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  3. The LPHA attestation form is the required document to meet the Risk Factor for three of the Target Populations of Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED), Medically Fragile (MF) and Developmental Disability who are Medically Fragile (DD/MF). Functional Criteria will be completed by the HHCM or C-YES and be considered as part of the LO
  4. Physicians are a sub-category of the LPHA definition and must be licensed, registered, certified, or recognized under California State scope of practice statutes. Physicians shall provide services within their individual scope of practice
  5. (a) The LPHA provides necessary clinical knowledge for the IFSP team to plan and implement individualized, goal oriented services within an interdisciplinary approach
  6. Mental Health LPHA abbreviation meaning defined here. What does LPHA stand for in Mental Health? Get the top LPHA abbreviation related to Mental Health
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The CMHP credential is for people who have advanced education and on-the job experience providing services to individuals with mental health conditions who are receiving services in inpatient or outpatient settings. The CMHP is an indicator of professional competency but does not grant practice rights under state statute or administrative code. The CMHP designates competency [ Living Future Accreditation (LFA) is the professional credential that recognizes proficiency in the world's most ambitious, advanced, and holistic sustainable design standards The Certified in Public Health is the mark of a public health professional. Demonstrate your knowledge of key public health sciences and join the ranks of public health leaders by sitting for and successfully passing the CPH exam Effective January 1, 2021, candidates seeking certification in one of these areas will need to take the revised exam and new Science of Teaching Reading exam. 6/17/20 Web-based preparation manuals are available for more TExES exam fields

NCCA Accreditation. The CCM credential is accredited by NCCA. NCCA is the accrediting body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE). Since 1977, the NCCA has been accrediting certifying programs based on the highest quality standards in professional certification to ensure the programs adhere to modern standards of practice in the certification industry The Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA) is the professional credentialing organization that establishes rigorous standards, assuring the highest quality services to those individuals with dyslexia. Apply below to become a certified member at the respective level: Certified Academic Language Practitioner (CALP Answer: The APN is qualified as a Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA). If you look at the definition of a LPHA in IAC 132.25, it indicates that the APN must have a psychiatric specialty. So, the APN must be licensed under the Nurse Practice Act and have a psychiatric specialty which include the Addiction Counselor Certification Board of California as affiliated with California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators (CAADE), the California Association of DUI Treatment Programs (CADTP), and the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP). 4 LPHA: Abbreviation for Licensed Practitioner of.

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A certificate of psychiatric rehabilitation from a DHS-approved program, plus a high school diploma or GED, plus 2 years of experience in providing mental health services; A recovery support specialist certified by, and in good standing with, the Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association, Inc. To be considered a licensed-eligible LPHA under the California Medi-Cal 2020 Demonstration, an individual must have already earned their advanced degree and be registered with the State-licensing authority for the respective field to obtain supervised clinical hours for licensure (e.g IV Therapy Certification. In some states, IV therapy education is frequently completed during an LPN program. The programs allow LPNs to sit for the certification exam. Other states have didactic IV therapy courses. IV therapy-certified LPNs demonstrate competency in: Identifying the role of fluid and electrolyte imbalance in homeostasi Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is the global certification standard and career support organization for open source professionals. With more than 200,000 certification holders, it's the world's first and largest vendor-neutral Linux and open source certification body A Certification of License will include current license status, any disc iplinary action taken against the license, and renewal information. 2) Number of certifications requested ($25 per certificate requested): _____ 3) Requestor Information . Please type or print clearly in ink

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The Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program is designed to ensure the accuracy, precision, and reliability of the data generated, as well as the use of the department-approved methodologies in the generation of that data This certification is intended for a process safety professional who is ready to take the role of team leader for PHA studies. A Practitioner has a minimum of one year of relevant experience. This level of certification indicates that the professional has the knowledge and understanding to lead PHA studies competently Colorado public health officials have launched a certification program that could help businesses speed up their reopening process. © Amber Fisher/Patch The Colorado Department of Public Health and..

