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The art of paper cutting (jiǎnzhǐ 剪纸) in China may date back to the second century CE, since paper was invented by Cai Lun in the Eastern Han Dynasty in China. As paper became more affordable, paper-cutting became one of the most important types of Chinese folk art Browse 5,036 chinese paper cutting stock illustrations and vector graphics available royalty-free, or search for chinese new year or chinese calligraphy to find more great stock images and vector art Jan 23, 2014 - Explore Chinese Foody's board Chinese Paper Cutting Art, followed by 781 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about chinese paper cutting, paper cutting, cutting art Chinese Paper Cut Art is a critical cultural piece in China. It is used in all kinds of celebrations including wedding, promotion and moving to a new house. The paper art will be glued on the door or window to symbolize happiness and good luck. 囍 is an ancient Chinese word for happiness

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  1. g is not busy. As a reflection of its philosophical origins, paper cutting is as comprehensive as it is attractive
  2. Chinese paper cutting is one of the oldest handicrafts in China, and it's a hollow-out art. The content varies from the animals and plants to the vividly daily life scenes. Some of them even are created into a series to telling you an interesting Chinese mystique. Some are cut into many creatures in the world on one sheet with great imagination
  3. Chinese paper cut is one the most important folk art and is found in various provinces with different style. chinese people stick paper Zodiac Chinese Paper-cutting (Pig). Paper-cutting is a traditional Chinese folk art
  4. Chinese Paper-Cut Paper-cut is a very distinctive visual art of Chinese handicrafts. It originated from the 6th century when women used to paste golden and silver foil cuttings onto their hair at the temples, and men used them in sacred rituals. Later, they were used during festivals to decorate gates and windows
  5. chinese paper cutting is a folk art that has a long history
  6. Chinese Paper Cuts: Chinese Paper Cuts also called Scissor-cuts, it is a kind of folk artwork with rich local flavor popularizing in numerous people. Chinese Paper cuts was come out during the period of Nanbeichao Dynasty
  7. What is paper-cut art? Chinese paper-cut art: A history Chinese paper-cutting, or jianzhi (剪紙), is a folk art that originated in China around the sixth century AD. The art form is most strongly associated with China because paper was invented in the country - by Cai Lun in the Eastern Han Dynasty

The Chinese Art of Paper Cutting is called Zhong guo Jian zhi (Chinese Paper Cut) is made either by cutting using scissors or by sculpting the patterns and shapes by using a scalpel like knife. The paper commonly used for Jian Zhi is called Xuan Paper Paper cutting is a traditional art in China and has been for thousands of years. The paper cutting is for celebrations, festivals and home decoration, often with red color, which is the lucky color in China. Paper cutting became one of art forms since the invention of paper in Han Dynasty Paper cutting, the art of cutting paper with scissors or a small knife, started in the 4th Century. Originally it was an art form for high-society women to use as embroidery stencils, but soon began to spread wider and be used decoratively Chinese Art Elements Chinese paper-cutting art for any decorative propose. chinese paper cut stock illustrations. Year of the Ox Papercut Celebrate the Year of the Ox with the red colored paper cut, and the ox is the Chinese Zodiac sign for the Chinese New Year 2021 chinese paper cut stock illustrations Paper cut art appeared during the Han dynasty in 4th century AD after the Chinese official, Cai Lun invented paper in 105 AD. The oldest surviving paper cut out is a symmetrical circle from the 6th century Six Dynasties period found in Xinjiang China. Papercutting continued to be practiced during the Song and Tang Dynasties as a popular form of decorative art

Download 547 chinese paper cut free vectors. Choose from over a million free vectors, clipart graphics, vector art images, design templates, and illustrations created by artists worldwide Chinese paper cutting called hua yang (pronounced ) is the earliest type of paper cutting. This type of Folk art native to China came closely on the heels of the invention of paper in China during the . Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD). For the most part, the cuts are made with scissors, although mor Chinese Paper Cut Folk Art Colorful Birds and Flowers Glass Frame Small Hanging. $20.00. Free shipping. Exquisite Chinese Folk Art Paper Cut Flowers W/Frames Set of 4 Vintage Images. $19.99. $4.80 shipping. Chinese Paper Cut Exotic Birds on Branches in Frame New in Box. $9.99. 0 bids The Chinese invented paper two thousand years ago. Intricate paper cuts have been believed to bring good fortune when hung outside doorways and on windows. In the past created mainly by women, who learned to cut complex designs of pomegranates, peach blossom and lotus flower, as well as the symbolic animals of the Chinese lunar calendar Beginning in the seventh century, paper cutting began entering mainstream culture as a decorative art form during Chinese holidays. Thereafter, it spread to the rest of the world in the fourteenth century; China moved on to other art forms, and paper cutting dwindled until it became virtually nonexistent

