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To back up your database means to make copies of your data files, control file, and archived redo log files (if your database runs in ARCHIVELOG mode). Restoring a database means copying the physical files that comprise the database from a backup medium, typically disk or tape, to their original or to new locations. Database recovery is the process of updating database files restored from a. DIFFERENT TYPE OF BACKUP IF U SAY IN ORACLE , THEN ONLY TWO LOGICAL AND PHYSICAL BACKUP. mcq computer mcqs mobile native app mobile native app testing mobile native app testing interview questions my ucf networking multiple choice questions and answers networks questions networks questions and answers networks quiz promasti question and. This set of MCQ on database backup and recovery in DBMS includes the collection of multiple-choice questions on database backup and recovery techniques. It includes MCQ on different database recovery techniques used in DBMS, failure recovery and media recovery, and the parts of any backup system for database backup and recovery

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A full backup is an operating system backup of all data files, on-line redo log files and control file that constitute ORACLE database and the parameter. Is This Answer Correct? 23 Yes 0 N Oracle-integrated Backup & Recovery Engine Oracle Enterprise Manager RMAN Database Fast Recovery Area Tape Drive Oracle Secure Backup •Intrinsic knowledge of database file formats and recovery procedures •Block validation •Online block-level recovery •Tablespace/data file recovery •Online, multi-streamed backup •Unused block compressio In logical backup technique, the IMPORT/EXPORT utilities are used to create the backup of the database. A logical backup backs-up the contents of the database. A logical backup can be used to restore the database to the last backup There are different types we can take a database backup. The reasons why Oracle has introduced so many backup options are 1.logical backup cannot be considered as the main backup option since we don't have the concept of recovery. 2.cold backup cannot be implemented for 24*7 customers

Database Backup and Recovery Concepts - Oracl

This Oracle Architecture MCQ test check the understanding on various topics like Recovery Manager (RMAN), Oracle Architecture concept like shared pool ,PGA, Library cache size,Backup & recovery , Oracle Memory structure, Background processes, Dictionary views , alert logs ,oracle tablespace ,indexes , profiles and many mor Types of Database Backups in Oracle You can create a backup while the target database is still operating or when the database is closed down. These two circumstances are called online and offline, respectively

Oracle Recovery Manager: Oracle provides a powerful utility to back up and restore databases, which is known as Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN). We can use RMAN to back up databases as a complete backup or incremental backup. Since RMAN is a feature of the Oracle Database server, there is no need to separately install it Rafi Hi DBAs, This is Rafi here working as Senior Oracle DBA & Apps DBA since 12 yrs +.Learning ORACLE is my passion.I have worked on Solaris,HP/UX,IBM-AIX,Linux and Windows platform.PL/SQL is my favourite programming language followed by perl.I'm excellent in shell scripting and shell programming.I'm passionate about working in Oracle RAC,Performance tuning,SOA,APPS 11i/R12 and Oracle IDAM. Oracle Objective type Questions and Answers. Dear Readers, Welcome to Oracle Objective Questions have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your Job interview for the subject of Oracle MCQs.These objective type Oracle questions are very important for campus placement test and job interviews Oracle uses Oracle Data Pump to allow us to generate a logical backup that can be used to migrate data or even do a partial or full recovery of our database. The utilities available are the Data Pump Export program (expdp) and the Data Pump Import program (impdp).Many people have a misconception of these tools in thinking that they can only be used to move data A level 1 incremental backup can be either of the following types: A differential backup, which backs up all blocks changed after the most recent incremental backup at level 1 or 0 A cumulative backup, which backs up all blocks changed after the most recent incremental backup at level 0 Incremental backups are differential by default