  1. LPHA who may be the same or different LPHA completing this Attestation form C. Diagnoses Name and Code This check box is attesting to the member having at least one of the DSM SSI Certification For a child before the age of 18 it is every 3 years if the diagnosis may improve
  2. To be considered for a behavior analyst license, an applicant must: Submit a completed application form, which must be accompanied by payment of application fees of $150; Submit two forms of acceptable identification issued by a federal, state or local government agency
  3. Licensing & Certification The Texas Counseling Association is not a licensing or certification board. Rather, we are a membership based organization that represents individuals who are qualified and credentialed as professional counselors in Texas. Below are external links to the various licensing and certification boards
  4. DEFINITION The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) adopted the federal definition for Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) (previously known as Qualified Mental Retardation Professional or QMRP) in all ICF/DD, ICF/DD-H, ICF/DD-N and DD-CNC facilities when the Federal ICF/IID regulations became effective in October 1988. The federal criteria outdates the state.
  5. In total, an LPA certified person will need 1½ days of training to oversee a project from inception through design and then construction. Starting March 1, 2018 anyone who holds a current LPA certificate may request a test for recertification instead of attending the day long training

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  2. Training and Certificate Programs Mental Health First Aid MHFA is a 12-hour training course designed to teach individuals (trainers) methods for assisting someone who may be in the early stages of developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis
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  4. Fees for certification and other services - distribution - services free, when. - 1. For the issuance of a certification or copy of a death record, the applicant shall pay a fee of fourteen dollars for the first certification or copy and a fee of eleven dollars for each additional copy ordered at that time
  5. 3) Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA). An LPHA is defined as: A) A physician who holds a valid license in the state of practice and is legally authorized under state law or rule to practice medicine in all its branches, so long as that practice is not in conflict with the Medical Practice Act of l987
  6. Certification requires successful completion of a one-day, in person IM+CANS training and certification exam. The certification exam must be completed annually to maintain certification. Entering Data into the IM+CANS Portal Providers may begin to Direct Data Entry (DDE) into the IM+CANS Portal on July 1, 2020
  7. (3) The staff member is a Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA). (b) Community Services Specialist (CSSP). A staff member who, as of August 31, 2004, met the criteria set forth in 25 TAC §412.303 (relating to Definitions). (c) Peer Provider

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LPHA Requirements Local Public Health Authority Requirements Each of the thirty-three local health departments must protect the public's health from the spread of disease and promote health in local communities. Prior to 2017 each Local Public Health Authority was required to deliver or assure the following ten services Network Certification Test Prep. A machine learning approach to help you study efficiently. Start Free Trial. play_arrow. arrow_downward. stacked_line_chart. Analytical Our exam engine analyzes your skill-set on a personal level Drug Medi-Cal Certification. Any DMC provider who is currently DMC certified to provide Day Care Habilitative services (DCH) is NOT required to submit an application for expanded benefits to add Intensive Outpatient (IOP); however, if the provider wishes to provide any services other than the modalities currently approved, a new application would be required

Click here to request a training certification. RIHS. eLearning PCTWADL049. Within 60 days of hire. CYF SOC: Teen & Peri (except MD) Click here to request a training certification. RIHS. eLearning BHE0028. Within 60 days of hire. Disaster Worker Training: Direct - Maintain at least 25% of direct service staff traine The ANCC Certification Program enables nurses and NPs to demonstrate their specialty expertise and validate their knowledge to employers and patients. ANCC offers a range of certifications across many specialty areas and practice areas, most of which are accredited by the ABSNC or the NCCA

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst ® (BCBA ®) is a graduate-level certification in behavior analysis. Professionals certified at the BCBA level are independent practitioners who provide behavior-analytic services. BCBAs may supervise the work of Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts. Inquiries about an individual's credential status will be answered with the category, certification number, validation period and statement of standing. Mailed requests can be sent to: National Board of Case Management (NBCM) c/o ACMA National Office, Attn. Certification Department, 40 Rahling Circle, Little Rock, AR 7222 The flagship certification offered by NBCC is the National Certified Counselor (NCC), and it is the largest national certification in the world. State licensure is permission from a particular state government to practice counselor or identify oneself as a licensed counselor. Some states have a single license and some have a two-tiered system The LMS system will automatically notify Cal OES, who will verify your certification. If you hold a current accepted certification, we will mail an updated SAP ID card to the address listed for you in the Cal OES database. For a schedule of upcoming in-person SAP Evaluator, Coordinator, and Train-the-Trainer classes, please see the Training.