Chinese paper-cuts, as the name implies, is an art of cutting out patterns from paper with the help of a scissor or a knife. With a history dating back thous.. Chinese paper cutting art began in the 6th century when women began cutting gold and silver foil designs to wear in their hair and men used cut paper designs in temple rituals. Chinese craftspeople adopted paper cutting art as a form of decoration for gates and windows. To this day, paper cutting is a popular folk art form, especially among. The history of paper folding is fascinating because there appears to be a significant overlap between countries. Japan is typically credited with the origin of origami, but Chinese culture shows examples of paper folding that run parallel to the Japanese traditions.Even before it was possible for people to travel from country to country easily, creative minds in both countries were. Ever since paper was invented in 105 A.D. by Ts'ai Lun, an official in the court of Ho Ti, emperor of Cathay, paper-cutting has been a folk art. Perhaps it flowered because paper became so inexpensive and universally available, so easily workable with ordinary tools, and so adaptable to manifold uses Paper-cut art works are exquisite creations made using paper and scissors. Paper-cut art uses an abundant number of patterns, and each pattern has certain associated meanings. At every festival and for Chinese New Year, people place paper-cut art work in their windows and hang them on doors to increase the festival atmosphere and to express.

All Chinese paper cutting art works are created by talented disabled artist Yang. You are looking at a kind of Chinese traditional folk art - Chinese Paper Cutting Art, it can be used as an ornament on gates, windows, walls, columns, mirrors, lamps and lanterns Initiated by Mr. Feng Jicai, the then vice chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and chairman of Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association, China Paper-cut Museum was founded.. 12 Pack Lunar New Year 2021 Clipart, Year of Ox, 12 Chinese Zodiac, Paper Cutting Art, SVG for Cricut, Silhouette, Printable PNG DigitalDesignByV 5 out of 5 stars (28) $ 1.99. Add to Favorites Chinese Folk Art (1 Set 12 Pc) 12 x 12cm Chinese 12 Zodiac Sign Paper Cutting (Free Shipping).

Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee Chinese paper cutting Clipart Free download! | View 1,000 Chinese paper cutting illustration, images and graphics from +50,000 possibilities The art of paper cutting is China's oldest and most popular art. Shortly after paper was invented in the Han Dynasty about 1900 years ago, and became more and more accessible to people, this beautiful folk art emerged. Over the course of hundreds and thousands of years, a variety of new techniques was applied and perfected by the Chinese Paper-cut art uses an abundant number of patterns, and each pattern has certain associated meanings. At every festival and for Chinese New Year, people place paper-cut art work in their windows and hang them on doors to increase the festival atmosphere and to express wishes for happiness and good fortune

The art of paper cutting has a history of more than 1,500 years on the Loess Plateau. Paper cuttings are used to decorate the windows, beds, rice containers and flour vats, and exhibit the. Zhao Ziping works as a professional paper cutting artist at the Shanghai Arts & Crafts Research Institute, where he began his study of the art form in 1962. As a student of Wang Zigan, a distinguished artist who was known for his wonderful craftsmanship in Shanghai-style paper cutting, Mr. Zhao has developed a simple, fluid and imaginative style with his distinctive touch Paper cutting is a very old Chinese art form. It is a characteristic of Chinese fork art. This template will tell you all you need to know about this creative art from. Starting from the history to the art of making different designs You fold the paper a few times, make a few cuttings, unfold the paper - and bam! You have a snowflake to decorate your windows with. Chinese paper cutting 剪纸 (jiǎn zhǐ) is a lot like making that paper snowflake - just wayyyyyy more complex. Instead of snowflakes, Chinese artisans create entire landscapes and intricate characters out of. The art of Chinese paper cutting has been prized for many thousands of years. Paper cuts are used for decoration, given as gifts, and are regarded as lucky. Traditional paper cuts often showed celebrations, weddings and feasts, but now all sorts of motifs are used

