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How To Purge The UNIFIED AUDIT TRAIL (Doc ID 1582627.1) Last updated on NOVEMBER 01, 2020. Applies to: Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version and later Oracle Database Cloud Schema Service - Version N/A and later Gen 1 Exadata Cloud at Customer (Oracle Exadata Database Cloud Machine) - Version N/A and late Purging audit trail You can clean up audit data manually or by scheduling clean up job. Getting ready To complete this recipe, you'll need a user who has the audit_admin - Selection from Oracle Database 12c Security Cookbook [Book By Franck Pachot . When you want to empty a table you have two methods: delete and truncate. If, for any reason (see previous post) the Unified Audit Trail has become too big, you cannot directly delete or truncate the table. You must call the dbms_audit_mgmt.clean_audit_trail. But then you want to know if it will do slow deletes or quick truncates. Let's trace it. I have filled my Unified. If you had migrated to unified auditing in Oracle Database 12 c release 1 (12.1), then you can manually transfer the unified audit records from the SecureFile LOBS to this internal table. If the version of the database that you are using supports partitioned tables, then this internal table is a partitioned table For any Oracle Database 12c that is monitored through the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c and The Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Agent 13c Release 3, audit_trail_purge_interval The interval, in hours, at which the clean up procedure is called. A lower value means that the cleanup is performed more often

Oracle 11g Release 2 introduced the DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT package to manage the audit trail. Oracle 12c uses the same functionality to archive and purge the unified audit trail, described here, with the addition of constants to identify the unified audit trail The audit trail type for which the purge job needs to be created. Audit trail types are listed in Table 29-1, DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT Constants - Audit Trail Types. audit_trail_purge_interval. The interval, in hours, at which the clean up procedure is called. A lower value means that the cleanup is performed more often. audit_trail_purge_nam It is planned to be used in future versions of DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT. See MOS Note. Oracle Support Document 1243324.1 Parameter DEFAULT_CLEANUP_INTERVAL of DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.INIT_CLEANUP procedure. To purge the audit trail you can run a manual purge job by executing DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.CLEAN_AUDIT_TRAIL or by setting up a purge job with DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT. Auditing Enhancements (Unified Audit Trail) in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Moving the Database Audit Trail to a Different Tablespace The SET_AUDIT_TRAIL_LOCATION procedure allows you to alter the location of the standard and/or fine-grained database audit trail

Finally, I have tried to purge the audit trail with both DBIDs: Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Upgrade, Install and Configuration, Trivadis Blog by Ludovico. Bookmark the permalink. 5 thoughts on DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.CLEAN_AUDIT_TRAIL not working on 12c? Here's wh Directs audit records to the database audit trail (the SYS.AUD$ table), except for records that are always written to the operating system audit trail. Use this setting for a general database for manageability. If the database was started in read-only mode with AUDIT_TRAIL set to db, then Oracle Database internally sets AUDIT_TRAIL to os. Check.

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  1. e how to purge audit trails. The audit management package includes a procedure that automatically performs the purge for you. But before you can actually use it, you must call a one-time initialization procedure—INIT_CLEANUP—to set up the audit management infrastructure. Listing 2 shows how to perform the initialization
  2. please I need to know how to purge the FGA audit records before a certain date, I have an Oracle 12c R1 database in which the audit with FGA is implemented, the tables of this are in a tablespace called ts_audit.dbf that It has already had 3 full datafiles and continues to be filled at a dizzying pace due to the intensive use of the database, for this reason I need to purge the oldest records.

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  1. Starting with Oracle Database 12 c release 12.2, the ability to flush audit records deprecated but is retained for backward compatibility. This design greatly improves the performance of the audit trail processes and the database as a whole
  2. If you have to purge a large audit trail, then better to wait the beginning of the next month. High availability Installation kubernetes Linux Linux/UNIX Microsoft Migration Monitoring multitenant ODA Oracle Oracle 11g Oracle 12c Oracle 18c Oracle database appliance Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud 12c Oracle OpenWorld PDB Performance.
  3. Unified audit trail in Oracle 12c , Unified_audit_trail is having two modes. Mixed and pure mode. We can audit sys,rman,sqllder,datapump activities in Unified audit convert. Audit Policy dropped. PURGE AUDIT TRAIL: Purging mechanism is similar to that of previous dbms_audit_mgmt(11g) , Only we need to set the audit_trail_type to unified
  4. If you want the purge job to maintain an audit trail of a specific number of days, the easiest way to accomplish this is to define a job to set the last archive time automatically. The following job resets the last archive time on a daily basis, keeping the last archive time 90 days in the past. Automated Purge with retention of 90 days
  5. Historically, to purge an audit trail, you were generally forced to stop auditing (which may have required bouncing the database), truncate, and then restart auditing (and bouncing the database again). In this article, you will learn how to use the new features in Oracle Database 11 g Release 2 to manage your audit trails

