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We use different drugs for my stepson (concerta and intuniv) but I think the experience still applies. With concerta alone, his ADHD was better and he could concentrate in school, but his moods were still all over the place. When we added intuniv, it leveled out the moods and all of his symptoms were way better with the combo This morning, I just realized how rarely I see comments about Concerta or Strattera. And, the few I do see, seem to be negative, where adults advised little-to-no positive benefits, but with some weird, negative side effects. Because of the strong negativity I perceived, I never bothered trying either medication I honestly do this all the time. I'll also do it when I'm listening to people talk to me individually I'll consciously tell myself to focus on the words and then I'll start focusing on focusing on the words and then be so proud of myself for focusing and then think of how great it is to focus and how well I'm doing and then realize I missed the entire content of what was said

Strattera can take awhile to take effect, like several weeks. I'd imagine the aggression would probably even out, but I dunno about the bed part. Strattera won't get me out of bed either, but I was here to begin with. I titrated up to 60 over a week and have stayed there for an additional three A few months ago I started getting some ED, and more recently ive started taking Strattera, and i was worried it would make the ED worse. I found that viagra didnt help very much, but a cockring helped massively to keep me up, (also it feels pretty good) Yes, it does. Strattera is an NRI so it needs to build up in your body but bcoz of it, will work 24/7. Since both work on similar sites but affect at different levels, strattera feels like it prolongs the effect of those site that methylphenidate activate thus allowing me to function despite methylphenidate wearing off or its low dose & helps prevent tolerance buildup to some extent

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  1. My dd was on a Strattera/Concerta combo for a while. In terms of effectiveness for her, it was the best meds ever. She's primarily In and needs the most ADHD help in school. She has some hyperactivity which doesn't bother us. We tried Strattera alone and it didn't do enough for her school and homework focus. But both of them together were great
  2. d-boggling. Patients who completed the study had remission-level responses— (SSRs) of more than 90 percent
  3. The combination of Concerta & Strattera was the suggestion of my Peditrician. The next step would be a private eval with a child psychirist. Or to enroll him in a study at Kennedy Kreiger Inst. Unfortunately, I work full time and my employer is not too thrilled with me taking off. The cost of a private eval is 00 and insurance would not cover
  4. When we did stop that combo a couple of weeks later, the problem went away. I would ask your doctor if maybe the meds combo might be causing it. Brooke is now on Strattera, Concerta, and Guanfacine. She is doing well and has never had any sleep problems. So I can't offer any suggestions there. Nor is she frightened of anything
  5. Strattera may be used in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Strattera does not require routine laboratory monitoring, although a doctor may wish to regularly check heart rate and blood pressure and in children, growth rate. The dosage of Strattera does not need adjusting in severe kidney disease
  6. One concern I have is my SCT and PI lasts all day and I am scared of sharp drop off when meds wear out. That's why I liked Strattera. It was constant. Although I welcome all input, I am specially looking for people that had improvement with Strattera but had to quit. P.S. I already tried brand name Concerta and it did nothing but give me anxiety
  7. Hello I was taking Strattera first I was on 18mg them the Dr put me on 25mg, My concentration Improve a lot, I only needed to read my papers only one time, but the issue was that I was losing my sleep very often. The Dr change to concerta 36mg and until now I don't see any results, a friend told that concerta is way better that strattera, but for me I don't see nothing and I take a pill every.

Combination of a stimulant (methylphenidate) and Strattera

Experiences with Strattera? : ADHD - reddi

Strattera and Adderall are prescription drugs used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in kids and adults. Like other medications, these drugs can sometimes cause unwanted side effects in some users. Low appetite and weight loss are relatively common in people taking Strattera and Adderall User Reviews for Concerta to treat ADHD. Concerta has an average rating of 6.9 out of 10 from a total of 333 ratings for the treatment of ADHD. 57% of those users who reviewed Concerta reported a positive effect, while 17% reported a negative effect Strattera (atomoxetine) and Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) have different mechanisms of action to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ().Strattera is a nonstimulant drug while Vyvanse is a. You can google concerta and strattera and see the comparisons. There is a difference. Read More. Strattera, Adderall XR, Vyvanse, and Daytrana are medications I have taken, my brother takes Concerta. Vyvanse and Adderall XR are the only meds I can take. I have a real sensitive stomach and immune system, and am allergic to a lot so I would think.