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Located in Beijing's Changping District is a gallery of paper-cutting artworks. Its collections are quite unconventional. These layered works are so life-like with rich colors that they are regarded as oil paintings cut out from paper. The Path to Hometown; Photo courtesy of Li Mi Abstract Folk paper cutting art is the folk carrier of Chinese nation deposited for thousands of years, contains the elite of national culture and art, which is one of the important representatives of excellent Chinese traditional culture Depending on technique, paper can look wildly different. Chinese artist Li Hongbo is enthralled by the endless possibilities of paper and transforms the everyday material into something truly astonishing—stone sculptures that stretch in front of our very eyes. Moving from rock to rope, Gunjan Aylawdi seemingly weaves intricate tapestries. But, they're not tapestries at all—they're.

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Chinese paper cutting is a unique artform and has existed for thousands of years with a long history featuring both national and regional themes. Paper began as a precious commodity in the Han Dynasty. Most of the people with access to paper for an entertainment cause such as art were usually nobles in royal palaces Chinese paper cutting is a folk art with close to 2000 years of history. Below are some amazing samples of great craftsmanship; most of the graphics are symbols of luck and prosperity, animals & pets, as well as reflections of daily folk live Paper-Cutting is an important tradition and art form of Chinese folk life. During festivals and holidays like the Lunar New Year, every home must have some paper-cuttings adorning their walls, windows or doors Chinese paper-cuts, as the name implies, is an art of cutting out patterns from paper with the help of a scissor or a knife. With a history dating back thousands of years, the art is characterized by intricate designs and the creative use of negative space. The cut-outs can be used to adorn walls, columns, mirrors, windows and doors

On May 23, the Chinese Traditional Paper Cutting Artwork Exhibition opened in the Gallery of Chongqing Federation of Literature. This exhibition showcases 200 pieces of incredible paper cutting artworks, collected from over 100 folk artists around China. They represent the latest features of the paper cutting art in China Chinese Paper Cutting. Chinese paper cutting is one of the oldest handicrafts in China, and it's a hollow-out art. The content varies from the animals and plants to the vividly daily life scenes. Some of them even are created into a series to tell.. Chinese Paper cuts, paper cuttings, art of paper cuttings, new items at www.galleriapangea.com www.galleriapangea.com/chinese_paper_cutting_headdress/pr.. The 2004 Chinese Paper-cutting Art Exposition, a component of the Seventh China Arts Festival, opened on September 14 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is the most distinctive paper-cutting expo ever held in the country since 1950, in terms of the number of varieties of paper-cutting works displayed

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The first Chinese Paper Cutting Art Festival came to a close Tuesday in Yuxian County, Hebei Province, where hundreds of folk artists and recognized intangible cultural heritage inheritors of. Download 354 chinese paper cutting free vectors. Choose from over a million free vectors, clipart graphics, vector art images, design templates, and illustrations created by artists worldwide

Chinese paper-cut is an art of handicrafts to express people's feelings and wishes. Skilled people can use scissors to cut various designs out of paper to express different themes of daily life. Paper-cuts are often used to decorate the house during important events or festivals, such as weddings or the Chinese New Year Chinese Paper Art Workshops Papercutting is one of China's most famous folk arts. Probably originating sometime in the 2nd century, it's possible that the techniques had already formed through cutting other materials, such as leather, even before the invention of paper by Cao Lun in 104CE In Chinese folk culture, the art of paper-cutting occupies a significant amount of time allotment in various folk activities. As early as the Southern Song Dynasty (1227 - 1279), professional craftsmen have emerged. It was once a handicraft that every native girl masters. Paper-cut craftsmanship was often used to judge good brides-to-be

