of lower extremities, sensory disturbance in the saddle area and loss of visceral function resulting from compression of the cauda equina Recruitment and selection into Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine training posts in England, Scotland, and Wales is carried out through a nationally coordinated process run by HEE London and South East Recruitment.Due to uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 specialty recruitment interviews be undertaken online using Microsoft Teams

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The self-assessment is now used to short-list applications if >1300 eligible applications are received, rather than >1500. This probably won't affect that many people since each year, there are only around 1300-1600 applicants anyway Most doctors enter paediatric training at Level 1, predominantly starting their posts at ST1 (in August or September). This is known as 'National Round 1'. Applications closed as of 16:00, 1 December 2020. For reference, you can find information on recruitment below, including the 2021 applicant guide and person specification. Update (14 April 2021): There was an administrative issue with a.

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Anaesthetics/ACCS N.B If you have carried out an honest self-assessment and explored your career plans thoroughly you should nd that interview questions will be easier to answer. Practice using the CAMP - STAR - SPIES frameworks Validation of self-assessment scores will only be completed for specialties for which self-assessment does not ordinarily form part of the selection process. Where validation is being undertaken, applicants will be requested to upload specific evidence which supports their self-assessment scores to a protected location Future Leaders Programme Recruitment The Future Leaders Programme offers opportunities for Health Education England Yorkshire and the Humber medical and dental trainees to do a one year out of programme experience (OOPE) Leadership Fellowship to help grow and develop their personal leadership skills. Some Leadership Fellow vacancies are open to other healthcar Once you have been allocated a 'cluster', you will be asked to sub-preference more specific areas and training programmes. For example, if you have been allocated to England: 1) ACCS Anaesthetics in South West London; 2) Core Anaesthetics in Kent, Surrey, and Sussex etc. Interview - standardised national format Supervision Records and Self-Assessment that must take place for each rotation Post One Deadline Induction Meeting with Clinical Supervisor 04.12.2018 Induction Meeting with Educational Supervisor 04.12.2018 Personal Development Plan 04.12.2018 Self-Assessment * 04.12.2018 Self-Appraisal of Learning * 04.12.2018 End Placement Meeting with.

Here at Health Education England Midlands we aim to offer our medical and dental trainees the highest quality training, supervision and support. This is because we believe excellence in education and training is at the heart of delivering excellent patient care. We hope you will spend many enjoyable and rewarding years with us developing your medical or dental career 30% discount for RCGP members. We are excited to announce that all RCGP members will now receive an automatic 30% discount on our Appraisal Toolkit.. This brings the price down from £42 per year to just £29.40 per year (inc VAT).. If you're already a FourteenFish customer and an RCGP member, then the discount will be applied automatically the next time your annual subscription is taken Endoscopy training is a central component of gastroenterology training for the vast majority of UK trainees, and integral to this is the practice of safe sedation. The majority of endoscopic procedures are performed with the patient under conscious sedation with a benzodiazepine, often combined with an opioid. Little data exists on the practice of sedation among gastroenterology trainees.

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