Strattera . Strattera is a brand name for a drug that contains atomoxetine. It was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002 and became the first non-stimulant medication to receive approval for ADHD Strattera works on the neurotransmitter (chemical in the brain that transmits nerve impulses) called norepinephrine. Like the stimulant drugs, Strattera is effective in treating and controlling ADHD symptoms. Unlike stimulant drugs, Strattera is not a controlled substance. Therefore, people are less likely to abuse or become dependent on it Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) Strattera: Depression can cause long term fatigue, lack of energy at times difficult to improve till a stimulant is added. Strattera (atomoxetine) is a weak stimulant but can help improve energy, if not Ritalin or Adderall can be added, if the patient does not have a cardiac problem

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Strattera can cause mild to severe side effects including chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, nausea, a low fever, fainting, stomach pain or loss of appetite. Strattera.com warns that children and teens may develop suicidal thoughts while taking Strattera and should be closely monitored by the prescribing physician Like Concerta and Strattera, this drug is used to treat ADHD. Moreover, it is also prescribed by doctors for those who have narcolepsy or uncontrollable desire to sleep. There are a number of differences among the three ADHD medications, Strattera, Ritalin, and Concerta. Ritalin is the central nervous system stimulant Methylphenidate (MPH) I had tried Concerta but that pooped out on me fairly quickly so I was suggested to try Strattera. I was hesitant at first knowing that there was a very low percentage rate of those for which the drug has actually worked successfully for but knowing my own body and mind maybe it would be a great idea to give it a shot I thought I would post an update on my 8 year old son who is taking 36 mg. strattera and 18 mg. concerta. He has been on this combo for 2 weeks now and things have greatly improved. The strattera alone was just too inconsistent for him during school. He continued to have a difficult time staying focused and impulsivit My little girl has been on both strattera 40mg/concerta 54mg for three weeks now. Apart from the side effects we don't see any results yet. She is still very angry and upset, and the combination of these two medc caused lost appetite and a stomachache every now and then

One month since i started methylphenidate and strattera

Good luck! I hope the Concerta/Strattera combo works for your son. (BTW, it can take 4 to 6 weeks to see any effect from Strattera because it is not a stimulant but rather an anti-depressant in the SNRI family.) Hi for my son it was adderalll that made him very violent, he also was on strattera and that made him very sick he was missing school. > What about with concerta? Strattera is a powerful and selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, while Wellbutrin is a combined norepinephrine/dopamine reuptake inhibitor. The combination might be a good one for ADD; however, keep in mind that Wellbutrin is a CYP-450 2D6 inhibitor, and Strattera is a 2D6 substrate Strattera often takes several weeks to start working. Doctors may prescribe both medications when switching from a stimulant to Strattera, then taper off the stimulant as the Strattera begins to work. Taking the two together during an adjustment period is quite common and is safe

A couple of years ago we tried Strattera on the recommendation of his psychiatrist. She said he was needing a bit more help with attention (although *I* thought he was doing just fine) and she was pushing the Strattera. So we tried it. He became, quite quickly, like within days, super aggressive, super angry, like a grumpy old man on steroids Thanks faith7th.Yes she was on concerta and tenex a few months ago and was doing real good until the tics started.I hope this combo works out better.She has been on just tenex for a few days and she looks so drugged all the time.She can't keep her eyes open and she is just on 1/2 a pill twice a day.I will be adding strattera in a few days but. My daughter is nearly 11 years old and has been taking Concerta (now on 36mg) since March. The doctor recommended a switch to Strattera for the reason that it works 24 hours (Concerta is effective for only 12 hours) and will help my daughter concentrate more I've been on Strattera since July 2007 (it's April 2008 now) and I love it zero side effect, amazing. dontshootdamessenger wrote on Tuesday, May 13, 2008: Hey, I was just diagnosed with ADD today and was given trial test of Straterra