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Chinese paper cuts, Chinese arts crafts, Chinese paper art, Chinese folk art, Chinese paper cutouts, Chinese papercuts, Chinese cultural products, Chinese paper cutting, Chinese paper crafts, Chinese home decor, history of Chinese paper cuts, folk Chinese paper cuts, Chinese zodiac paper cuts, Black and White Paper Cuts, Red Paper Cuts, chinese folk paper cuts, Zodiac Animal Paper Cuts, The. Actually Mon-Kiri is the Japanese art of paper cutting. Now it has evolved around the world as one of the most popular craft and art form. Again this form of art was also very popular in China from the ancient time. In China it was known as Jianzhi Thus paper became the major material for them to use, and people habitually called this artistry paper-cutting, or Jianzhi in Chinese. And Jewish paper cutting: Jewish paper cutting is a traditional form of Jewish folk art made by cutting figures and sentences in paper or parchment New Year greeting traditional Chinese paper-cut art - China Illustrations Vectors AI ESP Free Download. Search. About Us: Welcome to chinesefontdesign.com, you can download more than 1000+ Chinese fonts here for free. At the same time, we also provide more than 100000+ Chinese font logo design pictures for you to browse. Help your Chinese.

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  2. Paper cutting is an art with a long history. Its first origins date back to the 4th century after the invention of the paper by the Chinese. Some of their earliest uses for paper cutting were for religious decorations or stencils used for patterns in embroidery
  3. ation of cut paper art. Walter VonGunten is widely known for his finely worked papercuts which evolve from Swiss paper cutting traditions. Polish wycinanki, Mexican papel picado, German scherenschnitte, and Chinese jian zhi are still actively produced to adorn homes and dress up festivities. Yet paper cutting con­ tinues t
  4. Learn the ancient Chinese art of paper cutting with Lucy Liu, artist in residence at the Chinese American Museum of Chicago. The workshop is designed for students of all ages. Participants will cut a cow from the Lunar Year Calenda and Chinese Spring Festival to celebrate the new beginning of a year. Follow along or just watch and learn

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Paper-cutting art - Chinese mind and soul paper book: The paper-cut of Chinese tradition festival celebration: The Paper-cutting Art of China's Northeast National Minority: Besides the writing and the printing function, in the human culture, economy and society, paper usage is limitless. One of the many uses being the read mor Originated from the 6th century when women used to paste golden and silver foil cuttings onto their hair at the temples, and men used them in sacred rituals, paper-cut is a very distinctive visual art of Chinese handicrafts. Later, they were used during festivals to decorate gates and windows

The subject dealt with in this thesis relates to the holistic understanding of the development of a traditional folk art: the art of paper cutting. This artistic tradition originated in China and features intricate and hollow style imagery, used to convey cultural symbolism and infer auspicious wishes Chinese folk art -- paper cutting Chinese paper cutting, also called window flower or cutting picture, is a unique art, which dates back to ancient times. People cut animals, flowers and figures in the paper with a pair of scissors or a knife mainly to decorate their doors and windows during holidays

Paper-cut, as a popular and artistic form of traditional culture in China, has been passed on for many years and is very popular. By studying the cultural origin of paper-cut art and its artistic characteristics, this paper tries to arrange the folk embodiment of paper-cut art and its value connotation, so as to provide more systematic local. Image shared by Brittany Bucklin. Find images and videos about art, bobmarley and fablous on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love It is a paper art shop.All products made from paper, hand-paper cut art work and origami paper art work all handmade and design by Paper-cut artist and textile designer Wei Chen. Wei graduated from Central Saints Martins college of art & design. She focuses on the traditional handcraft and has practiced paper-cutting for more than 18 years

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Shanghai-style paper cutting, part of the broader Chinese art form, is unique for its use of a single-sitting cut. Unlike the traditional red paper-cutting, Shanghai-style uses bright colors to depict landscapes, flowers, birds, animals, and human figures. Your best chance of finding a handmade paper cutting is at the shopping streets around Yu. There is also symmetry in the art of paper-cutting, especially in Tuan Hua paper-cutting which is very popular and welcomed among the Chinese people, because it is made by cutting pieces of folded paper with a pair of scissors and a special knife in very simple ways and with results of great variety Chinese Paper cuts, paper cuttings, art of paper cuttings, new items at www.galleriapangea.co

