LG Sound Sync optical not working

Check Out Lg Sync On eBay. Find It On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Find Lg Sync On eBay Place your Audio device close enough to the TV you are connecting. Locate your optical cable. Note: The optical cable has 3 flat sides and one rounded side. Align the 3 flat sites of the cable with the Audio device and insert the cable I contacted LG customer support and use the 2 tips they provide: 1) Adjust AV Sync; 2) Unplug the TV, hold the power button for 15s, then turn it on. Both still not work. I can only either the TV speaker or my own speaker, but not two at the same time. Is this the case Set up Sound Sync with a Sound Bar or Sound Plate Begin by pressing the Home button on the Magic Remote. Then click on the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner. Click on Sound, and then Sound Out

1) To connect through OPTICAL cable when there is no LG Sound Sync. 2) Try to reconnect the optical cable between TV and Sound Bar. 3) Press Select Function button on the Sound Bar remote control and set the Input Mode as OPTICAL Then the sound will come out of both TV and the sound bar You are right that the TV doesn't know what is connected to the optical output. They may be right if the DAC you are using is not compatible with a 5.1 input which their soundbar would be. Why the.. It's not the location that's the issue, it's the signal being sent by your LG (and possibly the things connected to it). You've checked to make sure the Sonos is working properly by connecting it to other TVs, so now you just need to focus your attention on the TV

When the LG Wi fi speaker app loads, hit the settings cog and here you will see all the options to adjust the setting of the sound bar, including the AV sync. Mine was set to 300. When I adjusted the slider to 0, BINGO If you've already paired the two LG devices but are not able to control the sound bar's volume using your TV remote, try un-pairing and then re-pairing the two devices in the Sound Sync section on your TV. Alternatively, if you didn't pair the device's previously, verify that you're TV actually supports the Sound Sync feature Lip Sync (AV Sync) describes when a person on TV speaks, but the words being heard do not correspond with the movement of their lips. The effect is observed by the speaker's lips moving before the audio arrives, or the audio arriving before the speaker's lips move. TV settings and connected devices can cause AV Sync issues Press the Settings button on the LG remote control and select All Settings > Sound > Sound Test. The Sound Test generates audio output to the TV. Based on what sound is heard, answer the question on the menu and follow the instructions. If the Sound Test revealed a TV sound problem, please proceed to from our Schedule a Repair Connect the OPTICAL IN jack on the back of the unit to OPTICAL OUT jack on the TV using an OPTICAL cable Set the input source to OPTICAL. Press F button repeatedly until the function is selected. I look forward to your reply to continue to help you troubleshoot this issue

pb3837, disconnect the sound bar and performing an A/V reset on the TV. Press the MUTE button 3 times on the LG remote. A menu would appear at the bottom of the screen. Select A/V RESET on the unit Select Settings > Sound. Select AV Sync Adjust. Select On. Adjust the External Speaker slider to the left or right, to help better sync up the audio to the video you are watching. LG TVs with webOS. Push the Home button on your remote. Select the Settings gear icon in the top-right corner. Select Sound > AV Sync Adjustment

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LG Sound sync (Wireless) Audio signal processing time is calculated only for optics. How LG Sound Sync works - because for each type of audio transmission, a certain time is set to process the audio stream. As a result, for synchronization, the video signal is delayed for the time necessary for processing the sound About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. I have the '16 LG OLED 65 and the LG Atmos S9 Soundbar, and my ARC does not work. Devices connected to my TV are only able to pass sound through optical or TV speakers only. I have a high speed HDMI cable going from HDMI ARC on the soundbar to the ARC (HDMI 2) on the TV, and I have Blu-ray player, Roku stick, and PS4 connected to the other.

ronboyce, try disconnecting the sound bar from the TV and unplug it for 1 minute and perform an A/V reset on the TV. You will do this by pressing the MUTE button 3 times and a menu will pull up at the bottom of the screen. Select A/V Reset ***THIS WILL RESET ALL PICTURE AND SOUND SETTINGS on the TV TO FACTORY DEFAULT*** In my experience, this lip sync problem is most common when sending audio from your TV to your soundbar using HDMI ARC or optical out. Your TV sends the audio to the soundbar, the soundbar takes a.