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  1. A local backup is performed on the same host where the MySQL server runs, whereas a remote backup is done from a different host. For some types of backups, the backup can be initiated from a remote host even if the output is written locally on the server. host. mysqldump can connect to local or remote servers
  2. Oracle introduced RMAN backup compression from 10g version onward. From 11g version, Oracle introduced 4 different types of backup compression methods. Compression types Both Oracle 11g and 12c has below 4 types of compression types: BASIC: Its the basic compression method which is default configured in rman parameters. LOW: Lead compression method where DB performance and backup size hold good
  3. Types of Oracle backups Database backup is an important process that needs to be setup and carried out on the Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager platform on a regular basis. Data is constantly being read from and written to the Oracle database
  4. Oracle does offer a solution, Secure Backup, but this is not particularly user-friendly. You can also use Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), and you can directly schedule backups in Cloud Control. Or you may choose to develop a custom option to manage backup jobs, backup metadata in the RMAN catalog and generate reports
  5. Below is a brief overview for each of the traditional (i.e., full backup, incremental backup, and differential backup) and newly-emerged (i.e., forever-incremental and synthetic) backup types, as well as variations thereof (i.e., mirror, reverse incremental, smart, and continuous backup), so you can see how they differ and what advantages each of them offers
  6. In this section, you will also find interview questions on object-oriented features of Oracle, like type inheritance, object types, and methods. Solved MCQ of PL/SQL and Oracle set-1; MCQ of PL/SQL and Oracle With Answer set -2; Solved MCQ of Oracle and Distributed Databases set-3; Solved MCQ of Oracle and Distributed Database set-
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A backup set, consisting of one or more backup pieces, contains the physical file data being backed up. This backupset is written in a format that only RMAN can access. Only RMAN can create and restore backup sets. Backup sets can be written to disk or tape, and they are the only type of backup which RMAN can use to write backups to tape Oracle (MCQs) questions with answers are very useful for freshers, interview, campus placement preparation, experienced professionals, computer science students, teachers etc. Fully solved online Oracle practice objective type / multiple choice questions and answers with explanation, comprising of questions on DBA, Replication, Architecture, Transaction, Administering and Managing an Oracle. Multiple choice Questions and Answers on Backup Types of Cloud Computing for Freshers Govt Exams ICET ICT Information Technology Internet Interview Questions Java Model Papers MS Access MS Excel MS PowerPoint MS Word Multiple Choice Questions Oracle Photo Shop PL/SQL Software engineering Web Technology Some of the Common Backup and Recovery Interview Questions for Oracle Database Administrator. These questions are common for both Senior Oracle DBA or Junior DBA. I have compiled these questions based upon the feedback I got from many candidates who have attended interviews in various MNC's. 1. Which types of backups you can take in Oracle? 2

Backup Type Physical backups are backups of the physical files used in storing and recovering your database, such as data files, control files, and archived redo logs. Logical backups contain logical data (for example, tables or stored procedures) extracted from a database with Oracle Data Pump (export/import) utilities. Click to see full answer backup, are read from disk. • Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) is a centralized tape backup management solution for the entire IT environment including file systems and Oracle Databases. With built-in RMAN integration, Oracle Secure Backup delivers the fastest Oracle Database backups to tape BACKUP ANY TABLE. 15. Which guideline relates to the GROUP BY clause? A). Are in ascending order B). Which type of constraint can be defined at the column or table level and can apply to any column in the table, not just the column on which it is defined? SQL MCQ Exam Question Using Oracle Database 9 out of 10 based on 10 ratings. 9.

MCQ on Database Backup and Recovery in DBMS set-1

Therefore, we have given the Oracle Database Multiple Choice Questions in the below quiz. Without any delay, the postulates can scroll down the page and take part in the Oracle Database MCQ Online Test. By practicing the Oracle Database Mock Test, the users will know the various types of questions and answers Learn Oracle Database SQL Basics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers with explanations. Practice Oracle Database SQL Basics MCQs Online Quiz Mock Test For Objective Interview. 1. A type of query that is placed within a WHERE or HAVING clause of another query is calle DBMS objective type Interview questions and answers page contain 5 questions from chapter Database Backup & Recovery. Each mcq has 4 possible answers. Choose your answer and check your answer with the given correct answer. Go To Download Page Close

Having the right backup and recovery procedures is crucial to the operation of any database. It is the responsibility of the database administrator to protect the database from system faults, crashes, and natural calamities resulting from a variety of circumstances. Learn how to choose the best backup and recovery mechanism for your Oracle system Operating System MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) with Definition and functions, OS Tutorial, Types of OS, Process Management Introduction, Attributes of a Process, CPU Scheduling, FCFS with overhead, FCFS Scheduling etc. Explanation: Oracle is an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). It is known as Oracle Database, Oracle DB, or. Oracle backups in RMAN are of the following type: RMAN complete backup OR RMAN incremental backup. These backups are of RMAN proprietary nature The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volume service provides you with the capability to perform volume backups and volume group backups automatically on a schedule and retain them based on the selected backup policy.. With user defined policies, you can also enable scheduled cross-region backups, so that scheduled volume backups are automatically copied to a second region, see Scheduling.

