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  1. Description Bravo Three Propeller Installation IMPORTANT: Mercury Marine Bravo Three propellers are matched sets. Do not operate the drive without a front and rear propeller of the same pitch. Apply a liberal amount of one of the following lubricants to the inner and outer propeller shafts
  2. Slide the propeller and hub assembly onto the propeller shaft. Place your tab washer on the end, then install and tighten the locking prop nut. Make sure your tab washer and prop nut turn simultaneously. Tighten to 55 ft-lb. Align 3 tabs on tab washer with grooves on castellated Spider Washer cap
  3. 1. Install the forward thrust washer onto the propeller shaft. 43671 2. Install the propeller onto the shaft with the supplied components, as shown. If the components supplied with the propeller are different than what is shown, refer to the propeller installation instructions provided with your product or contact your dealer. 3
  4. Flo‑Torq I Propeller Installation 1. Install the thrust washer onto the propeller shaft. 2. Install the propeller. 3. Install the tab washer, and secure with the nut. Tighten the nut to the specified torque. Bend the tabs on the tab washer onto the nut. a - Nut b - Tab washer c - Propeller d - Thrust washer Description Nm lb‑in. lb‑ft 6.
  5. Finally install the smaller-diameter thick washer, and then the nut. Tighten the prop nut with a 1 1/16-inch socket after placing a small wood block (a short section of 2x4 lumber, for example) between the prop blade and the anti-ventilation plate
  6. B. MerCruiser Alpha Bravo Prop Propeller Nut Tab Locking Washer Kit Mercury Mariner. 4.8 out of 5 stars 8. $20.18 $ 20. 18. FREE Shipping. SEI Marine Products-Compatible with Mercury Mariner Force Thrust Washer 42037 1 For Prop Service Kit. 4.2 out of 5 stars 2. $12.33 $ 12. 33. $7.94 shipping

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Quicksilver / Mercury Propeller Nut Kit / Tab Washer Kit for use with 2011 and newer two pin style drive sleeve adapter. Fits Mercury / Mariner 75 hp and up, Mercruiser, Alpha 1, and Bravo 1 12‑835467 1 Forward thrust washer 835290A1 Plastic drive sleeve 23‑856163A1 Bushing 826074T1 Aft adapter 14‑816629Q Tab washer 8M0042130 Prop nut. Typically used with high speed surface piercing applications. Propellers used in these applications are the Mercury Fury, Fury 4, Tempest, Rev 4, Bravo I and Quicksilver Torrent and Q4 and install outboard to the nearest recommended mounting height. 4. Fasten outboard with provided mounting hardware shown. NOTE: The addition of the four flat washers (d) is a manufacturing running change. Out-boards built before the running change will not have the flat washers. c a b d e a-1/2 in. Diameter Bolts (4) b-Flat Washers(4) c. 13191A1 Front thrust washer, 14 ‑ 816629Q Tab washer, 11 ‑ 52707Q1 Prop nut For Aft ‑ Installed Rubber Hub Props: Fits Mercury/Mariner 70 ‑ 140 (Inline 6 cyl. 1977 and newer), Mercury/Mariner 60 HP BigFoot and 75 ‑ 125 HP (1987 & newer

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  1. Apply red threadlocker to the two 13mm bearing carrier assembly bolts, then reinstall the bolts and their washer and torque them to 18 foot-pounds. Step 24. Reinstall the thrust hub, the propeller, the tab washer and the 24mm prop shaft nut. Torque the nut to 55 foot-pounds and bend the tabs on the tab washer to lock the nut in place
  2. MERCURY OEM Propeller Nut and Tab Washer Kit 11-52707T 1. 4.7 out of 5 stars.
  3. OEM Quicksilver/Mercury Prop Tab Washer 8M0042130 Please confirm fitment of MerCruiser parts with your serial number. Photos and descriptions provided via Mercury may not always be accurate. All of our Mercury parts are sold and priced EACH
  4. Mercury Outboards - Durable. Reliable. Powerful. Sterndrives & Inboards. We build Mercury MerCruiser® Sterndrive engines and drives to power your life on the water. Our engines are engineered and built solely for marine duty. Mercury Propeller Selector. Find your ideal Mercury Prop in 5 steps or less. Sport Series. Mirage Plus, High Five.
  5. Quicksilver / Mercury Propeller Nut Kit / Tab Washer Kit for use with 2010 and older crown style bronze drive sleeve adapter. Fits Mercury / Mariner 75 hp and up, Mercruiser, Alpha 1, and Bravo 1

