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Check Out Test On eBay. Find It On eBay. Everything You Love On eBay. Check Out Great Products On eBay Five percent of the apparently normal population demonstrate serum ANA. Low titers of ANA reactivity may be seen in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (40% to 60% of patients), scleroderma (60% to 90%), discoid lupus, necrotizing vasculitis, Sjögren's syndrome (80%), chronic active hepatitis, pulmonary interstitial fibrosis, pneumoconiosis, tuberculosis, malignancy, age over 60 (18%), as. Labcorp test details for Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) by IFA, Reflex to 9-biomarker profile, dsDNA, RNP, Sm, SS-A, SS-B, Scl-70, Chromatin, Jo-1, Centromere B by Multiplex Immunoassa Labcorp test details for Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) Profile, 9-biomarkers, by Multiplex Immunoassay, dsDNA, RNP, Sm, SS-A, SS-B, Scl-70, Chromatin, Jo-1, Centromere Anti-Nuclear Ab (ANA), Anti-dsDNA Ab (Farr Assay), Anti-ENA Abs (Anti-Sm & Anti-RNP), Anti-Centromere Ab, C3 & C4 Complements, SS-A Ab (Anti-Ro), SS-B Ab (Anti-La), Anti-Scl-70 Ab If ANA is positive, all tests listed are performed. If ANA is negative, an Anti-Ro (SS-A) test is performed to catch the small percentage of ANA false negative results

Kavanaugh A, Tomar R, Reveille J, Solomon DH, Homburger HA. Guidelines for clinical use of the antinuclear antibody test and tests for specific autoantibodies to nuclear antigens. American College of Pathologists. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2000 Jan; 124(1):71-81. 1062913 Test Includes ANA Profile 12 is reflexive and is comprised of Anti-Nuclear Ab (ANA) by IFA, Anti-Cardiolipin Ab (IgG, IgA & IgM Isotypes), Anti-Centromere Ab, Anti-dsDNA Ab by Farr, Anti-La (SS-B) Ab, Anti-Ro (SSA) Ab, Anti-Scl-70 Ab, Anti- Sm, Anti-TPO (Thyroid Microsomal Peroxidase) Ab, Anti-U1 RNP, C3 Complement, C4 Complement Guidelines for Clinical Use of the Antinuclear Antibody Test and Tests for Specific Autoantibodies to Nuclear Antigens. Arch Pathol Lab Med 124(1):71-81, 2000. Jacobs DS, DeMott WR, Oxley DK, eds. Laboratory Test Handbook, 5th ed. LexiComp: Cleveland, Pp 507-509, 2001. Antinuclear Antibody Panel. (Updated Feb. 3, 2014.) MedlinePlus Medical.

ANA Direct (LabCorp). Get know how much does lab test cost. Direct access testing with or without insurance. (Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) Blood Test $18.75) Step 2: Checkout - go to Checkout and complete the checkout process there. Your total price should be $18.75 $29.00. Order NonGyn CPT Code Automation,. The ANA Screen,IFA, Reflex Titer/Pattern,and Reflex to Multiplex 11 Ab Cascade begins with an ANA Screen, IFA. If ANA Screen, IFA is positive, then ANA Titer and Pattern will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code (s): 86039) If ANA Screen, IFA is positive, then ANA Titer and Pattern will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 86039). If the DNA (ds) Antibody Screen is positive, then DNA (ds) Antibody Titer will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 86256). Methodology. See individual tests. Reference Range(s) See Laboratory Report. Test Account LabCorp Test Master Account Number ABNORMAL REPORT 56/10/20 01/01/60 F 326−988−9202−0 90000999 SAMPLE REPORT Patient Last Name Account Phone Number Route Account Address Tests Ordered ANA TESTS RESULT FLAG UNITS REFERENCE INTERVAL LAB ANA Antinuclear Antibodies, IFA Positive Abnormal 01 Negative <1:80 Borderline 1:80 Positive. ANA w/Reflex TESTS RESULT FLAG UNITS REFERENCE INTERVAL LAB ANA w/Reflex ANA Direct Negative Negative 01 01 BN LabCorp Burlington 1447 York Court, Burlington, NC 27215-3361 Dir: William F Hancock, MD For inquiries, the physician may contact Branch: 800-222-7566 Lab: 336-436-2762 1.0

