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  3. Water Cooled Condensing Units 120 Series Refrigeration Systems The 120 High Side System is a high efficiency water-cooled refrigeration condensing unit designed specifically to operate on Walk-ins over a wide range of ambient temperatures. Home / Water Cooled Condensing Units

120,000 - 360,000 BTU Water Cooled Condenser Units 120,000 BTU Unit before painting to show unit components. Ocean Breeze remote condenser units are manufactured using only the highest marine-grade materials to offer years of dependable service in the hardiest of marine environments Carlyle Water-Cooled Condensing Unit 07E. 20 to 40 Nominal Tons 70 to 140 Nominal kW. The 07E condensing units are designed for a wide range of commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration applications. They give the engineer great design flexibility, since they can be combined with a wide variety of coils or chillers to provide. • A helix tube in tube water-cooled condenser is standard with refrigerant counter flow for optimum condensing unit efficiency . • Every unit is put into a vacuum and subjected to a rigorous leak test . This results in a clean, dry and leak free unit every time . • Electrical circuits are factory tested for functional integrity F Line — Copeland scroll Water Cooled and Air Cooled Condensing Unit Primary application: Stationary Refrigeration. Horsepower Range: 3/4 - 13 HP. View Products. M Line — Copeland Water Cooled and Air Cooled Hermetic Condensing Unit Primary application: Stationary Refrigeration The W-Line water-cooled condensing unit can be applied where air cooled units are not desirable or space is unavailable. This unit can operate with tower or city water and its size will allow operation in a minimum space; Shell and tube condensers are standard. The unit is complete with high efficiency accessible semi-hermetic compressors

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Water-cooled condensing units. Remote condensing units. Series. WU. Dorin's products are used in numerous applications: Commercial refrigeration. Systems designed with compressors in series or in parallel to address the need for refrigeration and air conditioning systems in shopping malls, supermarkets, hypermarkets and logistics centers Water Cooled Air Conditioner. Water cooled air conditioner is also called water cooled condenser as its function is to reject the heat that was absorbed by the refrigerant in the evaporator. Water is used to cool the hot air refrigerant(180°F or 82°C) from the compressor by pumping counter-flow water in the condenser TXHA025M6IT3C - Condensing Unit, Indoor, Medium temp, Copeland Compressor, Coax Water-Cooled Hermetic, R407A, R407C, R448A, R404A, R22, 2 1/2 HP, 208-230/3/60, w/ receiver Shop TXHA025M6IT3C - Water Cooled Condensing Unit - Trenton - UR Overall a water-cooled condenser unit will typically consume far less overall energy, which can lead to savings on energy costs and consumption. Extended lifespan. Because of the efficiency of the medium and the lack of weather-exposed parts, a water-cooled system will typically last years longer, assuming maintenance is not neglected

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At Carrier we make high quality air-cooled and water-cooled condensing units for marine and offshore applications. ® condenser coils. This, along with cabinet options, such as epoxy topcoats or SS316 construction. The result is a condensing unit capable of standing up to the toughest conditions. And, we can build units to optionally meet. • A helix tube in tube water-cooled condenser is standard with refrigerant counter flow for optimum condensing unit efficiency. • Every unit is put into a vacuum and subjected to a rigorous leak test. This results in a clean, dry and leak free unit every time. • Electrical circuits are factory tested for functional integrity Water-Cooled Condensing Unit; Commercial. Unitary; Chiller; Air Handlings; Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit; เทคโนโลยีและการพัฒนาสารทำความเย็นในระบบปรับอากาศ. Earthwise Systems. Earthwise™ Ice-enhanced, Air-cooled Chiller Plan All of Trane products have inspected in assembly line. After completion, the condensing unit has been evacuated, leak tested and holding charged with refrigerant to protect rust and dirt. This is to assure that every parts will work in the right condition and at the highest efficiency Cooling Towers and Water-Cooled Condensers An alternative design of the condensing system is to use a cooling tower and a water-cooled condenser; the condenser is then much smaller and can be located in the plant room. The condensing pressure is generally much lower because the cooling tower performance depends on the ambient wet-bulb temperature