Concerta and Strattera together? Learning Disabilities

I presently take 100mg (60 + 40) of Strattera and 36mg (as needed, up to 72mg) of Concerta. I find taking BOTH capsules of the Strattera to be too much and instead find the effect both smoother and fuller if I stagger them, say, four hours apart. Personally, I find Concerta to be better at keeping me on task and motivated I am 55 years old and, I have been taking 40 mg of Strattera a day for 2 weeks now, but I haven't noticed any changes or that it has helped in any way. I took 20 mg of Concerta/Ritalin when I was younger, and it always helped me within an hour of dosing. I read that it may take longer like 3 to 6 weeks to help me with my ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medications are usually stimulants, such as Adderall XR, Vyvanse, and Concerta.However, people can also use nonstimulant drugs, such as Strattera or. Adderall - Ritalin - Concerta - anxiety and diarrhea? calscooby: Adderall: 2: 01-11-13 08:52 AM: Adderall lost effectiveness, Doc hates Strattera, and now Concerta and Lexapro combo? fiend007: Adderall: 5: 12-10-10 08:26 AM: From CONCERTA to ADDERALL XR: e30mpower: Adderall: 5: 09-14-09 08:16 AM: Adderall and concerta together. Nameless rb26. Another reason why Concerta gets abuse is due to its weight loss effect. This results from the active ingredient of this drug which is methylphenidate and its common side effect is weight loss. [10] Strattera vs Adderall. Both Strattera and Adderall are used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Combination Therapy for ADHD: Stimulants and Non-stimulant

Strattera and Concerta for two and a half years, and has worked well after finding the right combination of doses.( Strattera takes about 3 days to build up in our system, while Concerta takes. Concerta is a brand name for the drug methylphenidate in an extended-release formulation. This is the same drug in Ritalin, but Concerta releases the drug evenly over a prolonged period Strattera. Strattera is an immediate-release drug. It begins to work quickly after you take it, but your dose may need to be adjusted after a minimum of 3 days of use for a period of 2 to 4 weeks. Strattera oral capsule 10 mg costs around $420 for a supply of 30 capsules. The price may vary depending on the pharmacy you are buying from, and based on capsule strength (10 mg, 25 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg, 80 mg, and 100 mg) Atomoxetine(Strattera) • Requires titration in many cases • Lots of dosages (10, 18, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100 mg) • Can become tricky as it often requires titration • Expensive • Usually start at 0.5 mg/kg/day, increase after a week up to 1.2 mg/kg/day • Once daily dosin

Concerta is a methylphenidate-based drug, whereas Vyvanse is effective as a result of dextroamphetamine. The methylphenidate within Concerta has been involved in more investigational uses than the lisdexamfetamine within Vyvanse. Concerta has a significantly shorter elimination half-life by comparison and a different manufacturer Strattera, Concerta or Adderall XR - Which worked best for you? Hi, I've decided to start taking meds for my ADHD (I've been tested by a psychiatrist as a child and as an adult and am most definitely ADHD). At the moment I'd choose between Strattera, Concerta and Adderall XR which is the one recommended by the psych. who last tested me as it is..