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ANA 1 ml serum Refrigerate LabCorp 164947 7 days Causes for rejection LABCORP TEST CODE Time to . LABORATORY TEST LIST TEST NAME Sample Requirement Storage/Transport . 4 Refrigerate LabCorp LabCorp Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA), Multiplex, Qualitative test cost max is in EconoLabs (ANA Antibodies, Qualitative, Screen) with price $88.00. This laboratory test is available in 6 online lab test stores The ANA blood test or ANA panel detects antibodies associated with SLE and mixed connective tissue disease. Anti-Sm is highly specific for SLE. Anti-RNP is found with a variety of rheumatoid diseases. RNP, Sm, SS-A, SS-B, Scl-70, and Jo-1 are extractable nucleoprotein complexes found in the nucleus and/or cytoplasm of substrate cells If the ANAchoice® Screen is positive, ANA titer and pattern will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 86039). If the DNA (ds) Antibody Screen is positive, DNA (ds) Antibody Titer will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 86256). Patient Preparation. Overnight fasting is preferred. Methodology. See individual tests

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164947: Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA), by IFA Labcor

Test Name: ANTINUCLEAR ANTIBODY (ANA) SCREEN, REFLEX TITER AND PATTERN: Test Code: 2328372: Alias: LAB768: CPT Code(s): 86038 Preferred Specimen: 1.0 mL serum: Container: SST (gold) Alternate Container: Plain Red (no additive/gel) Minimum Volume: 0.5 mL seru The correct ANA test code to screen for ANA by immunofluorescence at QUEST is 249, LABCORP is 164947 and FANA for Solstas Lab Partners. These are just a few of the tests in our field. After the appropriate evaluation, these tests are used to help guide the correct diagnosis and treatment in our patients

340897: Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) by IFA - LabCor

165092: Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) Profile, 9 - LabCor

Test Summary Figure. ANA Screen, IFA, Reflex Titer/Pattern, Reflex Multiplex 11-Ab Cascade, With IdentRA® (test code 94954) Patient with symptoms suggestive of autoimmune rheumatic diseas Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) test cost max is in EconoLabs (ANA Antibodies, Quantitative) with price $88.00. This laboratory test is available in 6 online lab test stores. $29.0

520185: ANA Profile 11 (RDL) Labcor

Test Code: 164814, 096339, 161455, 006338, 018705, 012682, 012690 . Specimen Type: Blood . Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) Panel Blood Test. This package looks for several types of antinuclear antibodies Viewing All View LabCorp Only View Quest Only. Quest: $59 LabCorp: $55. Test Code: 164947, 006627, 322000, 006502, 005215, 001057 . (Rheumatoid Factor) and ANA (Antinuclear Antibody) is a package specifically designed to evaluate inflammation and may be used to assist in the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. The Arthritis Comprehensive Panel with RF and ANA includes: Viewing All View LabCorp Only View. Test Code BLOD0773 Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) Screen with Reflex Useful For Antinuclear antibodies (ANA) occur in patients with various autoimmune diseases, both systemic and organ specific, but they are particularly common in systemic rheumatic diseases (SRD)

CPT Code(s) The following tests will be ordered based on the ANA pattern(s) and titer: Anti-ds DNA. Anti-RNP, Anti-Sm, Anti-SSA Ro52, Anti-SSA Ro60, Anti-SSB/La, Anti-SCL-70, C3, C4, Jo-1. For more information on this Analyzer, access our Specialized Tests section of this guide for a complete listing of tests and CPT codes. Lab Sectio ANA: Antinuclear antibody: A general test for autoimmune disease: AST : Alanine aminotransferase: Part of the Liver Function Test : BAC: Blood Alcohol Concentration: The amount of alcohol in the blood: BMP: Basic Metabolic Panel: Name for a group of tests- not a single test: BNP: Beta natriuretic peptide