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  1. Unified Auditing in Oracle Database 12c Unified audit policy is like a group of audit options with different conditions. It is like a ROLE which is a group of privileges. Noaudit succeeded. SQL> DROP AUDIT POLICY TEST_CASE2; Audit Policy dropped. PURGE AUDIT TRAIL: exec DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT. SET_LAST_ARCHIVE_TIMESTAMP (- AUDIT_TRAIL_TYPE.
  2. The unified audit trail, which resides in a read-only table in the AUDSYS schema in the SYSAUX tablespace, makes this information available in a uniform format in the UNIFIED_AUDIT_TRAIL data dictionary view, and is available in both single-instance and Oracle Database Real Application Clusters environments.. The unified audit trail can be purged using the DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT package
  3. Oracle 11gR2 introduced DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT for managing audit trails. The growth of AUD$ can impact the performance of the database. So purging it regularly is the best practice followed by DBA's and DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT makes it easier
  4. If you are observing fast growth in SYSAUX tablespace and your database version is 12c, then you need to check for the sysaux occupants to find the root cause. In case if you find the top occupant name as AUDIT_TABLES , there could be some purging issue with audit table. In this blog, will see how to check and purge database trail records from audit table in manual and automate methods
  5. When you upgrade to 12 c: If you want to manage only the old audit, then you should disable ORA_LOGON_FAILURES and ORA_SECURECONFIG. If you want to manage both, then add a job to purge the unified audit trail (audit_trail_type=>dbms_audit_mgmt.audit_trail_unified). If you don't use the old auditing, then enable the 'pure mode'
  6. Introduction:- Oracle 11gR2 introduced DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT for managing audit trails. The growth of AUD$ can impact the performance of the database. So purging it regularly is the best practice followed by DBA's and DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT makes it easier. Follow below steps for purging aud$ table. 1. Make sure AUD$ table is not in SYSTEM table tablespace. [

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This post is about Unified Audit Trail In Oracle 12c . Few starting lines give the overview of Unified Audit Trail . With Oracle 12c, unified auditing has been introduced.It consolidates all audit trails into a single audit trail table. It will capture audit records from below sources. SYS audit records ( which was written to os trail in traditional method, will now be written to db table I will explain How to Delete or Purge Audit Trail Table and Records in Oracle Database in this article. Delete or Purge Audit Trail Table and Records. If you don't know What is the Audit and How to audit an Oracle database, read the following before this. What is the Database Auditing in Oracle

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When using LAST_ARCHIVE_TIMESTAMP ==> TRUE in DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.CLEAN_AUDIT_TRAIL, all the records before the LAST_ARCHIVE_TIMESTAMP is not Purging from Unified_Audit_Trail. Even when it runs successfully it seems to not account for the timestamp to purge. Customers see the records that are older than LAST_ARCHIVE_TIMESTAMP. Steps Performed. Step. Many time it has been seen that large number of AUDIT files and TRACE files causing issues at system level. To avoid such issues there is need to perform housekeeping for those files effectively. Find the below code which may help you to housekeeping such files: ##### # AUDIT AND TRACE FILE CLEANUP SCRIPT In Oracle 12c and earlier it will be created in the SYS schema. Audit Window. In the above examples I did set use_last_arch_timestamp=>true. This means that only audit trails older than the archive timestamp will be deleted. The archive timestamp is usually set by the Oracle audit vault agent, when it reads the audit records How to purge audit trail records from audit table sys.aud$ in Oracle database 12c ? March 31, 2021; Monitoring script for OS level and Server level Daily Health March 5, 2021; Steps to create Drill through report in Cognos March 5, 202 ORA-12012 : auto execute of job 546402 ORA-46258: Cleanup not initialized for the audit trail ORA-06512: SYS.DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT You can read the following post to learn How to Delete or Purge Audit Trail Table and Records ( Purge aud$ table