The use of CNS stimulants is contraindicated in patients with significant cardiovascular impairment such as uncompensated heart failure, severe coronary disease, severe hypertension (including that associated with hyperthyroidism or pheochromocytoma), cardiac structural abnormalities, serious arrhythmias, etc. Sudden death has been reported in adults and children taking CNS stimulant treatment Strattera effectivness? strattera in conjunction with concerta strattera's effects after 3months? What are people taking for thier ADD? Should we change my son's add meds-any experience with switc adult just diagnosed ADD - take adderall or straterra? Wellbutrin for ADHD Provigil and Adult A.D.D. best drug for adhd Strattera 80 mg for children. Strattera (atomoxetine) is used in combination with counseling or other non-drug therapies to treat ADHD. Strattera (atomoxetine) usually only has to be taken once daily. It is available as a cheaper, generic form. Strattera (atomoxetine) doesn't have to be tapered when discontinued

Ritalin/Concerta: ADHD meds fall into two categories, stimulants and non-stimulants. Strattera is an example of a non-stimulant. Strattera is an example of a non-stimulant. Within the stimulant category there a. ADHDMedCalc.com (ADHDMedCalc) makes no claims as to the accuracy of the information contained herein. The user acknowledges and agrees that this Site and its ADHD medication calculator/converter will be used only as a reference aid, and that the information contained in the product is not intended to be (nor should it be used as) a substitute for the exercise of professional judgment Strattera (atomoxetine) and Adderall (amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) are both used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (), though the two operate completely differently.. Adderall is a combination of two drugs in the amphetamine class of medication.Adderall has a high potential for abuse and addiction as a central nervous system stimulant like other drugs used to treat ADHD. A combined analysis of 12 studies of Strattera showed that in children and teens this risk was 0.4% for those taking Strattera compared to none for those taking a sugar pill. A similar analysis in adults treated with Strattera did not reveal an increased risk of suicidal thoughts

Using Concerta & Strattera Together ADHD Informatio

Strattera Vs Concerta Reddit. Prix les plus bas et satisfaction garantie. Assistance clientèle 24h He is on concerta. We just went up to 36mg after being on 18mg for the summer. We are going to discuss the anxiety with his doctor next week. I am going to suggest a concerta/strattera combo. I have heard that straterra is great for the moodiness and anxiety in some kids. My son does great on the concerta for focus and schoolwork Concerta is a stimulant medication that helps treat the symptoms of ADHD. As the drug leaves the body, a person may experience fatigue or depression. People call this the 'Concerta crash.

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Vyvanse (lisdexamphetamine) and Strattera (atomoxetine) are both used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults and children, but Strattera is the first ADHD drug that's non-addictive.. Vyvanse is a central nervous system stimulant, like other ADHD, amphetamine derivative drugs Adderall (amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) and Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) There is an alternative, however: Atomoxetine, known by its brand name, Strattera, is the only nonstimulant ADHD drug sold in the United States—and the first ADHD drug to be approved.

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I gave my 7 year old son Strattera at night for 4 weeks and continued to give him his Concerta during the day. I actually think that the Strattera might have decreased the effectiveness of the Concerta. We had an anger outburst at school last week after having a great school year prior to this. (11 replies Strattera anxiety reddit strattera 10 mg non a prescriptions 10 package quantity only $7. Reddit strattera fast buy Strattera & Concerta combo Children's Diagnosis & Treatment. ADD Forums - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Support and Information Resources Community > PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH ADD/ADHD > Children's Diagnosis & Treatment: Strattera & Concerta combo I tried Ritalin, Ritalin LA, and Concerta. A year ago I started taking ADDERALL, 20 mg a day, which did not affect me for more than 3-4 hours. On the recommendation of another doctor, I distributed a 30 mg pill 3 times a day. Increasing the dose caused me unpleasant side effects - only in the high dose Second med: Concerta 90mg + Paxil 20mg. Really stupid of my psych to add Paxil to Concerta. Almost lost my mind. Third med: Strattera, titrated from 40mg to 80mg. Took 8-10 weeks to work at 60mg, reduced effect after a few months. Went up to 80mg, which was better, but again just for a few months. Current med: Strattera 80mg + Valdoxan 50mg