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Condensers and Condensing Units. AAON Condensers & Condensing Units are engineered to be energy efficient, long lasting, and easy to install. All condensing units are completely factory assembled, piped, wired, and run tested. Many available options are factory installed to minimize field installation time and reduce costs. CB Series 2 - 5 ton A condensing unit for every application. Emerson offers the broadest selection of indoor, outdoor and transportation condensing units on the market. Leveraging the latest in Copeland™ compressor technology, components, and electronics to achieve optimum performance benefits Commercial condensing units: only the best for the biggest jobs The biggest challenges call for the best equipment, and that means Trane. Trane's 20 - 120 ton air-cooled condensing units are the leading choice for multistory office buildings, hotels, schools, municipal and industrial facilities Auctions International specializes in selling government and municipal surplus by online auction. Speak with one of our experienced auction specialists today to find out how our services can strengthen your bottom line Condensing units are used to supply compressed refrigerant to a direct expansion coil in an air tunnel to condition the air. Conditioning involves cooling, dehumidifying, or reheating the air for optimal space comfort. Condensers are typically utilized when there is a weight or space restriction on the roof, requiring the system to be split

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KW - Water Cooled Condensing Units July 21, 2016. Show all. KX - Indoor Coaxial Water Cooled Condensing Units. CONTACT A PRODUCT SPECIALIST TODAY: rcu-wccu@k-rp.com 1-844-893-3222 ext. 523. Overview Water-cooled condensing unit can be applied where air cooled units are not desirable or space is unavailable. The Jetson water-cooled condensing units can be paired with remote direct expansion (DX) air handlers or remote chilled water evaporators for design flexibility Both boiling and chilled water. Over 50 temperature settings. Unique triple filter and. UV purification system. Stops scale in your drinks. Removes 99% of Chlorine and Bacteria Technicold's water cooled condensing units use common refrigerants and are impervious to ambient temperature. Placing it in a hot engine room, under a cockpit or settee will not adversely affect its performance. Reliable, durable, simple to use - Technicold by Northern Lights is the industry leader in marine refrigeration systems Condensing Units Kramer's energy-saving technologies drive efficiency to its full line of air and water cooled condensing units. Units range from ½ to 100 HP and are offered with a full spectrum of standard features and options to meet the demands of modern commercial and industrial warehouses

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A condensing unit can have a significant impact on the productivity, reliability and energy efficiency of your building. No matter the scale of your location, we offer highly efficient, sustainable and easily serviceable air-cooled condensing units that deliver superior performance. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT LINE CAR The 50XCW indoor water-cooled packaged units are designed for vertical installation with multiple return air and supply air configurations. These units provide a practical and economical approach to comfort conditioning requirements in replacement, renovation, and new construction applications The indoor SWN water-cooled condensing unit was specifi cally designed for use in supermarket, restaurant, warehouse and other commercial and industrial applications. The design focuses on ease of installation and maintenance along with the fl exibility to fi t most application re quirements Liebert MCD, Indoor Condenser Unit, 7-28kW. The Liebert MCD is an indoor, air-cooled condenser that works with the Liebert Mini-Mate2 and Liebert DataMate. Air-cooled or water/glycol-cooled split system condensing units. Zero footprint ceiling mounted. Delivers fully wired, piped and tested Air-cooled and water-cooled condensing units Product Information Horsepower: 1-10 Refrigerants: R-22, R-134a, R-404A, R-407A, R-407C. Air-cooled Water-cooled Nomenclature • Welded Condensing Units Temperature ApplicationCode High Temperature Medium Temperature Low Temperature Extended Medium Temp