Mercury Marine 38417 Tab Washer Tab washer 34817 is for use on MerCruiser Bravo Two drives. See your owner's manual for installation instructions, the Flo-Torq hub, thrust washers and prop nut part numbers to best fit your engine or drive. Mercury.. Flo-Torq IV Hub Kit Mercury - 835257Q10. 12‑835467 1 Forward thrust washer 896233A01 Drive sleeve assembly 878584 Aft adapter 14‑816629Q Tab washer 11‑52707Q1 Prop nut. Flo‑Torq IV hub kit for Mercury 150 4‑stroke and Verado L4SC 135‑200 HP (Aluminum or Stainless steel props, reduces prop rattle) Mercury recommends a minimum of 55 foot pounds of torque. OMC (and I presume Bombardier) recommends 70 foot ponds of toque on the prop nut of their large outboard motors. In contrast my little 9.9 Johnson's propeller nut requires only 10 foot pounds of torque. Robob2003: posted 10-13-2006 11:31 AM ET (US Mercury/Yamaha: if propeller strikes trim tab, replace with Mercury high performance trim tab #8822777Q1 or flat anode #76214Q5. Yamaha #6E5-45371-10. 1. Remove fish-line on shaft if any. Replace your OEM thrust washer with the one included in the kit. Slide with the tapered end in first to match the tapered surface of the prop shaft Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Prop Nuts & Washers at the official West Marine online store. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price match guarantee


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PROPELLER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Page 2 / 7 90-830296005 FEBRUARY 2010 3. Install the tab washer, and secure with the nut. Tighten the nut to the specified torque. Bend the tabs on the tab washer onto the nut. a -Nut b -Tab washer c - Propeller d -Thrust washer Description Nm lb‑in. lb‑ft 6-15 hp propeller nut 11.3 10 Stainless Steel Propeller Installation Instructions SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Form 69312-A If your engine is a Mercury built prior to 1978, additional parts may be needed for installation. nyloc nut and a tab washer, bend tabs out of locked position then remove nut and washer. If nut and cotter pin are used, remove cotter pin the It is always a good idea to replace prop nuts and tab washers when replacing a prop. Nyloc nuts (nuts with a nylon insert) are ideal for prop installations. They stand up to extreme conditions and resist vibration to secure the prop. In repeated use, the nylon will break down and lose the ability lock the nut in place Install a new O-ring and slide the carrier over the prop shaft, rotating the shaft clockwise to align the gears. Align the V-notch with the top side while seating the carrier. Slide the tab washer over the prop shaft, making sure the external tab is in the opening at the top of the gear case and the V-tab fits in the V-notch of the carrier. 6

Use a beefy screwdriver to bend up the lock washer tabs that secure the prop nut. Place a piece of wood — Jansen has a nice pine 4x4 — between a prop blade and the anti-ventilation plate to keep the prop from turning when you loosen the nut. Spin off the nut and lock washer and then slide the prop off the shaft Browse our selection of thrust washer, thrust washers, prop washer, propeller washer at Overton's

Knew a guy that drilled and tapped his prop loc-nut for an allen head set screw to prevent the nut from backing off. Seemed to work well. He was using two prop washers to move the prop back on the shaft and no room for a tab washer assembly. That sounds like a very good idea The inner tab (between the 2 slits) on the washer is bent 90 degrees to the face. After the propeller is fitted on the shaft taper, the tab washer is placed onto the shaft thread with the tab located into the propeller keyway. The nut is then tightened against the tab washer and the outer edges of the washer bent over the flats on the nut EVINRUDE/JOHNSON OUTBOARD APPLICATION CHARTS. 9.5‑14 Horsepower ‑ Evinrude/Johnson. 9.5 HP 1964‑73 10 HP 1958‑63 10‑14 HP Commercial 1982‑9