Concerta had the same effect on my 8 year old son. I only gave him one dose of it too. I called the oncall phone # that night and told the doctor that I absolutely REFUSED to give him that medicine any more. He switched him to Strattera then, and he does wonderful on it. BUT, my dh's cousin takes Concerta and he does wonderful on it Concerta. Concerta is a brand name for methylphenidate HCl. It's available as a tablet and lasts about 12 hours. It comes in doses of 18, 27, 36, and 54 milligrams. Concerta generic is also. He hasn't done it since lowering the Concerta and adding Strattera. By the way, so sorry to hear that your trial with Strattera was unsuccessful. Our Dr was adamant about not splitting the dose of Strattera until he was on it for at least 6-8 weeks so we could see (or not see) consistant results Combining Vyvanse And Concerta. It would be relatively uncommon for two long acting ADHD stimulants, like Vyvanse and Concerta to be prescribed together but there certainly could be individual cases where the combination is safe end effective for use. It's highly individualized and you should speak to your doctor regarding your options Strattera (atomoxetine) is a non-stimulant medication approved by the FDA to treat ADHD symptoms in children, adolescents, and adults. For some, this medication has proven to be effective

Concerta and Adderall share many potential side effects. Some are serious. For instance, both drugs can slow growth in children.Your child's doctor may watch your child's height and weight. I have been diagnosed with GAD and ADHD.I take Strattera, Concerta and ViiBryd. Finding the correct mix of meds, was a long and difficult process, because several ADHD meds caused increased anxiety. My Doctor was great and never gave up on helping me find the right combination to treat both conditions Concerta and Vyvanse can cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, which can be dangerous for some people. Vyvanse is available in a chewable form, which may be more suitable for children received an overall rating of 5 out of 10 stars from 380 reviews. See what others have said about , including the effectiveness, ease of use and side effects Concerta is a prescription stimulant medication that helps people who have ADHD by enhancing their ability to focus and concentrate. 1 Concerta is the brand name for an extended-release formulation of methylphenidate, a type of stimulant medication that is prescribed to children, adolescents and adults for the treatment of ADHD. Ritalin is another well-known trade name for methylphenidate, and.

A different stimulant, like Concerta or Focalin XR, or a non-stimulant medication, like Strattera, might be better alternatives. Although ADHD drug holidays were once popular, there are now so many different medications and dosages of each medication, that it is much easier to fine-tune a child's dose and avoid side effects than it used to be The prescribing information for Concerta, however, indicates it can be taken with or without food. A study released in 2002 compared the effects of Concerta with Adderall after children had eaten.

Adderall lost effectiveness, Doc hates Strattera, and now Concerta and Lexapro combo? Well, I went to see my doc again today and told him that the Adderall was losing its effectiveness and higher doses weren't helping. I had to eventually cut down my dose to 5-7.5 mg every five hours and it just wasn't as effective and higher doses would make. Unlike Concerta, Strattera isn't composed of methylphenidate, and thus doesn't have its stimulant effects. Strattera is composed of atomextine HCI, a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Like Concerta, it increases attention span and reduces impulsiveness Showing 201 - 220 of 620 for strattera and concerta. (0.162 seconds) Concerta vs Adderall. Mar 10, 2004... n has done so much better on Adderall then Concerta. He takes 15 mg of Adderall. Adderall/Strattera Combination Side Effect. Jul 7, 2004... been on Adderall since he was diagnosed in the second grade An interesting combo. Two mildly activating stimulants. Strattera (atomoxetine) is predominantly noradrenergic and modafinil, possibly histaminergic and probably dopaminergic, but not much in the pre-frontal cortex. I would guess the increase in a..