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Copeland™water-cooled condensing units BTU/H at 105° condensing, 75° water inlet - evaporator temp (°F) Water fl ow (GPM) at evaporator temp (°F) Capacities rated at 65°F return gas, 5°F subcooling R-22 Low Tem Performance of Walk in Cooler Condensing Unit Open type (also called indoor unit): Emerson Copeland and Tecumseh are the most popular brands for application. H model air/water cooled condenser, can be customized as your environment Hydrophilic foil fins, anti-corrosio With compressors or without, configure your remote condenser unit for compressor chiller installation or remote compressor applications. Condensers with compressors can generate chilled water remotely with the remote chiller evaporator option - available as either a controller and switch or also with a brazed plate heat exchanger kit What Is A Water-Cooled Condensing Unit This type of condenser uses tubes of water to do the same job as the air in the air-cooled designs. Hot refrigerant vapor goes in sealed shells, where tubes or coils of cold water are. The cold water sucks up the heat

In this unique system, water is piped from a central cooling tower or boiler to the compact VRV IV-W unit (the equivalent of the outdoor unit/condenser in a conventional air conditioning system) and after heat exchange, refrigerant is piped from the VRV IV-W unit to each indoor unit Isotherm SP Refrigeration Systems - Compact Water Cooled Even on the hottest days, the water-cooled Isotherm SP operates consistently at a high level of efficiency. The SP thru-hull is a patented device which can replace your galley sink drain without making new holes in the hull. The SP fitting is approximately 2.5 inches (60 mm) in diameter 1.The unit equippedwith semi-hermetic piston compressor of high quality and stable operation. 2.Air cooling condenser (copper tube and aluminum fin type) or water cooling condenser (high efficient tube and shell type) is applying to guarantee high heat exchange rate and long life

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• Air-Cooled Self-Contained DX w/ERV • Marvel w/BACnet Your DOAS Solution Replaces SWUD Models 042-080 fitting within an existing footprint • 42 to 80 Tons • Variable Air Volume • Water-Cooled • EC Impeller Fans Comparison Case Study VariCool Renovator Watch Video We're Hirin VRV W Condensing Units; Submittal Data Sheets VRV W Condensing Units. VRV W 208-230V Heat Pump DESCRIPTION; RWEYQ72PTJU (HP) Water Cooled VRV-WIII - Heat Pump - 72,000 Btu/h: RWEYQ84PTJU (HP) Water Cooled VRV-WIII - Heat Pump - 84,000 Btu/h: RWEYQ144PTJU (HP) Water Cooled VRV-WIII - Heat Pump - 144,000 Btu/h necessary tackle and rigging should be engaged to locate the condensing unit in position. When lifting the unit, spreader bars and chafing gear should be used to prevent damage. The unit should be placed on a base, which is level and even. Units should be lagged to sleepers or support base Water-cooled Condensing Unit Can Be Applied Where Air Cooled Units Are Not Desirable Or Space Is Unavailable. This Unit Can Operate With Tower Or City Water And Its Size Will Allow Operation In A Minimum Space; Shell And Tube Condensers Are Standard. The Unit Is Complete With High Efficiency Accessible Semi-hermetic Compressors Bosch offers an extensive product line for providing energy efficient heating, cooling and hot water to your business or commercial space. Air Source & Water-Source Heat Pumps The geothermal heat pump uses the environment around it for heating and cooling to reduce energy costs

Water-cooled; Air-cooled; Evaporative; Applications: Air cooled - If the condenser is located on the outside of the unit, the air cooled condenser can provide the easiest arrangement. These types of condensers eject heat to the outdoors and are simple to install Z30 126Y Water Cooled Condensing Units R404A Frascold Compressor Semi hermetric Water Cooled Refrigeration 1. Various kinds of models for your choice. 2. Two Type: air cooled and water cooled type to meet your.. A 400-ton water-cooled system will have a condenser water pump, a back-up water pump, and one or two tower fans and one compressor - each of these components requires routine maintenance. Although a similarly sized air-cooled condenser system (two 200-ton units) typically has no water pumps, it usually contains about 20 condenser fans and eight. ColdZone's energy-smart multi-circuit units are specifically designed for the food service industry. The air and water cooled condensing unit racks range from ½ to 40 HP and can handle up to 18 compressors 2 hp med temp water cooled condensing unit 208-230/60/3 r-12. scl# 199253. 9 available at $ 349.00. tecumseh. 1/3 hp celseon low profile high temp air cooled indoor refrigeration evaporative condensing unit/w power cord 115/60/1 r-22. scl# 199245. 1 available at $ 550.00. tecumseh