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ALIGN TRIM TAB UNDER CAVITATION PLATE IN A STRAIGHT INLINE DIRECTION. INSTALLATION OF 13″ & 14″ MUST NOT EXCEED 20MPH AT THIS TIME. 2. Clamp the guard to the cavitation plate using C-clamps or Grip clamps. Insert bolts, washers and Nyloc nuts through bottom of pre-drilled holes at bottom of rings and loosely tighten. 3

MEWS 40-300 Mercury-Mariner Propeller Tab Washer for use with the following motors. 4.75 Gearcase 15 Tooth Spline D-Class 40-140 HP 40 & 50 HP (Big Foot, 4-Stroke All Years) 40 HP Command Thrust 2014 & Newe Mercury Propellers . Mercury Propellers; Racing Merc Props; Prop Accessories. Hub Kits for Mercury Engines; Hub Kits for Competitor Engines; Tab Washer Flo-Torq II Mercury (New Style) 8M0042130. $4.30. In Stock, Get it now! Ships same or next business day. Add to Wish List. Add To Cart Polaris has wide propeller range which fits from 2HP engines up to 350HP engines. Product includes aluminum outboard propeller, stainless steel outboard propeller, nibral inboard propeller, jet ski impeller, propeller installation hardware kits.etc Prop Nut and Tab Washer Kit 8M0056235. Fits Mercury/Mariner 75 HP> (except F225 FourStroke), Force 85-150 HP 1985-1994 with dual exhaust gear housing and Mercury MerCruiser Alpha 1 and Bravo 1. For use with 2011 and newer two pin style stainless steel drive sleeve adapter Look at the prop nut, behind it is a tab washer, three of the tabs should be bent down into slots in the, brass part behind it, bend the tabs back up, put a board between the anti-ventilation plate on the gearcase and a prop blade while turning the prop counterclockwise, to hold the prop from turning, then using a 1 and 1/16 inch socket on a half inch drive ratchet remove the nut, and tab washer

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Need Help? Call Us: 1-800-225-9871. Outside the USA? Call 707-585-987 Thrust Washer 16145 1 Aft Prop Washer 12‑16146 Prop Nut 11‑16147 Cotter Pin 18‑815026 Diameter Pitch Material Blades LH Rotation RH Rotation Model MERCURY PROPELLER APPLICATION Mercury/Mariner 25 ‑60 Hp Outboard. 40‑60HP Bigfoot All Years 75‑125HP 1978 and newer 15 Tooth Splin

Pack of 10 Locking Tab Washers for Smaller Mercury and Force Outboard Application I have a circa mid 90s 25hp outboard mercury with a plastic prop. No key way, no tab washer. No cotter pin. The does - Answered by a verified Marine Mechani Enertia (14 x 19) MERCURY LH Propeller, 48-8M0151238. $635.00. Retail $842.00. Mercury . Enertia (14 x 19) MERCURY RH Propeller, 48-898998A46. $686.06. Retail $883.31. Mercury . Whether you're a proffesional angler or a weekend boater creating family memories, the propeller is the key to unlocking your boat's full potential. The certified. Problem fixed: I was given the wrong prop by local prop dealer and the prop was eating the aluminum on my carrier assembly . I took the prop off . Loosened the 2 bolts holding the carrier assembly,took out the part .then took a pressed betting and gear out of the old and put them in the new carrier assembly. Placed o ring on new carrier assembly Solas 8108114 Solas Prop Hardware, Mercury Mews Tab Washer 40-140 HP & 90+ E Series: $4.99. SOL8113211: Solas 8113211 Solas Prop Hardware, Yamaha Yaws Washer 9.9-20 HP (while Qtys Last) $2.99. SOL8114111: Solas 8114111 Solas Prop Hardware, Mercury Mant Prop Nut 6-15 HP: $2.99. SOL8114112