TV - Experiencing issues with optical connections LG USA

The optical digital audio out is a fiber-optic cable. It plays audio signals from the LG TV to the receiver of a home theatre system. When connecting LG TV audio output to speakers, remember that some models have 2 RCA jacks for the output of the right and left channels I first bought another Blue Tooth headset that did not work. LG gave me by telephone the above advice, so I bought another headset from this LG collection: an LG HBS-800, for the sound sync connection with my LG TV : 55EG9A7V . My telephone and my Tablet are easily paired and connected, but not My LG TV

Hello there, I have an LG 47LA6200 (Cinema 3D Smart TV) and a 5.1 LG HT306PD (DVD Home Cinema System). As I connected them with an HDMI cable, I am receiving the audio and video. Likewise, the surround speakers work fine with DVD, but I cannot get the speakers to work through my TV and there is.. Sonos is now listed as a sound bar brand so there's no need to select another brand then choose the remote type The LG TV performs the connection with the PLAYBAR and shows a confirmation screen that it's connected via optical cable and the remote will work. here's how I got it working LG Sound Sync does y Check connection of LG Sound Sync (Optical or wireless). not work. Page 25: Notes To Use Wireless Troubleshooting PROBLEM CAUSE & CORRECTION The unit does y Turn off the Bluetooth connection lock function. (Page 20) not connect with Bluetooth device Check the details below and adjust the unit according to them. y With the. Find and press the sound control or audio sync button on the Soundbar remote and then use the forward/backward (left/right) keys to adjust the timing of the sound with the movement on the TV. How Do I Get My TV To Recognize The Soundbar? The LG soundbar will be discoverable if you are going for the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi option Page 15: Lg Sound Sync (Optical) Connecting LG Sound Sync (Optical) 1. Connect your LG TV to the unit by using an optical cable. You can control some functions of this unit by your TV' s remote control with LG Sound Sync. It is compatible with the LG TV that is supported LG Optical Sound Sync. Page 16: Optional Equipment Connectio

Evidently the only way to get the TV remote's volume control to work is to use the LG Sound Sync (Optical) audio out function and have an LG Sound Sync compatible device, but I can't find a DAC that specifies such compatibility and everything on the net regarding Sound Sync is just all about pairing bluetooth wireless, which I do not want. when connected to lg monitor with hdmi cable i get no sound - 775561. The issue here is that HDMI cables, as the name indicates, carry audio signals to the monitor. Therefore if the monitor has no built in speakers then there will be no sound. If you have external speakers you can plug them into the audio out slot on the back of the monitor.

TV Internal Speaker and Optical output not synchronized

If you have external speakers you can plug them into the audio out slot on the back of the monitor and the problem will be solved. However, if the screen does have built in speakers you need to go Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Manage Audio Devices and set either your headphone jack or the screen to be the default device Sometimes the audio sync is wrong in the content and no matter what setting you try, you can't find a value to put the audio in sync. I recently watched a film on Netflix via the app on my smart TV (it was View from the Top if anyone's interested) and had to put up with a very noticeable delay (audio delayed with respect to the video. Enter one side of the Optical Cable to the Optical Digital IN port. The Optical Digital IN port usually locates on the back of the soundbar. Now, connect the cable's other end to the Optical Digital OUT port. The location of this OUT port is on the back of your TV For example, Sky Q calls the setting HDMI control, LG calls it Simplink, Samsung calls it Anynet+, Sony calls it Bravia Sync, and Panasonic calls it VIERA Link or EZ-Sync