This blood test is used to detect antibodies to nuclear antigens. The antibodies may be present in higher than normal numbers in autoimmune disease. A positive Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) test result may suggest an autoimmune disorder such as systemic lupus or Hashimoto's disease. However, the test may also be positive in people with allergies as well as in older populations without identified. ANA test by IFA & ELISA. Anti-dsDNA with confirmation by Crithidia. Anti-Smith. CB-CAP - EC4d Erythrocyte bound C4d is a patented and stable lupus biomarker that measures complement activation to help physicians diagnose lupus and monitor activity. CB-CAP - BC4 If ANA is positive, all tests listed are performed. If ANA is negative, an Anti‐Ro (SS‐A) Ab test is performed to catch the small percentage of ANA false negative results. ANA includes titer & pattern. ANA 12 Plus Profile, Do All is not reflexive and is a separate test code (use 520175). Expected Turnaround Time 7 days Specimen Serum Volume. ANA Analyzer: Order Name: ANA AN Test Number: 5524250: Test Description ; Used in the evaluation of connective tissue disease, along with the autoimmune mediated vasculitides. For collection information refer to this test in the Test Directory

LabCorp Drugs of Abuse Testing Reference; M-Swab Memo - presurgical staph PCR Testing; Test Code 4190 ANA Screen, HEP-2 Substrate Specimen Containers and Fixatives. Red-top tube. Methodology. Indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA) CPT Code Information. 86038. LOINC Code Information. 5048-4. Website Feedback Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA), IgG by ELISA: ANA specimens are screened using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) methodology. All ELISA results reported as Detected are further tested by indirect fluorescent assay (IFA) using HEp-2 substrate with an IgG-specific conjugate LAB CODE TEST NAME CPT4 CODE Page 1 of 283. FHC 18381481 Allergen, Apple FHC 18381485 Allergen, Apricot FHC 18381493 Allergen, Ascaris FHC 18378846 ANA Profile FHC 2921349 ANA Screen FHC 2921995 Anaerobic Culture Container:(2) Blue capped swabs, one for culture and one for direct smear, or specimen in Anaerobic. ANA Comprehensive Panel Note 1: The components of this panel will be billed individually. Note 2: The ANA Comprehensive Panel includes the following tests - • ANA Screen(86038) - Immunochemistry Lab - LAB147 • RA Factor (86431) - Serology Lab - LAB206 • Anti-DS DNA (86225) - Immunochemistry Lab - LAB64

Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA), Qualitative, by - LabCor

Test numbers listed below are for Esoterix accounts only. For LabCorp accounts, please click on the test name and refer to the Testing Details tab for the LabCorp test number The American Medical Association Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes published in ARUP's Laboratory Test Directory are provided for informational purposes only. The codes reflect our interpretation of CPT coding requirements based upon AMA guidelines published annually. CPT codes are provided only as guidance to assist clients with billing Component Test Code* Component Chart Name LOINC; 2001602: RNA Polymerase III Antibody, IgG: 79182-2 * Component test codes cannot be used to order tests. The information provided here is not sufficient for interface builds; for a complete test mix, please click the sidebar link to access the Interface Map An ANA blood test is used along with your symptoms, physical examination, and other tests to diagnose an autoimmune disease. Complete Blood Count with Differential and Platelets (CBC) - A CBC gives important information about the numbers and kinds of cells in the blood, especially red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets NAIFA : Measurement of antinuclear antibodies (ANA) in serum is the most commonly performed screening test for patients suspected of having a systemic rheumatic disease, also referred to as connective tissue disease.(1) ANA occur in patients with a variety of autoimmune diseases, both systemic and organ-specific. They are particularly common in the systemic rheumatic diseases, which include.

Test Code: 2263 Also Known As: Methodology: See Individual Tests Preparation: Patient should be on a stable diet, ideally for two to three weeks prior to collection of blood, and should fast for 14 to 16 hours before collection of the specimen. Stop biotin consumption at least 72 hours prior to the collection. Avoid exercise prior to collection Results of the ANA test will help guide your doctor to your diagnosis. 2,3. Rheumatoid factor (RF) Rheumatoid factors (RF) are proteins made by your immune system that can attack healthy tissue. 4. RF is a common RA blood test. Many people with RA have increased (positive) RF levels. This is often called seropositive RA The ANA with reflex blood test results explained here are often the first step taken in a journey toward a specific diagnosis. If the symptoms listed in this content are experienced for a prolonged period of time or it seems like there's an illness that isn't getting better, then it is time to schedule an appointment with a medical provider