Tab Washer Receiver Kit for propeller on Mercruiser R, Alpha One Gen. II, Bravo 1 and 2; Mercury/Mariner Inline 6, V6, 3.0L Outboards OEM: 12-31211A3 $7.95 GLM2121 PROPELLER INSTALLATION 1. Install spacer 1 and propeller stopper 2 onto propeller shaft, then slide on propeller 3. 2. Fit spacer 4, washer 5 and nut 6, then tighten nut to specified torque. Propeller nut : 55 N.m (5.5 kg-m, 40.0 lb.-ft.) 3. Push cotter pin 7 through nut and shaft, then bend to secure. LOWER UNIT INSTALLATION 1 To drive and the thrust washer simply slide and insert components onto the prop shaft in accordance to the Mercury installation instructions of note. the flow torque SR should be only installed with the adapter that comes with the hub kit upon correct installation, you'll notice the prop floats on the shaft more than a typical prop Mercury's patented Flo-Torq II makes it possible to use Mercury propellers on nearly all recreational marine engines. The system is designed to resist slippage, but will flex during engine shifting. It also cushions the drivetrain in the event of an impact. Includes: Forward Thrust Washer - Hardend (#12-8354675

The newest high performance Mercury Racing propeller, the Bravo 1 FS adds more options to the popular 4 blade Bravo 1 line. Positioned in between a standard and lab finish Bravo 1, the FS is Pro Finished with lightened and sharpened blades. It features a shortened diffuser and will add mid range acceleration and top end speed 14. Remove prop nut, tab and splined washers, propeller and thrust hub. See Figure 9. Gear Housing Installation 1. If water inlet tube came free when gear housing was removed, coat the upper end of the tube with Multipurpose Lubricant and reinsert in upper housing. 2. Coat lower end of water inlet tube with a light coat of Multipurpose. Š 2016 Mercury Marine. 75/80/90/100/115/115 Pro XS FourStroke. Operation Maintenance and Installation Manual 8M0125338. 1216 en

So I bought a new (to me) Hydrostream Valero with a 1995 2.5L Mercury offshore engine. The second time out I get the prop in the lake bottom and bend up the ears :( I have sent the prop off for repair but have questions about getting the thrust washer off. The one on the prop shaft is 3/4 thick and doesn't have the step design I have seen on the boards InstallatIon InstructIons 1. For most Mercruiser, Mercury and Mariner motors, remove the propeller nut and tab washer, leaving the brass tab receiver washer in place. For most other motors, remove the cotter pin, if equipped. Remove propeller nut. Remove the washer, if equipped. Leave large thrust washer in place. 2

Although the Mercury tab washer is available as a spare part, it sometimes requires replacement in the midst of a prop change. With this stainless steel washer now included in the Turning Point 501 hub kit, boaters can quickly finish the job and return to the water By changing your Thrust Washer, you can make sure your propeller face, Prop Nut or shaft remain safe from getting damaged. This Steel Thrust Washer Replaces OE# 126870 & is f or 1-1/4 propshaft units with 3 blade propeller Mercury-Mercruiser 14-76281 TAB WASHER ; Mercury-Mercruiser 14-76281 TAB WASHER 14-76281 TAB WASHER This is a genuine Mercury Marine factory OEM part, not aftermarket Please check our current stock level and order below or use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page for any questions Manufacturer: Mercury Marine. Propeller Installation a b c e f g d Typical Propeller a - Propeller Shaft b - Forward Thrust Hub c - Propeller d - Continuity Washer e - Spline Washer f - Tab Washer g - Propeller Nut-Torque to 55 lb. ft. (75 N·m) 70134 a b c e f d g Propeller With Flo-Torque Hub a - Propeller Shaft b - Forward Thrust Hub c - Drive Sleev Propeller Installation Hardware by SOLAS Propellers®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet your needs and..

Quicksilver Mercury Tab Washer Included with propeller Hub Kits. Fit's Models: F40-60 hp FourStroke BigFoot F75-250 hp 2-cycle F75-300hp 4 Stroke Mercruiser Alpha & Bravo I Sterndrive item 3 MerCruiser Alpha Bravo Prop Propeller Nut Tab Locking Washer Kit Mercury 3 - MerCruiser Alpha Bravo Prop Propeller Nut Tab Locking Washer Kit Mercury . AU $22.75 +AU $131.50 postage. item 4 Mercury Mariner 25-40-50-60-70HP Propeller Hardware ,Thrust Washer Nut Don't get caught out without spare prop hardware! Kit includes: x1 Thrust Washer . x1 Nut. x1 Lock Tab. SUITS - MERCURY/MARINER 25-70HP (3 blade aluminum) 13 Splines only - Model 402, 500, & 700 1977-1984 - 25hp (Bigfoot 4 stroke) 1999-200