Unlike traditional aircon units, water-cooled air conditioners do not require an outdoor condenser box. This completely solves the issue of planning permission. These systems are very commonly used in Central London and areas with strict-council planning departments. FREE SITE SURVEY FREE QUOT Water cooled condensing units Models WS-0500C6, WS-0575C6, WS-1000C6, WS-1500C6, WS-2000C6, WS-2500C6, WS-3000C6, WS-3500C6, WS-4000C6, WS-4500C6. CLEVELAND Model WS - _____ C6, Indoor, ____ HP, WATER COOLED CONDENSING UNIT for Ice Builder. Compressor; Receiver with Discharge and Suction Line Vibration Eliminators; Pressure Control; Drier/Sight. W - Water Cooled Condensing Units July 21, 2016. Show all. TX - Indoor Coaxial Water Cooled Condensing Units. CONTACT A PRODUCT SPECIALIST TODAY: rcu@t-rp.com 1-844-893-3222 ext. 523. Overview Available as single, twin or triple circuits, LTB's range of quality ducted and water cooled condensing units can be matched to their own diverse range of fan coil units or mix matched with alternative models to suit specific requirements. Sort by Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items. LTB FA Ducted Air-cooled Monosplit Condensing Unit.

12V DC Condensing unit is a direct refrigeration system with 500Btu~1,600Btu cooling capacity. RIGID direct expansion system consists of the basic 4 components of R134A refrigerant compression refrigeration system: mini dc compressor, micro channel condenser, capillary (or expansion valve), and an evaporator.The BLDC compressors drives the refrigerant directly through the evaporator Water Cooled Units (In- and Outdoor) With 2-stage semi-hermetic compressors Specially designed for low temperature applications, condensing units with 2-stage compressor boast a large range of capacities as well as well-coordinated components such as efficient condensers and fans

service of refrigeration duty, air cooled indoor or outdoor, remote condenser and water-cooled condensing units, with hermetic, semi-hermetic or scroll compressors for high, medium or low temperature applications. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Evolution condensing units are individually designed for speciic jobs. Each unit includes a wiring diagram tha Ambient will not affect the condensing pressure on water cooled units, that is why they are used. 3) What would be appropriate sub-cooling and super-heat values for this style of unit? Superheat same as normal 10 deg for medium temp, superheat is controled by TXV Water Cooled Internal Condenser (with no external unit) It's common in central London to be told you cannot have air conditioning with an outside condenser due to restrictions on your property. Our self-contained and water cooled internal condenser offers the perfect solution Suitable for all commonly used refrigerants (HFC, HFO, HFC/HFO blends) and including a version approved for use with hydrocarbons (propane, propylene), K con..