Start out with an A4, Letter size, or any rectangular sheet of paper or cardstock. Red and yellow are preferred colors for a Chinese-themed lantern but you can always choose any color you like. 2 Make the handle. Cut a 1-inch wide strip off on one short side Chinese paper cutting. Chinese paper cutting. 17 views · December 5, 2019. 0:04. 清华美院《当蔚县剪纸遇上冬奥2022 特集三》 运动项目造型设计图 Pages Media Art Chinese paper cutting Videos Chinese paper cutting. Walmart is offering these 4-Piece Paper Cutting Art Style Hanging Screen Hollow Out Room Divider Partition Butterfly Bird Flower Panel Wall Home Decoration for the best deal

To Chinese, seals are an art of deep cultural roots, which combines the essence of both calligraphy and engraving and inspires generations to study, to appreciate and to collect. It is believed that seals came out as early as 8,000 years ago after our ancestors could make pottery wares and had private property Like origami, kirigami has roots in China, where paper was invented around 105 CE. In the 6th century, the Chinese began using colored paper to create decorative cut-outs—a practice known as jiǎnzhǐ. Initially, these paper creations were intended to honor gods and ancestors Paper-cut, also known as engraved paper, is the most ancient Han Chinese folk art, its history dating back to the 6th century AD. Art of paper cutting is a hollow, which gives a visually through the empty feeling and artistic enjoyment. Its carrier can be paper, gold foil, bark, leaves, cloth, leather, leather and other sheet materials Hong Kong Association of Chinese Folk Paper Cut Arts. 23 likes. 協會宗旨: 推廣、發揚中國民間剪紙藝術 傳授、鑽研剪紙紋樣 繼承、弘揚人類文化遺 Paper cutting, as a kind of traditional Chinese culture, was derived from ancient activities of worshiping ancestors and gods. The cutters first paint the patterns on a piece of paper and then cut it out with scissors or a knife. Paper cutting maintains abundant branches up to now

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Chinese Lunar New Year paper cutting craft is a lot of fun for children. This paper design art is originated from cutting patterns for Chinese embroidery and later developed into folk art. The history of paper cutting began during the Hàn dynasty in China. It was in the 4th century Lauren. I have to say I disagree. There are several paper cut artists whose work looks much more like Rob's, to me. That said, I think Rob spear-headed a movement that has inspired an overall trend in paper cutting to include longer written pieces that feel like framed poems, etc Printable Panda Papercut Pattern. Papercutting is a traditional Chinese art, and this little panda is a simple version to cut. What you want to do is print out this half-template and fold the piece of paper lengthwise. Then, fold a piece of black construction paper lengthwise and slip it inside the template

Cut off the stapled edge last. Open it only after the cutting is finished. 5. Rotate the paper by 45° before you draw the 福, so it looks like a diamond. Pencil the outline of the fu character in the middle. 6. Lastly color in the fu character in black, and your Chinese New Year paper cutting is done! An Upside-Down Fu (福 Perennially popular in China, paper-cutting is treasured for its ability to transform ordinary paper into intricately patterned, brilliantly colored works of art. This program, filmed in Hubei Province, charts the evolution of Chinese paper-cutting from traditional cutouts representing luck and health to modern visual art as it illustrates the. In Chinese folk culture, the art of paper cutting has a significant status in folk activities. Professional paper-cutting craftsmen have been around as early as the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Papercutting was once a handicraft that every native girl mastered. Paper-cut craftsmanship was often used to select brides-to-be The paper-cutting works blended Chinese tradition with the striking effect of woodcuts, the method of focus perspective in Western painting, and the effect of light and shade in photography to create a unique visual style of Chinese folk art expressed in the form of paper-cutting, Zhou said A Chinese mother and child view a Peking Opera doll Yang Gui Fei displayed at the China Folk Art Fair in Shanghai March 21, 2004. The fair featured traditional artworks from doll-making, paper-cutting, bamboo carving, embroidery, miniature figurines, religious scrolls, masks, ethnic clothes to political campaign posters, by some 100 exhibitors from 22 provinces and regions around the country

Download this Premium Vector about Traditional framed chinese paper cutting art, classic blue & pink., and discover more than 12 Million Professional Graphic Resources on Freepi century. The Chinese have developed paper-cutting into a beautiful and intricate art called chien-chih. The most sophisticated patterns take an incredible amount of skill to cut, and may take months to complete. The paper-cuts are usually created with very thin re By artfully folding and cutting the paper before gluing it to a colored background, you can make an image such as a teddy bear or a bouquet of flowers appear to pop-up from the page when the card is opened. Learn About The Ancient Art of Chinese Paper Folding. 16 Fun Pop-Up Card Tutorials. Let It Snow With These Origami Snowflakes. 7 Great.