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Check unified audit in Oracle 12c Unified auditing is new feature added in Oracle 12c based on memory. from unified_audit_trail; Check Unified auditing options enabled in the database REDACTION POLICY NONE NONE SYSTEM PRIVILEGE NONE ORA_SECURECONFIG PURGE DBA_RECYCLEBIN NONE NONE SYSTEM PRIVILEGE NONE ORA_SECURECONFIG ADMINISTER KEY. Purpose. This tutorial covers how to audit operations of all RDBMS and other components like RMAN, Oracle Data Pump using the new 12c Unified Auditing feature, consolidating all audit trails into a single unified audit trail table.. Time to Complet I have Oracle 12c Standard instance with dev database with enabled Audit Trail Unified. And now SYSAUX tablespace has size 32Gb, but all data is only 9Gb. When I tried to reduce size of SYSAUX **FOR COMPLETE PURGE** The timestamps for each audit trail can be cleared to allow a complete purge using the CLEAR_LAST_ARCHIVE_TIMESTAMP procedure. This can be scheduled using DBMS scheduler for desired time intervals to perform a full cleanup. /* SP_PURGE_AUDIT_TRAIL Complete Purge Script by: Anurag Tripathi - v1.0* Netwrix recommends using Unified Auditing mode if you do not have any trail audit facilities in your infrastructure. NOTE: The product does not log any errors on these events to the Netwrix Auditor System Health log. To configure Oracle Database 12c, 18c, 19c Unified Auditing . On the computer where your database is deployed, run the sqlplus.

So, after upgrading to Oracle Database 19c (19.8.0), the default auditing policy ORA_SECURECONFIG has gotten one additional AUDIT_OPTION: ALTER DATABASE DICTIONARY.This sounds ok to me. But as you can see in the 3rd column, after invoking the supposed-to-fix script, it gets changed to ALL.Which is not so good as my customer recognized within a few days But luckily for us, Oracle has built-in audit trail purge mechanisms. We'll start by opening a SQL Plus connection as the sysdba user. So I'll type sqlplus sys/oracle@orcl a Running 12c R2 DB in production environment and the event viewer is flooded with Event ID 34, Audit Trail events. I have set the Audit_Trail parameter to None, and restarted the DB. I still get a boatload of Event ID:34 . SQL> show parameter audit_trail. NAME TYPE VALU One of the most important and popular features of the Oracle SOA Suite 12c is the audit trail. It allows the tracing of executed and running process instances using a graphical user interface. This monitoring functionality helps system administrators to trace every execution step of a given process and see how the data was transferred and.

The CLEAN_AUDIT_TRAIL procedure is the basic mechanism for manually purging the audit trail. It accepts two parameters. AUDIT_TRAIL_TYPE: The audit trail whose timestamp is to be set (Constants). Only individual audit trails are valid, not the constants that specify multiples. Types : AUDIT_TRAIL_XML ---- For Auditing on XML (XML files Oracle 12c Audit Trail logs are accessed by LogRhythm via a Microsoft ODBC driver or Oracle ODAC OLE driver. Before configuring the UDLA log source in LogRhythm, the recommended driver must already be installed on the System Monitor host and configured according to the information in the Client Console Help The unified, standard, and fine-grained audit trails are managed independently. We can purge data in each using the DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT package. All we need to do is choose a retention time, then call clean_audit_trail. The following script purges records older than a week from each of the three audit trails. Note the retention time is converte

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archive and purge the audit trail in Oracle Database 12c; Practice: Manage Privileges and Auditing. create a user, assign a role, and configure auditing in Oracle Database 12c; Framework Connections. The materials within this course focus on the Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) identified within the Specialty Areas listed below. Click to. Audit records are written to database tables, operating system (OS) files, or XML files depending on the AUDIT_TRAIL initialization parameter setting, for more information with Oracle database 11g and Oracle database 12c

With Oracle 12c it is all getting better! if you for example wanted to relocate the audit table or wanted to delete data sets by PURGE Unfortunately there is a messy bug, but a patch is already existing for it: Patch 18743542; 12C UNIFIED AUDIT TRAIL, CANNOT DELETE LAST_ARCHIVE_TIME. The new Oracle Database Security Audit Purge management feature in 11gR2 is available for better management of audit trails. Now you can move audit trails and purge the audit trails online