The presence of ANA antibodies in correlation with clinical findings and other laboratory tests can aid in the diagnosis of certain rheumatic diseases including systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Sjogren's syndrome, mixed connective tissue disease, scleroderma, drug-induced lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis An ANA-IFA Blood Test is used as a primary test to help evaluate a person for autoimmune disorders that affect many tissues and organs throughout the body. More Info Buy LabCorp: $48.0

Ana-Lab will be closed Monday, February 15, 2021. 15 February 2021 . 28 October 2020 . Ana-Lab honors essential workers! 25 August 2020 . COVID-19 Update. 24 March 2020 . Ana-Lab Awards Charles H. Whiteside Municipal Grant to Texas Cities. 13 June 2019 . Ready to Get Started? Request a quote, or get in touch. Request Quote Place Of Service:LabCorp LAB CODE TEST NAME CPT4 CODE Page 1 of 280. Place Of Service:LabCorp Mission Health DNADSLC Anti-dsDNA Antibodies LC LabCorp Mission Health ANA Antinuclear Antibody Screen & Titer Container:4 mL€SST 86038 86039 Mission Health APICLC Antipancreatic Islet Cells LC Place Of Service:LabCor

520188: ANA Profile 12 (RDL) Labcor

People with type 1 will often test positive for ANA or ASMA or both. People with type II will typically test positive for Liver-Kidney Microsome. Results for this test should be followed up on with a person's doctor to determine the appropriate followup. Turnaround for test results is typically 4-7 business days Direct measurement of ANA is achieved with a solid phase assay, namely enzyme-linked immunoabsorbant assays (ELISA), fluorescent microsphere assays, or immunoline assays. In solid phase assays, a panel of antigens is used to detect specific antinuclear antibodies. A second antibody is used to detect autoantibodies that are bound to the test.

This test measures (at high sensitivity) the level of C-reactive protein: a substance made by the liver in response to inflammation, which may indicate the presence of an illness, injury, or infection. Elevated CRP levels are associated with several diseases and conditions including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer Test Code: 2299 Also Known As: Methodology: See Individual Tests Preparation: Patient should be on a stable diet, ideally for two to three weeks prior to collection of blood, and should fast for 12 to 14 hours before collection of the specimen. Stop biotin consumption at least 72 hours prior to the collection. Test Results: 2-3 days. May take longer based on weather, holiday or lab delays

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Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) Labcor

None Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Factor test cost minimal is in LifeExtension (Rheumatoid Factor (RF) Blood Test) with price $22.64. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Factor test cost max is in HealthCheckUSA (Arthritis Panel) with price $140.00. This laboratory test is available in 10 online lab test stores Positivity for anti-double stranded DNA (anti-dsDNA) IgG antibody is a diagnostic criterion of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). The presence of the anti-dsDNA IgG antibody is identified by IFA titer (Crithidia luciliae indirect fluorescent test [CLIFT]).CLIFT is highly specific for SLE with a sensitivity of 50-60 percent facility where the patient was seen and the test was ordered. The speci-men should be sent to LabCorp using standard procedures. Please note: It takes approximately 4 - 5 days from the date of pickup of a specimen for testing to the release of the test result to the health care provider. Test results are most typically reported electronically

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  1. Initial testing includes RF, C3, C4, and ANA. Specimens are screened for ANA using ELISA. If antibodies are detected, then an IFA titer will be added. ANA identified by indirect fluorescence assay (IFA) using HEp-2 substrate and IgG-specific conjugate at a screening dilution of 1:80
  2. Step 1: Add to cart - for each panel below click Buy Online button. This will open in a new tab. Click Add to Cart button there, and then close the tab. Click Buy Online then Add to Cart button in the new tab. Close the tab. (ANA Screen , IFA w/Reflex to Titer and Pattern, IFA $29.00
  3. 2. Print your pre-paid lab order and take it to ANY Labcorp location. (labcorp.com) Click on Locate Me and enter your Zip Code. Select Service Routine Bloodwork and click GO 3. Results will be available on Labcorp website within 7-14 business days
  4. Rheumatology Test Menu Visit the online Test Menu at www.LabCorp.com for full test information, including CPT codes and specimen collection requirements Test Name Test No. DoseASSURE™ Adalimumab and Anti-Adalimumab Antibody (Serial Monitor), DoseASSURE™ ADL 503890 Certolizumab and Anti-Certolizumab Antibody, DoseASSURE™ CTZ 50462
  5. Lyme, Total Ab Test/Reflex TESTS RESULT FLAG UNITS REFERENCE INTERVAL LAB Lyme, Total Ab Test/Reflex Lyme IgG/IgM Ab <0.91 ISR 0.00 - 0.90 01 Negative <0.91 Equivocal 0.91 - 1.09 Positive >1.09 01 BN LabCorp Burlington 1447 York Court, Burlington, NC 27215-3361 Dir: Sanjai Nagendra, M