Licensure & Certification Becoming a Licensed Child Care Provider Become an Illinois Link Provider - accept SNAP at your retail location. Accreditation of Community Agencies - All agencies that receive more than $20,000 annually from the Division of Mental Health and the Division of Rehabilitation Services must be nationally accredited A Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor is the highest level on CCAPP's career path. With a master's degree, professional liability insurance, and standards equal or higher than licensing statutes in other states, the LAADC puts CCAPP counselors on par with other licensed disciplines in California

The steps towards becoming a mental health clinician include earning a bachelor's degree, earning a master's degree, completing 2,000-4,000 hours of supervised clinical experience, obtaining a.. § 1153.2 Definitions—LPHA—licensed practitioner of the healing arts One commentator suggested that licensed clinical social workers be included in the definition of LPHA. Advanced practice professionals are defined as CRNPs who hold a Pennsylvania license and a mental health certification or PAs who hold a Pennsylvania license and a. The list below identifies California schools with MFT programs which have been evaluated by the Board. At the time of evaluation, these programs were found to meet the LMFT licensure requirements, pursuant to California Business and Professions Code (BPC) §4980.36, for students who began graduate studies on or after August 1, 2012. Since schools occasionally change program curriculum and.

LPHA must assure to OHA that all certification documentation and subsequent follow -up items are completed by the requested date(s) in accordance with the OHA's certification review cycle as set forth in OAR 333-028-0230 Certification Credentialed Staff Date of LPHA's signature is considered effective date of the ITP . Treatment plan development, review, and modification Written ITP is a compilation of

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1All (LPHA , Medical Providers2, Nurses3, Unlicensed LPHA4, Graduate Trainee/Student5, Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialists6 7& Adjunct Staff ). For additional information, and requirements, see the ACBHCS Guidelines for Scope of Practice Credentialing document. Assessment Service Code 323-90791 (Non Face-to-Face: 325-90899 VVSD has a great opportunity for a Therapist/ LPHA (Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts) to work with our VRC-DMC program. The Therapist/LPHA provides assessment, intake, group therapy, treatment planning, crisis intervention, individual therapy, and coordination with other providers to assist clients in reaching their goals Find information about the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Advisory Committee (CLIAC), which is managed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), provides scientific and technical advice and guidance to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Get Answers to CLIA Related.

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the umbrella of IDPH, is a system in which a specific LPHA is assigned primary responsibility for the TB patient and IDPH program staff (Nurse Consultant) are assigned systematic regular review of patient progress. The LPHA is responsible for the majority of patient monitoring and ensuring the quality of all TB case management ASAM Certification Veteran Status a Plus! Physical Requirements: Ability to bend and lift light objects Ability to sit for extended periods of time while viewing a computer monitor veterans-village-of-san-diego-therapist-lpha-licensed-practitioner-of-the-healing-arts April 28, 202

application, inspection, and certification? What requirements must a county or a city meet, and what is the approval process, in order to launch this program? Any county that wants to apply must have an LPHA director who meets the minimum qualification 1.1 The authority of the LPHA to perform public health services derives directly from this agreement entered into between the LPHA and DHSS and the Missouri Revised Statute 192.290. 2. This agreement shall consist of this form, the attached Exhibit 1 - Business Entity Certification, Enrollmen Members of the public may conduct an online public search for a licensee by clicking on the button below. The information available through a public search includes the license status (e.g., active, inactive), date of first licensure (i.e., the issuance date for the first license received), rank date (i.e., the issuance date for the current license held), expiration (expiry) date, any. COVID-19-related issues & concerns. Colorado Crisis Services We provide free, confidential, professional and immediate support for any mental health, substance use or emotional concern, 24/7/365 Take 5 program certification provides educators and students: -The ability to recognize and address physical and emotional reactions to the current environment. contracting LPHA. Approved lesson plans are reviewed by the CCHC Program Manager at a minimum of every three years, and ar