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Below is a list of different types of auditing mechanisms implemented in the oracle database and how to disable them. 1. Standard database auditing. To immediately disable auditing enabled with AUDIT commands (also known as standard auditing), set AUDIT_TRAIL = NONE. However, this requires a restart of the database Don't trust our slides - only believe what you've verified by yourself . Actually one of our slides gives a parameter recommendation to set AUDIT_TRAIL since Oracle 11g explicitly to the value you want as otherwise it may switch to DB and you may not be aware of it. In conjunction with this setting we explain the new Oracle Database 12c feature Unified Auditing - which is not. Combine disparate audit trails to a secure, high-performance single view. By Arup Nanda. September/October 2015. Database auditing involves systematically recording user activities in a designated location for future examination, generally for security-related objectives such as identifying malicious actions. Oracle Database has provided an auditing mechanism since Oracle6 Database and.

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audit_trail_os, audit_trail_xml або вказуємо audit_trail_files для обох os i xml. Виставляти можна проперті для os_file_max_size або os_file_max_age. Дивимося що зараз Oracle 12c unified audit trail fills up SYSAUX tablespace (schema AUDSYS) 20. June 2014 Allgemein vogler-- clean audit trail for the current container BEGIN DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.CLEAN_AUDIT_TRAIL AUDIT_TRAIL_PURGE_NAME => 'Audit_Trail_PJ', USE_LAST_ARCH_TIMESTAMP => FALSE Hint: Partitions were introduced in 12C installation process of RCU. If you choose big scale database, then RCU will create tables with segments. A quick select to see if your tables are partitioned will be: SELECT * FROM dba_segments where segment_name ='AUDIT_TRAIL' b) MaxRuntime. Be very careful with this one. Purge executes in two steps

In oracle 12c we have a new feature called Unified Auditing. What is it, how to implement it, how it works in a multitenant environment that's what we will try to explain briefly in this article. Traditional oracle audit involves many audit-trail locations and tables and does not follow a standard audit_trail_type—the type of the audit trail; audit_trail_purge_interval—the duration, in hours, between executions of the purge process; audit_trail_purge_name—the name you assign to this job; use_last_arch_timestamp—an indication of whether the job should delete audit trail records marked as archived. The default is TRUE Table 4 - Oracle Database 11.2.01 Fine Grained Audit Trail with 50% CPU System Load Based on the results, it shows that writing audit records to OS files, whether that be character based or XML based, has the least impact to system resources

Audit Installations Window. Better approach, from database side, is using Oracle Flashback Data Archive. This article from Oracle Magazine explains why Flashback Data Archive is a better way as compared to manual auditing using audit tables and triggers to track changes. A Fresh Look at Auditing Row Change The above queries are documented. If you want more details please check on purge and how it works : Oracle Documentation - Managing Data Growth. Another usefull link on purge is: How to find purgable instances link * Run Purge on Demand for a single flow id. exec soa.delete_instances_adhoc ('60910152,') conn sys/password@pdborcl as sysdba desc dba_fga_audit_trail col sql_text for a20 col sql_text for a20 SELECT db_user, sql_text, TO_CHAR(timestamp,'dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi') FROM dba_fga_audit_trail; exec dbms_fga.drop_policy('HR','EMPLOYEES','audit_emps_salary') TRUNCATE TABLE fga_log$; SELECT sql_text FROM dba_fga_audit_trail; ----- -- Value Based.

If you enable the unified audit feature announced with 12c, all audit records will be in the UNIFIED_AUDIT_TRAIL table. Logon failure records will not be in this table because the corresponding policy is not enabled by default. The policy ORA_LOGON_FAILURES must be enabled to audit the Failed Logon attempts 1 - Enable auditing and write some code that each some time select the max logon date from each user from audit trail and update this in some last_logon_table, then purge the audit trail. or 2 - Put a logon trigger that update the last logon time in the last_logon_table Purging Audit Data Oracle 12c/18c. October 9, 2018 Arthur's Kingdom Leave a comment. Notes on auditing and settings. let's examine how to purge audit trails. The audit management package includes a procedure that automatically performs the purge for you. But before you can actually use it, you must call a one-time initialization procedure.