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  1. g from the TV using the digital optical connection, go into your TV's audio output settings and check for an option referred to as PCM. This may correct the problem
  2. Operating LG Sound Sync With wired connection 1. Connect your LG TV to the unit by using an optical cable. You can control some functions of this unit by your TV's remote control with LG Sound Sync. It is compatible with the LG TV that is supported LG Sound Sync
  3. My understanding is that the LG sound sync option is to sync the audio between the LG OLED TV and the LG Sound Bars (specifically LG SJ7/8/9). I know this because that's what the manual says to enable as I briefly owned the LG SJ9 soundbar and the audio was not synced correctly without that option enabled
  4. Bluetooth device. When LG TV signal comes in When you turn on your LG TV connected by LG Sound Sync (Wireless connection), this unit changes the function to LG TV. You can hear the sound from your TV. Page 25: Lg Sound Sync Operating LG Sound Sync With wired connection 1. Connect your LG TV to the unit by using an optical cable
  5. Push the Power button on the remote. Push the Function F key on the top of the remote till the light for LG TV is selected on the front LEDs of your soundbar. On your LG television, select LG Sound Sync (Wireless) for the audio output. Consult your LG television's manual for help locating this setting
  6. On the LG TV i'd also switched Settings -> Sound -> Sound output to use Optical/ARC, so thought ARC was enabled, but still did not work. Solution in the end was the SIMPLINK setting. This is a toggle switch under the SoundOut settings which is NOT on by default, but the ARC channel will only works if it's ON
  7. Get your Headphone/Speaker into Pairing Mode. 2. Take your LG remote, Select the Settings icon. 3

I own LG LA6400 3D smart TV. It has LG sound sync wireless option where it can search my LG soundbar and play sound wirelessly through the TV. However, when I use the same option to discover other Bluetooth speaker(lg ph2) or a Bluetooth headset it doesn't discover the devices. Strange. Please help! Optical OPTICAL LG Sound Sync (Optical) LG OPT AUX input AUX Portable input PORTABLE Bluetooth BT LG Sound Sync (Wireless) LG TV Radio FM [ (Mute): - Mutes the sound. - Controls this unit using TV remote. (Page 35) PRESET·FOLDER W/S: - Chooses a preset number for a radio station. (Page 29) - Searches for a folder of MP3/WMA files. Whe

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  1. LG TVs always have a delay when passing through compressed audio codecs via (E)ARC. It's annoying but without a HDMI 2.1 Receiver your only solution to remove audio latency is to feed via the Receiver for Atmos and lose HDMI 2.1 features, or output PCM stereo and lose the Atmos
  2. g from the SoundBar which is connected to ARC. After numerous trials with LG support, even changed the TV, I ascertained the following: A connected device - Pace HD PVR (set-up-box) causes the arc sound to misbehave and no sound is sent to the SoundBar. If you disconnect it, the arc and SoundBar work perfectly
  3. Output this audio via HDMI, and not optical. How to get the best results. Here are the steps you need to complete to enable 5.1 passthrough on compatible TVs. Samsung: Go to Menu > Sound > Speaker List and select 'Receiver (HDMI)' for HDMI ARC, or 'Audio Out/Optical' for digital optical
  4. The tv speakers are always kept off and we use the optical out to the receiver. The audio is always crystal clear 5.1 when broadcast. All other devices are connected directly to the receiver via HDMI. I don't know if the LG can pass 5.1 from an external source or not. No audio delay at all from OTA tv, blu-ray movies, or the AppleTV

LG says optical output is fussy

Then, connect an optical audio cable from the TV's Optical digital audio out to OPTICAL IN on your sound bar (this is necessary to hear the TV audio). When you connect only with an optical audio cable, functions which require an HDMI connection, such as power interlock and volume control with the TV remote, won't be possible Did that end up working for you? Noticing slight audio delay between my PS5>LG CX>Sonos 5.1 system via Dolby Bitstream. Considering using the optical adapter instead of HDMI ARC but not sure if that will have any impact on the lip sync issues

Soundbar is not recognising optical output from LG 65 E6T

The sound on my Smart LG TV stopped working for some unknown reason. Nothing different was done to the tv prior to going to bed. I found a reset button in the menu in the sound section, by resetting the sound it seemed to work. Sound is back with no issues so far Hey everyone, Recently got myself an LG las455h soundbar and have connected up an Hdmi cable to the tv via the appropriate ports. (HDMI arc) No sound. Soundbar does work as wireless connection works but ive heard the hdmi connection is much better quality. Plus i dont want any risk of lag.. I have a Sony KDL-40S4100 TV connected to LG SoundbarNB3730A. I have the Roku 3 wired with ethernet, HDMI to the TV, and then using Optical out from TV to the sound bar to try and capture sound from streaming roku content to the sound bar The orange jack is the only audio output on your TV, it is a digital out so your special cable must be digital audio to analog audio converter, or coax digital audio to optical audio . Also the only analog input on the LG soundbar is a 3.5 mm connector, so you will also need an RCA to 3.5mm adaptor for that to work