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  1. The Five-Star Certification Program is similar to the state's variance process, which has allowed some malls, attractions and other operations — those that prove they have enhanced COVID-19..
  2. Certificate of Inspection requirements. Regulation (EC) No 1235/2008 has been amendment by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/25 regarding the controls for imports of organic products from third countries. The specific changes cover the following areas: The third countries, control bodies and control authorities listed in Annexes III and IV of Regulation 1235/2008 have been updated.
  3. Program Director III: Licensed Healing Arts Practitioner (LPHA) plus two years supervisory experience, and Chemical dependency certification - a plus, not required. Thorough knowledge of County, Federal and State program standards. Thorough knowledge of drug dependency, mental health, and recovery and family systems required
  4. 2019-20 Required Test Chart for Texas Certification (including replacements and deadlines to apply for certification) The information below is for use in understanding certification requirements. In some cases, the use of these tests differs based on certification purposes. Test registration and preparation. information for test
  5. The Texas Certification Board is a proud member of IC&RC, the global leader in the credentialing of prevention, addiction treatment, and recovery professionals. Organized in 1981, IC&RC has 73 member certification and licensing boards in 48 U.S. states and territories, four Native American regions, all branches of the U.S. military and 11.

Board of Psychology 1625 North Market Blvd, Suite N-215 Sacramento, CA 95834 Office Main Line 916-574-7720 Toll Free 866-503-3221 E-Mail: bopmail@dca.ca.go What is LPHA? There may be more than one meaning of LPHA, so check it out all meanings of LPHA one by one. LPHA definition / LPHA means? The Definition of LPHA is given above so check it out related information. What is the meaning of LPHA? The meaning of the LPHA is also explained earlier. Till now you might have got some idea about the acronym, abbreviation or meaning of LPHA Planning for a healthy Colorado. CDPHE has tools, resources, and technical support to help you carry out community health assessments and public health improvement planning activities Apply with the Illinois Department of Financial & Prof Counselor Certification | Find a IL Counseling Collegeessional Regulation to take your National Counselor Examination (NCE) as administered by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). Pass the NCE with a score acceptable under Illinois law. Apply for Your LPC Licens Filter by location to see LPHA salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 24 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by LPHA employees. Salaries for Related Job Titles. No related titles found. As we collect more salary reports, we will be able to display related salaries for this job title

The continued certification process will occur in three phases as outlined below: Phase 1: Continued certification packet was mailed July 31, 2013, for Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. The continued certification packet was due back to DHCS by August 31, 2013 Get certified. Each county or municipality must first determine whether or not this program is a good fit for their community. Counties and municipalities that are interested in applying should form an administrative committee, including LPHA representation, members of the community at large, as well as partners like the local Chamber of Commerce, nonprofits, local elected leaders, or industry. The COPSD Specialist, LPHA will be responsible for the following: Exception: If certification lapse/expiration is reported to supervisor within 24 hours of expiration date, employee will be granted opportunity to recertify by close of following business day. Any lapse/expiration greater than 24 hours will result in termination of employment Texas Certification Board www.TCBAP.org 1 . Peer Specialist Supervisor Prerequisites . To be eligible for this certification, applicants must be one of the following BEFORE applying to be a Peer Specialist Supervisor: 1 A Qualified Credentialed Counselor (QCC) QCC- A person licensed as one of the following and actin ECI provides orientation and in-service professional development and technical assistance to early childhood intervention providers across the state of Texas. ECI requires a three-part orientation for all new employees: Making It Work or Making It Work for Therapists training module Self-assessment.