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The CLEAN_AUDIT_TRAIL procedure is the basic mechanism for manually purging the audit trail. It accepts two parameters. AUDIT_TRAIL_TYPE: The audit trail whose timestamp is to be set (Constants). Only individual audit trails are valid, not the constants that specify multiples. Types : AUDIT_TRAIL_XML —- For Auditing on XML (XML files After you turn on auditing in the database, keep track of the audits that you enact so you know what you've done. Luckily, Oracle 12c provides a few views in the database to help you keep track of your actions: To verify what system privileges you configured for auditing, use the view AUDIT_UNIFIED_POLICIES. To see [ The first is the audit trails are no longer written to their traditional pre-12c audit locations. Auditing is consolidated into the Unified Audit views and stored using Oracle SecureFiles. Oracle Secured Files use a proprietary format which means that Unified Audit logs cannot be viewed using editors such vi and may preclude or affect the use.

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This articles contains useful command for both traditional and unified auditing . 1. How to enable auditing:(traditional)-- Auditing is disabled, when audit_trail is set to NONE SQL> show parameter audit_trail NAME TYPE VALUE ----- ----- ----- audit_trail string NONE - Either set audit_trail to DB or DB,EXTENDED Oracle auditing is a very powerful thing. It gives you the ability to track of users' activities. You can simply identify what they are doing to your DB:). Audit records can be stored in Operating System files on in Database. Initialization parameter audit_trail identifies where audit logs should be saved. --To save it in OS archive and purge the audit trail in Oracle Database 12c create a user, assign a role, and configure auditing in Oracle Database 12c Course Number: od_dbre_a03_it_enus Expertise Level Intermediat The research I did, suggested that the Unified Audit Log needed to be purged and I went ahead and cleaned it up as it was really massive, however, space has not been released from the LOBSEGEMENT and I'm wondering if there is a way to do this? DB Version: Oracle Database 12c Release - 64bit Productio Audit Trail est une chose obligatoire si vous devez enquêter sur l'apprentissage de mauvais problème. Audit Trail vous prévoit des activités soupçonneuses, vous pouvez effectuer l'analyse sur ce que vous ne connaissez pas. Audit Trail est primordial lorsque le control d'accès défini, particulièrement dans des applications existantes

audit trail is set to DB and i set this audit rules. But i can not see any results on table SQL> audit grant any privilege by access; Audit succeeded. SQL> audit grant any object privilege by access; Audit succeeded. SQL> audit grant any role by access; Audit succeeded. SQL> audit create user by access; Audit succeeded. SQL> audit create any. Notes: Oracle recommends that you enable automatic purging on the Auto Purge page to optimize run time environment performance. The status of automatic purging is displayed in the Key Configuration section of the Dashboard page at the SOA Infrastructure and individual partition levels. Automatic purging is automatically enabled for new 12.1.3 installations, but not for upgraded environments The Oracle audit files provided are the standard Oracle auditing files. Amazon RDS supports the Oracle fine-grained auditing (FGA) feature. are stored in the SYS.FGA_LOG$ table and that are accessible through the DBA_FGA_AUDIT_TRAIL view. In addition to the periodic purge process,.

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SYSAUX tablespace full with AUDSYS objects in Oracle database SYSAUX tablespace in Oracle database is going to full, on checking we found that AUDSYS schema is consuming lot of space in it. On checking we found unified auditing is used the AUDSYS schema. So, we tried to fixed it by disable the default audit policy Uniform Audit Trail (10g) Audit Trail Contents (10g) Auditing Enhancements (DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT) in Oracle Database 11g Release 2; Auditing Enhancements (Unified Audit Trail) in Oracle Database 12c Release 1; Server Setup. To allow auditing on the server you must: Set audit_trail = true in the init.ora file

Session Auditing in Oracle Database - 10g/11g/12c with all audit records directed to the operating system's audit trail. It is strongly advised to decide a retention period of auditing records and purge what is not needed. Refer to my other post about AUD$ maintenance for detailed steps. Cheers Description for AUDIT_TRAIL_PURGE_INTERVAL parameter in DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.CREATE_PURGE_JOB - Oracle Database 11gr2 ORA_EXCEL Oracle PL/SQL to Excel XSLX API The most powerful PL/SQL Excel API in the World -Default Oracle 12c Unified Audit Trail populated in parallel to -Purge or disable ORA_SECURECONFIG Doc ID 1624051.1. SYS.UNIFIED_AUDIT_TRAIL IS A VIEW Column Description* Number of Columns Standard auditing including SYS audit records 44 Real Application Security (RAS) and RAS auditing 1