Strattera is a medication used to treat ADHD. Medications which treat this disorder tend to have a high potential for abuse. Strattera comes with a number of moderate to severe side effects, including suicidal thoughts. Don't Wait. Get Help Now: All calls 100% confidential & free (888) 979-9592. Menu received an overall rating of 8 out of 10 stars from 62 reviews. See what others have said about , including the effectiveness, ease of use and side effects SPC are identical word for word to Concerta XL (!) -Xenidate XL AUC appreciably less than Concerta XL 110.5 cf. 125.4 ng/ml/h (11% less) Statement by e.g. EMA that drug is bioequivalent to the original lead product doesn't mean it's exactly the sam

For those on concerta/strattera combo. May 21, 2003 She was on Concerta, but was experiencing horrible tics where she would pick at her self. Once she was taken off the Concerta, the tics went away. She then started on Strattera 25mgs on August 1st, 2003. (10 replies Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine (Adderall, Adderall XR) and Concerta (methylphenidate) are drugs prescribed for the treatment of ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) and narcolepsy. Side effects, drug interactions, warnings and precautions, and patient safety information should be reviewed prior to taking any medication I found your reply (posted: 08/22/09) helpful and it agrees with my experience. I was diagnosed as ADHD in my late 30s, four years ago. I was prescribed 50 mg D-amphetamine salt combo (generic adderall), but developed some facial tic. I was switched to 30 mg adderall XR and started on Strattera which takes 6 to 12 weeks to have much effect

Strattera, also known by its genetic name atomoxetine, is a medication prescribed to people who have been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Using Strattera has the potential to improve ADHD patients' attention span, focus, concentration and ability to stop fidgeting Strattera | eHow.com Medications > Strattera. I'm currently taking 70 mg Vyvanse and my doctor just added in 25 mg Strattera. I. Straterra causes me to become tired all the time. I. Vyvanse and Strattera are medications used in the treatment of adult ADHD. Strattera is the first non-stimulant drug approved for use with ADHD, and it has a very Strattera: Non-Stimulant Medication for ADHD. Strattera is a non-stimulant medication used to treat symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD) including distractibility, impulsivity, and hyperactivity in children, teens, and adults.. Strattera has long been advertised as the first non-stimulant ADHD medication, however, doctors also commonly prescribe non-stimulant. A combination of Concerta (methylphenidate), Strattera (atomoxetine), and Wellbutrin (bupropion) is somewhat odd but not extreme. Both Concerta and Strattera are approved to treat ADHD, Wellbutrin.

Atomoxetine is from a drug class called selective norepinephrine uptake inhibitors (SNRIs). The fact that Strattera is non-addictive is the main advantage of the medication over central nervous system stimulants like amphetamines, dextroamphetamines (), lisdexamfetamine (), and methylphenidate (Ritalin) to treat ADHD.Adderall contains both amphetamines and dextroamphetamines, and is therefore. Concerta is a long-acting drug: It increases dopamine steadily. This means that you only need to take it once per day for all-day symptom relief. According to the Cleveland Clinic, Concerta works.

I've been taking Concerta for about 6 weeks. 3-4 weeks 18mg and now the past 2-3 weeks at 36mg. The past several days I've starting hearing a slight ringing noise in my right ear. Has anyone else experienced this while taking Concerta? - I didn't have that side effect, but I do know that many medication Concerta vs Vyvanse. It is fully optional. Some like Vyvanse better than Concerta and vice-versa. It is subjective and not every drug will work the same with every individual. It has to do with their own characteristics, factors, genetics and other things as well. Depending on what you need, you may want a different option TARAMy son takes a combination of Strattera and Adderall with very positive results. The Adderall is an appetite supressant, and he lost 12 pounds in the first several months on the combo, but his body has adjusted, and he has a light, but healthy appetite Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) and Strattera (atomoxetine) are both used in ADHD treatment. Vyvanse is an amphetamine and therefore addictive whereas Strattera, and SNRI, is not. Learn about dosage, side effects and the differences between these two drugs Like Strattera and Kapvay, other non-stimulants for ADHD, Intuniv is not a controlled substance, which can make getting refills easier for parents. Intuniv is available in four dosage strengths: 1 milligram, 2 milligrams, 3 milligrams, and 4 milligrams

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