Turn AV Sync adjustments to off. Turn your AVR on before your TV. If it still doesn't work, reset your AV settings by pressing 3 times the mute button on your LG remote control and click on the AV reset button. In my case this has solved the issue. What to do if Atmos is not working with a soundbar? Try all the steps above We just got Cox contour 2. We have a Samsung Soundbar HW-E450 and the Contour remoteControl XR-11. I cannot get the sound to work. I called Cox support, and they could not help ans suggested I contact Samsung at 800-2726-7864 to see if they have an updated 5 digit code. Samsung says they do not have a code that they could give me There's evidence to suggest that the blacking out screen problem with G-Sync at 120Hz may not be limited to LG's HDMI 2.1-equipped OLED TVs, and so could be an issue with the new Nvidia cards

Question - LG Soundbar + LG TV, Audio sync issues? (SL8YG

  1. What's even more frustrating is when I call LG, they tell me magic remote will not work for Optical input - no not specific to a model. They say it will work only for devices connected with HDMI. How are so many users able to connect then. SONOS customer care wasn't a big help either
  2. Change the TV audio output setting to PCM and check whether sound is output. If the audio device connected to the TV doesn't support compressed audio (such as MP3, ACC/HE-AAC, WMA9 Standard, or LPCM) the sound may not be output depending on the type of broadcast or video. Check your TV and audio device manual for more information
  3. They pair okay, but the LG speaker does not show up in the list of available speaker output devices. I have tried removing the LG bluetooth device and then reconnecting to it, but it made no difference. Other audio source devices, eg, ipod, connect, and work correctly with the LG soundbar via Bluetooth
  4. A: Answer 4K Pass-through is a feature that allows a video source to pass unaffected through the LG 5.1.2 ch High Res Audio Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos®, Model # SK9Y directly to a connected 4K TV without any processing. That means any data that is contained within the video source signal will be unaffected and will be passed through to deliver an exact video output to a 4K TV without.
  5. The subwoofer stopped working- not the pairing of the unit, just no sound period. the TV. Less remotes, less wires and I could not be happier! In addition to this it supports Bluetooth and has a second optical audio jack too. The LG stands out because the speakers are not covered. Second, the LG will not sync to the cable company remote.

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I also found that pretty much NO optical HDMI 2.1 cable is working with my 3080 and C9, which is a shame because i need a 10m long cable. I can only get it to work with 3m copper cables at most. Seems like another issue the cable makers, LG and NVIDIA have to adress.. 1. Connect one end of the optical cable to the optical port on the sound bar, and the other end to your TV or streaming device's optical port. 2. Press the SOURCE button on the Shockwafe remote and switch to optical. 3a. For optical connection from TV: Using the TV remote, switch the AUDIO output to TV speakers off and select optical. 3b Hi. I have a soundbar (Q Acoustics M4) connected by optical cable to the tv (Sony Bravia KDL-46EX500). I'm using a Roku Ultra. The volume keys on my Roku enhanced remote will only control the tv's volume, never the soundbar's volume. I've gone through the Roku's Set up remote for TV control menu,. The WebOS Apps on the LG are completely fine with audio in sync (I do not use ARC at all as it causes too many issues - I am using logitech harmony to control everything, with an optical audio output from TV to the AVR). So mostly I just use in-built apps when I can. For the Apple TV - its not just Amazon that is a problem for me Select LG Sound Bars work with the remotes from eight leading TV brands* for more convenience and less clutter. Sound Sync Wireless. Simply link your LG Sound Bar with your compatible LG HDTV wirelessly via Bluetooth . HDMI Connectivity. Pass-through the video and audio using the HDMI input to the TV in high definition