Find professional water cooled condensing unit manufacturers and suppliers in China here. We warmly welcome you to wholesale high quality water cooled condensing unit from our factory. Good service and competitive price are available SWU Water Cooled Condensing Units. NAPPS SWU Series Water Cooled CondensingUnits include 10 models ranging in capacity from 10 to 60 tons.Each model is designed for quiet, high efficiency operation and built to withstand demanding continuous duty cycles Water Cooled Condensing Unit YACHTAIR PRODUCTS® water cooled refrigeration condensing units are specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of a shipboard refrigeration system. Constructed of all 316L stainless steel hardware with a new vertical construction featuring the condenser coil mounted below the compressor and receiver Available in air cooled and water cooled; Low, Medium and High Temperature units available; Designed for Indoor and outdoor configuration; Compressor sizes available in 1/2 to 25 H. P. models; Voltages available in 230/1, 230/3, 460/3 and 575/3 - phase; Improved rifled-tube air cooled condenser design allows for larger capacity compressors on. 1/2 TO 6 HP WATER COOLED CONDENSING UNITS FEATURES & BENEFITS READY TO INSTALL! Every unit is put into a vacuum and subjected to a rigorous leak test. This results in a clean, dry and leak free unit every time. Electrical circuits are factory tested for functional integrity. Every unit is run tested and cycled on both the high and low pressure.

Water cooled condensing units with semi-hermetic ECOLINE compressors. An optimum matching unit programme with the efficient and robust BITZER compressors as well as highly efficient shell and tube condensers of the K-3 series evaporatively-cooled condensing units. b. Water inlet temperature of 90°F [32°C] and water outlet temperature of 105°F [40.6°C] for water-cooled condensing units. Make-up water temperature of 90°F [32°C] for evaporatively-cooled units. 7.2 Loading Requirements. The condensing unit shall be capable of operating continuously at the stated. In this video I talk about the pros and cons about both the air cooled and water cooled condensing unit Heat Recovery, Water Cooled Condensing Unit These City Multi systems have double heat recovery potential, making them very economical. Not only does do they produce heat recovery from indoor units on the same refrigerant circuit, they also produces heat recovery via the water circuit between heat source units

Buy low priced Water Cooled Condensing Units from Water Cooled Condensing Units factory, We provide good quality Water Cooled Condensing Units from China. Sales & Support: Request A Quote. English English French German Italian Russian Spanish Portuguese Dutch Greek Japanese Korean Arabic Hindi. Multistack's standard air cooled modular product line ranges from 10 to 840 tons. Multistack also offers air cooled split units with remote condensers and air to water heat pumps in the modular platform. Package your air cooled chiller with free cooling, pumps, glycol feeders, and many other hydronic accessories for ease of installation Water Coolers - Call Now for Water Solutions at Affordable Prices Cancoil Condensing Units provide rugged, long lasting solutions for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. Whether the task is cooling a small walk in cooler, refrigerating an entire warehouse or de-humidifying a supermarket, Cancoil has a condensing unit for the job

the water loop between the water-cooled condensing units. Two-stage heat recovery substantially improves efficiency and represents an ideal solution to the requirements of modern office buildings, in which some areas require cooling even in winter, dependin Complete cooling solution with integrated water/glycol-cooled condensing unit and evaporator. Close-coupling with evaporator unit reduces electrical and piping infrastructure required. Quiet operation. Delivered fully wired, piped and tested This is because 105 ° F is used for water-cooled condenser condensing temperature. The cooling tower water temperature into the condenser is assumed to be 85 ° F. If the D T is significantly greater than 20 ° F, a smaller, less costly unit may work. We can apply the 8/10 rule This is where our discussion starts, there are 3 methods to remove this heat. Fig.1 summarizes those methods: air cooled in the condensing unit, glycol cooled in dry cooler, and water cooled in cooling tower. Fig. 1: Heat Removal Methods. We can think of heat removal as the process of moving heat energy from refrigerant to the outdoors PRODUCT LINE We manufacture a comprehensive line of refrigeration equipment: Air Cooled and Water Cooled Condensing Units for indoor and outdoor environments; Energy efficient Refrigeration Systems with multi-compressor racks; Custom Designed Air Cooled and Water Cooled Indoor-Pak; Pre-charged Air Cooled and Water-Cooled Condensing Units.