ANA Screen,IFA, Reflex Titer/Pattern,and Reflex to

  1. Test Code 4137 ANA Screen with reflex to ANA Panel Specimen Containers and Fixatives. Gold Top Tube (SST) or Light Green Top Tube CPT Code Information. 86038. LOINC Code Information. 5047-6. Method Name. Multiplex flow immunoassay with fluorescence detection. Website Feedback
  2. Description: Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) Blood Test. The Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) test looks for the presence of antibodies which may indicate a person is suffering from an autoimmune disorder such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren's Syndrome or Scleroderma.Unlike normal antibodies, antinuclear antibodies attack the nucleus of the body's own cells causing damage to organs and tissues
  3. CCP Antibodies IgG/IgA test cost is between $79.00 and $399.00. Non
  4. Test Code: 018705 . Specimen Type: Blood . Other tests including an Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) test can help provide more information . LabCorp $109.00 ORDER NOW Sample Report. Scleroderma (Scl-70) Blood Test. Antiscleroderma 70 Antibodies. Test Code: 018705 . Specimen.

ANAlyzeR™ ANA, IFA with Reflex Titer/Pattern, Systemic

  1. Test Codes LabCorp Test Name (Test Code) Hepatitis C-Infected Patient, Baseline Panel 1 (Panel components may be ordered separately.) Includes ANA screen with reflex to titer and pattern (249), mitchondrial antibody with reflex to titer (259), and actin (smooth muscle) (15043)
  2. al pain, itching, and inflammation of the liver. It may be ordered along with other tests such as an antinuclear antibody (ANA) and an actin smooth muscle antibody (ASMA). Turnaround for this test is typically 3-10 business days
  3. Description: RNP Antibody Blood Test. This test measures the level of Anti-Ribonucleoprotein or RNP antibodies in a blood sample.RNP is a type of autoantibody.In people with autoimmune disorders, these antibodies are produced by the immune system and attack the body's own cells and tissues.Autoimmune disorders can sometimes be difficult to diagnose because they often display similar symptoms
  4. Test Code LabCorp 164920 ANA Comprehensive Plus Profile Important Note. Panel includes the following tests: ANA; Anticentromere B antibodies (Ordered as a .Mayo Misc ZW131 Anticentromere B antibodies Quest Test #16088) anti-dsDNA (ADNAR) ENA (ENAE) Chromatin Ab (FCNAB) All tests are directly orderable in Cerner except the Centromere B
  5. RDL Order Code RDL Test/Panel Name LabCorp Test No; LabCorp Test Name 143 14-3-3 ETA Protein 504550 14.3.3 eta, Rheumatoid Arthritis 272 Aldolase 002030 Aldolase 205 ANA Titer & Pattern - Body Fluid 520143 Anti-Nuclear Antibodies by Indirect Fluorescent Antibody (IFA), Body Flui
  6. Test List Immunology/Rheumatology Test Code Test Name Dermatologic Disorders 249 ANA Screen, IFA, with Reflex to Titer and Pattern 90073 ANA Screen, IFA with Reflex to Titer and Pattern (Systemic Sclerosis Panel 1) Includes ANA screen (IFA) with reflex to titer and pattern; also includes centromere B and Scl-70 antibodies. 1681