Osteopathic physician assistants (OA) if certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants, may use PA-C: As approved by the Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery: Yes. RCW 69.50.101(jj)(3) RCW 69.41.030* Chapter 18.57A RCW WAC 246-854-03 Summary of the Position: A Licensed Professional of the Healing Arts (LPHA) provides intensive individualized mental health interventions and support services in a variety of community based settings to childrenThe LPHA is supported by the Clinical Supervisor, as part of an interdisciplinary treatment team, and implements sound clinical interventions and support services to enable the. Certification Association, Inc., an occupational therapy assistant licensed under the Illinois Occupational Therapy Practice Act [225 ILCS 75] with at least one Any individual meeting the minimum credentials for an LPHA or QMHP under this Part is deemed to also meet the credentialing requirements of an MHP

Free Online Quote! UKs Largest ISO Consultancy & Quality Management Specialists. Get £500 Off Any ISO Certification - Black Friday Week Offer - Get £500 Off Toda (LPHA) (Same as below**) • PhD-Licensed • PsyD-Licensed • LCSW • LMFT • LPCC OR • LPCC-F (with Family Tx: 6 semester units or 9 quarter units of MFT related education and 500 hrs of documented supervised experience working directly with families-OR is LPCC-F (in training) and gaining such experience under the supervision of a complete certification process within the 5 year requirement) Certified SUD Counselor (must have current good standing certification status) LPHA must indicate review of the client's personal, medical and substance history as part of the Medical Necessity determination LPHA—Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts—A person who is licensed by the Commonwealth to practice the healing arts. The term is limited to a physician, physician assistant, certified registered nurse practitioner, licensed clinical social worker, licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed professional counselor or psychologist


DHHS Certification of Need Psychiatric Hospital Services : 07/2014 Notice of Non-Coverage for Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital Care (two pages) 06/2014 . Sample Attestation Letter . CALOCUS Score Sheet 10/2009 Death Reporting Worksheet 01/2010 Quarterly Seclusion and/or Restraint Reporting Form 03/2018 . Serious Occurrence Reporting Fax Form . 03. Education Service Center Region 12 is a nonprofit service organization devoted to supporting educators and school personnel in their efforts to increase student achievement. We are passionate about helping schools of all sizes through effective professio Discipline (Type of certification or license) Providers should only request staff access for access groups for which they are qualified to access and perform functions in. For example, counselors, licensed-eligible LPHAs or student/intern staff SHOULD NOT Some LPHA's and licensed-eligible LPHA's also submit billing claims o The person served, LAR, LPHA, multidisciplinary team, and significant other(s) as indicated by the person (i.e. relatives, friends, advocates, staff. etc.) were involved in the development and/or implementation of the CSP, as evidence by signatures of team participants on the CSP document

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On Thursday, January 13, 2020 - the Denver Economic Development & Opportunity received approval for the State's Five Star Certification Program from the Colorado Department of Public Heath an determined by the Medical Director, licensed physician or LPHA to be clinically appropriate; except for NTP services which will require reauthorization annually. d. Grievances and Appeals i. Each County shall have an internal grievance process that allows a beneficiary, or provider on behalf of the beneficiary, to challenge a denial o services, continued certification of providers, defines the DMC-ODS modalities, case management, recovery • LPHA determines and provides justification for DSM5 diagnosis and appropriate Level of Care in a documentation note 23. liance Intake and Assessmen

According to the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), accreditation is the measurement of a health department's performance against a set of nationally recognized and evidence-based standards, the issuance of recognition of achievement by a nationally recognized entity, and the continual development, revision, and distribution of public health standards The Mental Health Therapist is a Qualified Mental Health Professional [QMHP] who has the education, skills and experience to conduct a clinical assessment, develop a plan of treatment and provide treatment for a person with mental illness, under the supervision of a Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts [LPHA]

The leading environmental testing laboratory providing full-service environmental analysis and remediation monitoring for businesses and consultants Licensed Professional of the Healing Arts (LPHA) An LPHA is an individual who can function as Head of Service on the agency application and possesses a valid California Professional License in one of the following professional categories (California Code of Regulations, Title 9, Division 1, Article 8.): 1

LPC stands for licensed professional counselors. The terms licensed professional counselor and professional counselor both refer to a person who holds a license authorizing the practice of professional counseling as defined by the Illinois Professional Counselor and Clinical Professional Counselor Licensing and Practice Act Information and resources for licensed alcohol and drug counselors (LADCs). The Bureau of Substance Addiction Services' (BSAS) Alcohol and Drug Counselor Licensing Unit provides licenses to alcohol and drug counselors (LADCs), also referred to as substance addiction counselors or addiction. Learn more about the American Heart Association's efforts to reduce death caused by heart disease and stroke. Also learn about cardiovascular conditions, ECC and CPR, donating, heart disease information for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and educators and healthy livin