TYPE A ALUMINUM DP PROPELLERS . FOR DP280, 290 DRIVES. Specially designed for the increased torque of diesel engines. Not for KAD300! Order a 20 mm shaft cone (a.k.a. nut) to go with this type of propeller. Order a 16 mm shaft cone (a.k.a. nut) to go with this type of propeller. **For a complete kit use the J-Series propellers.. TYPE B ALUMINUM PROPELLERS. FOR DP280, 290, DP-A, DP-B, DP-D, DP. Find TAB WASHER-.770 - 8M0042130 here. 5 In Stock - Ships Immediately. Offering discount prices on OEM Mercury Marine parts for over 50 years Then the 1 bolt in trim tab cavity. Then the locknut/washer on front stud. Now tighten all 6 nuts/bolts to 55 ft.lbs, then install trim tab/anode plate. Reconnect pitot hose. Step 32: Slide prop back off, grease propshaft splines, then reinstall. Thrust washer, prop, washers & nut Propeller SALE!! Propeller SALE!!: Ski & Tow Propellers; Propeller SALE!!: Interchangeable Hub Props; Prop Finder by Model; Prop Hub Kits; 12-30028 Fits Mercury Outboard Choke Switch Washer NLA. 30028 $3.00 View Details. 12-26168 20103 37081 Fits Mercury Mariner Fits Mercruiser Marine Washer. 26168.

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We sell Obsolete Mercury outboard parts. Old and Vintage 7.5 and 9.8 Mercury Parts are all here plus worldwide shipping! Cheap Mercury outboard Parts Galore! You have found the home of the most Fresh water used mercury outboard parts for sale in one place! Older Mercury outboard parts are not obsolete mercury outboard parts at Green Bay Prop Prop nut kit with thrust washer for Mercury , Mariner and Force18-25 HP (2-CYL.) engines As to the prop movement, is it fore and aft or like the prop is sloppy on the shaft. Fore and aft isn't usually a problem unless you forget the thrust washer at the front of the prop. Install the old one and compare the fit and that should give you a good idea of what you are looking for Mercury Quicksilver Propeller Nut Tab Washer Kit Alpha 1 Bravo 1 OEM 11-52707Q1 New. US Seller. Propeller nut kit 52707Q1 includes one nylock propeller nut and two tab washers. See your owner's manual for installation instructions, the Flo-Torq hub, thrust washers and prop nut part numbers to best fit your engine or drive. Fixed Price $ 10.9

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OUTBOARD MOTOR INSTALLATION Page 1D-10 90-859494R1 JUNE 2000 Shift Cable Install cables into the remote control following the instructions provided with the remote control. NOTE: Install the shift cable to the engine first. The shift cable is the first cable to move when the remote control handle is moved out of neutral. COUNTER ROTATION OUTBOARD Use the original propeller hardware- thrust washer, spacer, locking tab, nut, and cotter pin depending on engine/drive manufacturer. This is a universal installation instruction. Place the original thrust washer on propeller shaft just as it came off. The taper on the thrust washer should mate properly with the taper on the propeller shaft of the prop shaft. Caution: Do not install any propeller without the thrust washer in place . 2) Clean and grease the splines of the prop shaft. (Any marine grade grease is acceptable.) 3) Slide HUB ASSEMBLY into PROPELLER HOUSING from the front. May use a mallet to seat in the hub assembly. 4) Slide the PROPELLER ASSEMBLY on the prop shaft 14-34817 TAB WASHER This is a genuine Mercury Marine factory OEM part, not aftermarket 11-82671127 PROP NUT (1.00-14) Brass This is a genuine Mercury Marine factory OEM part, not aftermarket Please check our current stock level and order below or use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page for any question