(Test Code 249) ANA Screen by IFA with Reflex to Titer and Pattern and Reflex to Multiplex 11 Antibody Cascade (Test Code 16814) Titer and Pattern Titer and Pattern Tier 2 Jo-1, Scl-70, SS-A And eventually found the ANA w/reflex blood test that I needed. Oh - so the LabCorp Order Code as it was at the time of my test and currently posted on their website, is: 340897 The attendant at the walk-up blood work place should be able to look it up in their system, and confirm that's the one they're ordering for you Kavanaugh A, Tomar R, Reveille J, Guidelines for Clinical Use of the Antinuclear Antibody Test and Tests for Specific Autoantibodies to Nuclear Antigens. American College of Pathologists, Arch Pathol Lab Med, 2000, 124(1):71-81.PubMed 1062913 Discover the predictive power of the Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) test for detecting inflammation & trends toward chronic ailments. Plus what causes a positive ANA test and how to optimize your numbers for better long-term health

Report the ANA blood test as positive or negative when you read the results. If the result is positive, include the titer and the pattern of fluorescence in the report. Plan to test specific auto-antibodies if the results read positive for ANA. Two tests, anti-dsDNA and anti-SM, can be used to support the diagnosis of lupus (SLE) Quest Diagnostics now provides clients with direct access to Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC®) on QuestDiagnostics.com. The availability of these codes is in accordance with Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements that require LOINC codes with test results. To access LOINC codes Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC®), visit the Test Center, locate the. The ANA test was designed by Dr. George Friou in 1957. The ANA test is performed using a blood sample. An ANA test is performed by testing the blood in the laboratory. The antibodies in the serum of the blood are exposed in the laboratory to cells 2540 Lab test codes and abbriviations used in global labs July 19, 2013 Second part of the great list of Lab test codes (CPT codes) and abbreviations used in medical lab tests worldwide. use ctrl+F for fast search and find your test code

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  1. e whether someone has an autoimmune disorder, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. If your test is positive, your doctor will need to run more.
  2. Test Code 4137 ANA Screen with reflex to ANA Panel Specimen Containers and Fixatives Gold Top Tube (SST) or Light Green Top Tube (PST
  3. LabCorp. LabCorp and its Specialty Testing Group, a fully integrated portfolio of specialty and esoteric testing laboratories. LabCorp's test menu provides a comprehensive list of specialty and general laboratory testing services. Integrated Genetics on facebook
  4. o Acid Profile, Quantitative, CSF LABCORP BURLINGTON SMMC LAB3553 ANA Reflex by IFA Place Of Service:LABCORP BURLINGTON LAB CODE TEST NAME CPT4 CODE Page 5 of 86
  5. An antinuclear antibody test is a blood test that looks for certain kinds of antibodies in your body. It's also called an ANA or FANA (fluorescent antinuclear antibody) test
  6. Test Menu. We offer a wide-range of tests that provide additive and complementary insight into an individual's risk for heart disease and cardiac events. Below is a comprehensive menu for all of our testing. ANA Screen, IFA, with Reflex to Titer and Pattern/Lupus Panel 1; ANA Screen, IFA, with Reflex to Titer and Pattern/Lupus Panel 2.
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This test looks for both Smith (Sm) Antibodies and Anti-Ribonucleoprotein (RNP). ENA testing is usually done as a followup to a Positive Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) test, especially when a person has symptoms of an autoimmune disorder. Common autoimmune disorders symptoms include fever, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, joint swelling, rash, hair. The best options to determine what is going are to: 1) get an ANA/IFA test done, and if positive, have the Scl-70 re-run at LabCorp with test code 520012. This goes to a specialty lab that uses a testing method that doesn't have false positive problems Ab to Extractable Nuclear Ag ANA (Antinuclear Antibodies) ANA Reflex Testing ANA Test algorithm Anti-CCP (Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide) Anti-Citrullinated Antibody Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide (CCP) Anti-DNA Anti-ds (Anti-Double-Stranded) DNA Anti-ENA (Antibodies to Extractable Nuclear Antigens) Anti-La Anti-Ribonuclear Protein Anti-Ribosome P Antibodies Anti-RNP (Anti-Ribonucleoprotein. PLEASE NOTE: Turnaround time represents the number of business days from the date of specimen pickup to result release. In some cases, additional time is required for confirmation tests or tests ordered as part of a reflex panel. For clinics that do not receive partial reports, final turnaround time will be set by the last result reported; however, previously released results may be available.

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