Question: I want to know how the audit_trail parameter works. Can I use the audit_trail parameter for all types of auditing, or does audit_trail work with the audit table command? Answer: The audit_trail parameter is used to enable system-level auditing, which is only one type of Oracle auditing used with the audit command Due to American Security laws, Oracle has changed its audit management rules in Oracle 11g. Now, AUDIT_TRAIL is configured bydefault to 'DB'. Many operations are now audited by default and stored in the AUD$ table (which is stored by default in the SYSTEM tablespace). Audited operations are available in the DBA_PRIV_AUDIT_OPTS view, and if yo Until now, the only supported way to trim was to stop the auditing and truncate the table. In 11g Release 2, there is a new packagem, dbms_audit_mgmt, that has APIs to manage the records in audit trails. It allows you to purge the audit trail as a manual process or institute a regularly scheduled job to purge

The above commands will enable the externalization of the audit data using a name such as EMAudit00001.xml and will save the files in the directory /u01/app/oracle/em_audit. Once this is done, archiving of the mandatory audit records from the operating system can be done via Oracle Audit Vault or tape/disk backups Starting with version 9.96, Netwrix Auditor provides limited support of Oracle Database 11g and trail auditing mode accordingly. See Data Collection from Oracle Database for more information. SELECT audit_option, success, failure FROM dba_stmt_audit_opts; NOTE: To review your initialization parameters, execute the following command

I am trying to figure out how I can create/schedule a DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.CREATE_PURGE_JOB to execute at a specific time of day, rather than at the interval, which appears to start at the time you exec.. This blog will cover the steps and scripts to view the present configuration of the AUD$ table in 11g, how to move the AUD$ table to another tablespace outside of the SYSTEM tablespace and how to set up a purge job to continuously purge records for the audit trail every 24 hours Firstly, I am quite new in the oracle audit trail thing. So, I have to audit the actions of a particular user. My issue is that when I check the dba_fga_audit_trail, I see in the sql_text column that the user ran a delete statement, but I do not know what it is that he deleted is it safe to purge all records on prod database? -- NO!!! Not unless you have first archived the records by copying the ones you want from UNIFIED_AUDIT_TRAIL to an audit archive table

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When auto purge is enabled on a target database, audit data in the target database is deleted every seven days so that the database's audit trail does not become too large. Activity Auditing accomplishes this task by creating a cleanup job on the target database and tracking the batch copying activity in the Event Log According to Oracle, Auditing is the monitoring and recording of selected user database actions. In standard auditing, you use initialization parameters and the AUDITNOAUDIT SQL statements to audit SQL statements, privileges, and schema objects, and network and multitier activities. Example. How to enable audit trail in Oracle Database 11g The proper solution is to regularly purge the SYS.AUD$ table. There are serveral options. 1) By regularly truncating SYS.AUD$ table. TRUNCATE TABLE SYS.AUD$; or . 2) You can purge the audit trail records by running the DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.CLEAN_AUDIT_TRAIL PL/SQL procedure 11G R2 New Feature : Purge audit trail records using DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT In earlier version there is no standard way to change AUDIT tables tablespace. IN Oracle 11g R2 ( Also included in and ( Need to check)) , you can change audit table (SYS.AUD$ and SYS.FGA_LOG$) tablespace using DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.

During my presentation at the TOUG meeting, I mentioned that when using 11g's enhanced security settings or, at least, the audit setting, you risk the unlimited growth of the SYSTEM. Mohamed El-Shafie from Oracle quickly noticed that there is no auto-purge. I promised to have another look at the maintenance tasks in 11g to confirm that, and indeed, the audit trail is not purged automatically. My Oracle Support provides customers with access to over a million knowledge articles and a vibrant support community of peers and Oracle experts. Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services. For more information about Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), visit oracle.com In Oracle Database version 12c, Oracle introduced a new feature named Unified Auditing which basically consolidates all the audit trails into one single view - UNIFIED_AUDIT_TRAIL. There is no option to write audit records to the operating system

Oracle Active Data Guard 12c New FeaturesQuest_in_OracleDBA: Oracle 12c Multitenant : Overview ofOracle Data Guard and Oracle Real Application ClustersOracle 18c Advantages and disadvantages | Oracle 18c ReleasesOracle 12c and its pluggable databases
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