Bend the tabs on the tab washer clear of the prop nut, place a block of wood between the prop and gearcase to prevent the shaft from rotating and remove the nut. Before you install the new prop, grease the propshaft, and dont forget to lock the nut in place with the tab washer Welcome to Primeau's Marine and Small Engines Plus! 6639 Fraser Road Summerstown, ON K0C 2E0 Canada; 613931324 Whether you're replacing a propeller on your Mercury or removing it to take it to the prop shop for a tune up, removing the propeller on a Mercury Marine outboard is unlike propeller removal on other outboards. While other outboards have a hole drilled through their propeller shaft, a matching hole in the. Check out the deal on Prop Service Kit W/ Thrust Washer at Sterndrive Engineering. Mercury / Mariner / Force OB Miscellaneous Prop Service Kit W/ Thrust Washer. ACCOUNT CONTACT MY CART. Shop By: Free Shipping on all orders over $50 — Learn More; 0; 813-925-7127 | Orders | My Account. 0 Shopping Cart. Mercury Marine 91-859046M4 Prop Wrench 1-1/16.For installation and removal of propellers.Features:Fits Prop Nut Size: 1-1/16 (27mm)Includes metal pin for bending the tab washer

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8m0042130 Quicksilver Mercury Prop Tab Washer. MSRP: $7.42 $5.71. 8m0042130 Quicksilver Mercury Tab Washer .770Manufacturer: Quicksilver / MercuryPart Number: 8m0042130Condition: NewCross References: 26-5663, 3338-0901, 33380901Fits: Mercury/Mariner 40 60 hp... Add to Cart. Quick view. DCPR6E NGK Spark Plug 3481. Mercury Quicksilver For outboards 30 to 275 HP. Mercruiser Alpha I,II and Bravo I,III sterndrives.Silverado, Lightspeed, Thunderbolt and Torrent Mercury Quicksilver stainless steel propellers are identical to the Mercury Black Max Vengeance, Laser II, Mirage Plus, Tempest Plus and High Five stainless steel props except they do not have their name on the barrell part of the prop and they have a. 14-20749 NOS Mark 15 20 25 30 Propeller Tab Lock Washer 14 spline bore. $6.95. 14-20867 Mark 50 55 Propeller Tab Lock Washer 14 spline bore. $15.95. 397-1006 Magneto - Distributor Cap Mercury Outbaord Part NOS $32.25. 62124A1 Thrust hub / washer Mercury 500 Outboard Part NOS. $6.38. 81189m Fuel pump Mercury Mariner Outboard Part NOS. $61.70.

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This is Off a Mercury 1956 Mark 30-1 4 cylinder Turbo Four (serial # 994104) May work with 1957 or 1958 Item Condition: Good Condition Slight corrosion Part#'s Propeller Fastening Nut: 20950A1 Propeller Shaft Tab Washer: 14-20749 Other Related Models: Mark-30, Mark 30-1, Mark 30-2, Mark-30-3, Mark-30E, Mark 30E-1 Mar When you need enhanced mid to top end performance, Mercury Quicksilver 3 blade, aluminum Bravo-II propellers step up to the plate. A large blade area provides maximum thrust, and their beefy design gives excellent maneuverability and better holding in turns

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Mercury New OEM Spitfire 4 Blade Prop 10.3x13 Propeller 48-8M8026630 40-50-60hp at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products prop number 3368 in my inventory. 14 x 19p quicksilver stainless steel propeller, same design as mercury vengeance, 48-16316-19, 48-16316 a4 19p, pressed 15 spline mercury hub that uses short washer, if you need the washer i have them at an additional charge, hub may or may not be good, i do not know, blades show some damage and could use a re-conditioning, use-able if straightened, standard. 18-3702 - Prop nut and tab washer kit replaces Merc # 11-69578A1 New life for old outboards your trusted source since 1999 Cart Mercury lower unit parts to fit most older Mercury outboard motors are found on this page. 18-3702 - Prop nut and tab washer kit replaces Merc # 11-69578A1. $ 8.20. 18-2299 - Tab washer replaces Merc #14-79447. $ 6.85 RUBEX Propeller It is very important to refer to your Engine's Owner Manual for important safety precautions when installing the propeller. Use the original propeller hardware thrust washer, spacer, locking tab, nut, and cotter pin depending on engine/drive manufacturer. This is a SUZUKI installation instruction OEM Mercury Propeller Nut and Tab Washer Kit 11-52707T 1. Average Rating: (0.0) stars out of 5 stars Write a review. 1 comment. Mercury Marine. $14.23 $ 14. 23 $14.23 $ 14. 23. Qty: Add to cart. Free delivery. Arrives by Friday, Jan 29. Or get it by Thu, Jan 28 with faster delivery

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