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Most of these Chinese paper cut sets include 10 different paper cuts, however item 3052 contains eight paper cuts. The reason 3052 contains only 8 paper cuts is because 8 horses is a reference to an idiom meaning horses come bringing success Papercutting is the art of cutting paper designs. The art has evolved uniquely all over the world to adapt to different cultural styles. Patterns for Papercutting by OTB Patterns. Here are some interesting papercutting patterns to help you create products you can display, use as gifts, or sell.. This art form involves cutting paper with a knife or sharp scissors. It can be as meek or as composite as the paper the artist chooses. Paper-cutting is a craft with quite a long past. Its first ancestry dates back to the 4th century after the Chinese discovered paper. Some of its earliest use was for stencils or religious adornments used for.

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Chinese New Year Paper Cutting. scroll ⬇️ to get the free downloadable template. I received a Brother ScanNCut machine end of last year and it is my most wanted Christmas gift of all. I was so excited as I have been dreaming to own an electronic cutting machine for as long as I knew that there is such a handy machine in the market The Chinese art of paper cutting has a long history. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has recognized the art, called Jianzhi, on its Intangible Cultural Heritage..

You may already know that paper was invented in China, but did you know that examples of Chinese papercutting date back to as early as the 6th Century CE? Join us to learn the basics of this beautiful traditional art. By the end of class, you will have the knowledge and skills you need to design and cut your own unique art pieces that you can show off to family and friends Tracing paper is used to get your design onto the back of the paper you're going to cut out. If you don't have tracing paper at hand, baking parchment can be used, however working with it is not quite as easy. You'll need plenty of rough paper for creating your designs, and then of course some special paper for your final cut A photograph showing the beautiful and elegant design of a traditional style Chinese paper cut art; design is that of the mythical bird in China legends, called the phoenix, which is an auspicious and good symbol. Ethnic culture artistic theme. Decorative ornamental arts Béatrice Coron's cut stories: Béatrice Coron is an artist specialized in cuttings used in artist books, illustrations, and public art. Her cut designs are made of paper, glass or metal from small to monumental. Her works are in numerous collections such as The Metropolitan Museum NY, The Getty, and The Walker Art Center

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Paper cutting is a traditional Chinese art. Line this template up on a colored piece of paper and fold in half to cut out this picture of an ox. Us an Xacto knife to make the fine details. Using a printable template, children can color, cut, and assemble this standing decoration for Year of the Ox. 8. Standup Craf The ancient Chinese art of paper cut is approximately 2000 years old. Each Chinese cut paper set sold on this site contains 10-12 different animals, characters, people or flowers and are they are all 100% hand-made in China using special rice paper When I saw the bright blue and white chinese vases on Artsonia, I knew they would look wonderful on the green paper. Using white paper, fold in half and draw half a vase. Cut along line and open up to reveal a symmetrical vase. Using blue paint and a small brush, paint chinese-like images on the vase. When dry, glue vase to background color Celebrate the Lunar New Year with artist Cheng Cao who will introduce you to Chinese paper-cutting, or jianzhi (剪紙), a folk art that originated in China around the 6th century CE. Learn how to craft a paper-cut ox. Materials needed: Red paper, pencil, eraser, and scissors What is Kirigami?I could define this way, kirigami is symmetrical and an art of folding paper which is cut by scissors to make flower, paper doll, paper snowflake and other designs. It is quite similar to Origami (Folded paper) and seen as one of Japanese traditional arts that has been practicing over times by the Kirigami lovers. Anyone can try it by folding a paper and then cut it on your.

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10. Paper Cut origami: a geometric paper cut of 9 origami birds. A hummingbird, penguin, flamenco, pigeon, parrot, owl, waterfowl and crane. It will look awesome if framed and hanged in the wall in your house or office. Just look into this website to have an idea

Antique Papercut Mid Autumn Lantern Festival Stock ImageChinese New Year 2021 Year Ox Stock Vector (Royalty FreeReviews: Write Your Name in Chinese Letters CalligraphyGoldengami Collections | Goldengami's Weblog | Chinese
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