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Condensing Units. Superior efficiency. Superior value. With over seven decades of experience in comprehensive cooling solutions, Blue Star brings you a range of reliable condensing units to meet the cooling needs of large commercial spaces and corporate customers Compressor Units ColdZone offers a complete line of energy-efficient single and multi-circuit air and water cooled Compressor Units specifically designed for the foodservice industry. Units range from ½ to 40 HP and can handle up to 18 compressors

Water-cooled condensing units; Sort By: Water-cooled condensing units Water-cooled condensing units. Condensation by a water circuit. Commercial refrigeration system. Read more. Show: Categories. Refrigeration units. Commercial monoblocks; Split systems; Industrial monoblock units. Heat Recovery, Water Cooled Condensing Unit These City Multi systems have double heat recovery potential, making them very economical. Not only does do they produce heat recovery from indoor units on the same refrigerant circuit, they also produces heat recovery via the water circuit between heat source units Semi-Hermetic Low Temperature Storage Screw Condensing Unit (-20~-15℃) As a leading brand for both water cooled and air cooled condensing units, we are here with the low noise, less vibrating, and long life Semi-Hermetic Low Temperature Storage Screw Condensing Unit

Tecumseh - AJA7512ZXDXW AJ Series Indoor Condensing Unit, Water-Cooled, 1-1/2HP, MBP, R404a, 208/230-1 . Item: 32B3210-1 . MFR: 32B3210-1. (SC) and water-cooled condensing unit (WC), with hermetic (H), semi-hermetic (S) or scroll (Z) compressor for high, medium or low temperature. HANDLING FORK LIFT - The compressor side of the condenser unit is the heaviest side and should be facing the lift truck. Be sure the forks extend the entire length of the unit

Condensing unit is composed of compressor, condenser, oil separator, fan motor and electric controller. Air cooled, water cooled and remote condensing unit for cold room is provided and integrated by ONLYKEM with energy efficiency, serviceability and full selection of standard features and options to meet any commercial refrigeration applications Water Cooled Open Type Compressor Type Condensing Unit ₹ 2 Lakh Get Latest Price In order to retain our goodwill in this industry, we are providing a high quality range of Water Cooled Condensing Unit WATER cooled condensing units > Open the catalog to page 1 FRASCOLD SpA si riserva il diritto di modificare i dati e le caratteristiche contenute nel presente catalogo, senza obbligo di preavviso.Օ FRASCOLD SpA reserves the right to change at any time, specifications or design without notice and without incurring obligations Condensing Unit Features, see chart below The letters I, O, and Q are eliminated Receiver BX Cable Interconnect Compressor Fan Cooled Water Cooled Air Water Cooled Tank See B/M Accumulator AEA4440YXA X Condensing Units In the mid-1990s Paul Mueller Company set out to build the perfect dairy farm condensing unit, and after years of testing and development, the E-Star refrigeration unit was introduced to the dairy industry

CLD Type Marine Cabinet Air Conditioner, Buy Marine AirDry Coolers | Australia and New ZealandAir-cooled chiller - i-FX (1+i) 2602 - 5403 - ClimavenetaAAON Heating and Cooling ProductsDuer 300kW ORC Waste Heat Generator - Gas Engine Exchange» Others | Tiba Manzalawi Group | The Leading Air

Water Cooled Units (In- and Outdoor) On the notepad An optimally coordinated range of water cooled condensing units with efficient and robust BITZER compressors and high efficiency shell and tube condensers. Features a very high cooling capacity, low energy costs and a compact design. Suitable for a comprehensive range of applications and capacities - BITZER water cooled units have universal. Evaporative condenser packaged rooftop units from 51-261 tons. Water-source, geothermal, and air-source heat pump options. Chilled water or non-compressorized DX air handling units, from 7,500- 80,000 cfm. Variable speed R-410A scroll compressors on all units for load matching cooling and improved part load efficiency Water-Cooled QT AWA7515ZXD Condensing Unit 2 HP, Medium Temp, R404A, 220V/1PH $1,089.00 Combo Air/Water Cooled NT6222GKV Condensing Unit 7/8 HP, Medium Temp R404A, 220

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