LG 2

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They market it for the 32-42″ market but it will work with any size TV. you run the included optical cable from the TV to the LG sound bar. If you have a lg tv and the lg sound bar they. I recently bought an LG - 60 Class LED 4k Smart TV (Model 60UH6035), and an LG 2.1 Channel Soundbar with wireless Subwoofer (Model SH4). I am able to get the Optical option to work but my HDMI. Woke up this morning to discover that I too have sound sync issues on my 8 month old LG 49SJ800V. To say I'm unimpressed would be an understatement particularly considering that it's only the internal speakers I'm using and not some external source such as a soundbar. I Googled the issue and tried a number of tips, the most popular being fiddling with the AV Sync Adjustment Insert one end of a Toslink cable into the soundbar. If your soundbar has a Toslink (also known as optical audio) port, you can use an optical audio cable to connect it to your PC. The port is usually labeled TOSLINK or OPTICAL Using Dolby is were a lot of the lag in LG systems comes from so that may not work out for you. There are HDMI-ARC adapters that can take ARC audio and funnel it to an optical connection, you could try one of those and see if it's any better. Under WebOS PCM = stereo, Auto = ARC, Pass-through = eAR

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Thanks for the reply Dennis. First, the TV need to have it's internal speakers shut off in order for the optical to work. Secondly, the TV will only output sources that are connected via HDMI- the internal tuner, and in most cases the RCA Inputs won't output from the Optical jack, so depending on which source you're viewing, the optical audio out won't work Locate the Sound or Audio settings on your TV and/or other devices. Under any setting that mentions Optical/TOSLINK/SPDIF or Digital Audio change the output format to PCM, Stereo, Off or Normal. If you are having difficulties, contact Orbitsound support. We should be able to talk you through most devices to get to this feature

LG Soundbar Model SH3K will not remain on Optical

Third-party devices may cause the Control for HDMI or BRAVIA Sync function of the TV and the audio device to stop working. Update the TV and the audio system with the latest software version. Turn on the Control for HDMI or BRAVIA Sync on both devices. Set the ARC/eARC or TV Audio Input Mode of the audio system to On or Auto Sound sent to the TV through an HDMI® connection, or other input, may not output through the optical jack. In this case, you should connect the optical jack from the source device (Blu-ray Disc™ player, DVD player, etc.) directly to the home theater or stereo system to get sound. Troubleshoot no sound through the Optical output. Check if you. A lip-sync error occurs when the video of a person speaking on your TV doesn't match up with the sound of them speaking. This can make it look like someone else is doing the voices on your movie,.. Just bought a Klipsch Sound bar, R-208, and followed the set up instructions. I used the digital optical cable to connect it to a Vizio television, and cannot get any sound from the TV to the soundbar. The blue tooth with my ipad and phone plays fine through the soundbar. I have tried calling cus..

Total Audio noob here, I don't understand how to setup my Soundbar properly. I have an LG SL4Y Soundbar connected to my C9 through Optical Out. When I enable LG Sound Sync it lets me use the regular Magic Remote for quick volume control but the Soundbar only shows a PCM signal regardless of what I actually play Later, when I was adjusting the sound settings on the LG TV, I found that I *must* set it to internal speakers plus optical output to get sound (setting the LG TV sound to Optical output did not work, for whatever stupid reason, so I switched it back to internal speakers plus optical output and simply turn the TV sound down to zero, then. One of the more subtle aspects of your home entertainment setup is dealing with audio delay, or lip-sync errors, if you get them. When the sound and video are out of sync, the difference can be so small that some people don't notice it, but others find it distracting. Your soundbar includes an Audio Sync feature to correct this 2. Resolve Bluetooth Audio/Video Sync. When you're using your Bluetooth headphones to watch TV, you may discover that at times the audio and video don't match. The audio soundtrack may be ahead of the corresponding images. The major cause of this problem is that audio is processed much faster than video, especially 4K or high-definition video Use AUX mode on your CABLE/SAT remote to control the sound bar as the newer remotes will accept the codes under the AUX mode. Use the 993 code to make the AUX Volume mode control the LG sound bar. Unlock the volume with the 993 code and the Comcast remote will then control the volume via the soundbar and not the TV

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