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  3. A: No - BHCs are not subject to the certification processed detailed in Part 132. BHCs will be expected to enroll in the HFS IMPACT system and must meet the enrollment requirements at detailed in Part 140, Section 140.499
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Obtain a birth certificate or death certificate from the Health Center. Certificates will only be issued to the registrant, relatives or a legal guardian of a child The work of enumerating and classifying LPHA staff is complicated, but not impossible. Projects to improve LPHA performance and discussions of the certification of public health workers are incomplete without current and accurate data on the individuals comprising our nation's public health system STANDARDS FOR REGISTRY ENROLLMENT, QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION OF HEALTH CARE INTERPRETERS. 333-002-0000 Purpose . 333-002-0010 Definitions . 333-002-0020 Health Care Interpreter Services . 333-002-0030 Central Registry . 333-002-0035 Fees . 333-002-0040 Eligibility Standards for Registry Enrollment, Qualification and Certification . 333-002-0050 Application Procedur Details: LPHA, Medical Providers, Unlicensed LPHA, & Graduate Trainee/Students may complete a Mental Health Assessment. o Notes: Unlicensed LPHA require a co-signature for any diagnosis made. Graduate Trainee/Students require a co-signature by an LPHA for the MH Assessment and may not provide a Diagnosis. lpha certification mental healt

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VFC Medical Doctor Visiting Faculty Certificate HSE House Physician TRN Training Registration CFS Certified Foreign Medical School RS Medical Doctor Restricted OSR Office Surgery Registration PMC Pain Management Clinic MEEW Medical Doctor Expert Witness Certification RALC Rear Admiral Leroy Collins, Jr. Certification AC certification) operating under the supervision of a licensed professional and furnishing services The LPHA must sign each clinical entry by the health paraprofessional. E N H AN C E D S E R V I C E S P R O V I D E R M AN U A L S O U T H C AR O L I N A D E P AR T M E N T O F H E AL T H AN D H U M AN S E R V I C E S. A QCC or LPHA supervising a QMHP or QPS must provide individual or group supervision at least once a month, and conduct an observation of the QMHP or QPS conducting peer specialist supervision at a frequency determined by the QCC or LPHA, based on the QMHP's or QPS's skill level

ECI program employees perform a variety of tasks and services, but their education licensure or certification and experience determine the assigned scope of responsibility. Discipline-specific Rules and Regulations. Information regarding discipline-specific rules and regulations may be found on the relevant professional discipline board website Penny has had training and certification for several Evidence Based Interventions, including PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active Rewarding Live S), WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning), A Matter of Balance, Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, Diabetes Self-Management Program, and Thriving and Surviving with Cancer Alpha Omega Integration, LLC (A lpha Omega) is committed to the development of a creative, diverse and inclusive work environment. In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at A lpha Omega will be based on merit, qualifications, and abilities LCSW vs. LPC or LMHC. The Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) seems on the surface to be functionally very similar to the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), and while this is true there are also some important differences both in terms of schooling required, as well as professional outlook and methods employed The Steakhouse is excited to announce that the Steakhouse is now 5-star safety certified as of today, Friday, February 5th. This certification is credited to the safety of the environment as ascribed by El Paso County and the State. This certification allows the Steakhouse to open one level higher in regards to our capacities during this time period

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LPHA should not be primarily responsible for the administration or coordination of the committee. In addition, members of the community at large should be a part of the administrative committee. Any of these entities may host, fund, or provide the day-to-day operations of the administrative committee, so long as the LPHA is a participating member Counseling program. LPHA co-signature required. Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) An LVN possesses a valid California LVN License. Must meet specific criteria to function as Head of Service. (See P & P # 04-01 Site Certification for details) Psychiatric Technician (PT) A PT possesses a valid California PT License

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