11 Oracle Backup Recovery Interview Questions and Answer

  1. It is the most common or most used backups. Next is partial backup is as the name suggests not a full backup. It is generally taken when the database is open or the database is shut down. It is also called an operating system backup. There are two types of backup methods in the case of the Oracle database. Let us look at them one by one
  2. ed in greater detail in Chapter 3. Full and Incremental Backups. This type of backup can only be taken by using RMAN. Full backup. means backing up all used blocks of a data file. While taking full backup, RMAN does not take unused data blocks, thereby reducing the size of the.
  3. Que.7. How many layers does the Oracle database have? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Right Answer: B Que.8. Which type of index should be used on a fact table? A. A binary index B. A bitmap index C. A metadata index D. A database schema index Right Answer: B Que.9. A data block is A. The place where all deleted records are persisted B
  4. Backup Types in oracle 11G An Oracle database offers several types of backups. We summarize the main types of backups in the following sections. The ability to back up a database while it is open and in use is a key benefit of running a database in archivelog mode. The only part of the database that is not backed up using RMAN is the.
  5. In short, there are three main types of backup: full, incremental, and differential

  1. This data type is used to store binary data for 2 gigabytes of length. However, the table can have only one Long Raw data type. 25) What is BLOB data type in Oracle? BLOB data type is a data type with varying length binary string. It is used to store two gigabytes memory. For BLOB data type, the length needs to be specified in bytes
  2. How to Backup Oracle RAC 11gR2 Database with RMAN Backup Utility with the help of DBMS_SCHEDULER - Part-I - RMAN Full Database Backup Published June 28, 2014 July 15, 2014 by Jignesh Jethwa In this article, I will cover configuration of RMAN Full Database backup in Oracle RAC 11gR2 environment
  3. Backup and Recovery. Oracle Data Protection Solutions. Explain Oracle backup and recovery solutions. Describe types of database failures. Describe the tools available for backup and recovery tasks. Describe RMAN and maximum availability architecture. Use the SYSBACK privilege. Use RMAN stand-alone and job commands. Configuring for Recoverabilit
  4. If control file autobackups are OFF and the backup includes datafile 1, then RMAN includes the current control file and SPFILE in the same backup set as the datafiles. The control file autobackup filename has a default format of %Ffor all device types, so that RMAN can guess the file location and restore it without a repository
  5. Update: This blog is an updated version of the original version that was focused on Oracle 11g, in this blog post the examples are based on an Oracle 19c Database. One area that is critical to any database environment is backup and recovery, but too many times I have seen DBA's neglecting backups

What are different types of backup? (Hot, Cold, logical

ORACLE MCQ Test - 4 Que.1. Oracle creates an index for the _____ in the snapshot base table taking up the backup of the database while it is still up and running. B: BLOB data type can have default column value. A. True B. False Right Answer: B Que.2. User() function retur... Software Testing MCQ Test - 3. The Oracle server needs a minimum of three online redo log file groups for the normal operation of a database. E. The current log sequence number of a redo log file is stored in the control file and in the header of all data files Back up your database without shutting it down. Create incremental backups. Automate database backups. Manage backups, view backup reports and monitor the flash recovery area. Moving Data. Describe and use methods to move data (Directory objects, SQL*Loader, External Tables) Explain the general architecture of Oracle Data Pum

A local backup is performed on the same host where the MySQL server runs, whereas a remote backup is done from a different host. For some types of backups, the backup can be initiated from a remote host even if the output is written locally on the server. host Oracle is a widely used relational database management system produced by Oracle Corporation. Oracle is built on SQL to manage and query stored data. The Oracle DB runs on major platforms like Windows, LINUX, UNIX, etc. It is used by many IT and corporate companies that deal with BI, transaction processing, analytics applications, and more There are two types of backups we can take from RMAN+BRBACKUP. 1. Image Copy. 2. Backup Set. I am going to keep this document very simple.. So lets start with RMAN IMAGE COPY Full Backup. Parameters in initT01.sap. backup_mode = full. backup_type = online. backup_dev_type = disk. disk_copy_cmd = rman << Image Copy / backup as cop You are ready to implement RMAN in the backup and recover strategy for your company. Which system privilege must the RMAN user have to be able to connect and execute RMAN commands on a target database? D. BACKUP INCREMENTAL E. CONFIGURE DEVICE TYPE PARALLELISM Answer: D, E. In DBA_MCQ; backup database manager oracle oracle database.

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Any file backup software provides at least one method of saving data, full backup, for copying a complete dataset to a last bit. However, other data backup types also exist, often for saving time and space for regular backup. These backup types are: Full backup - total copying of data described before;; Partial backup - copying only data changed after the last backup We can use various ways for backing up the data and the type we choose for backup depends upon the requirement and amount of data as well as strategy we want to back up the data in SQL. Recommended Articles. This is a guide to SQL Backup. Here we discuss an introduction to SQL Backup, along with 3 different types and query examples explained in. 17. Point out the correct statement. A. Triggers are database object B. Three types of triggers are present in SQL Server C. A DDL trigger is an action programmed to execute when a data manipulation language (DML) event occurs in the database server D. None of the mentione Types of Backup. A full backup (level 0) is a complete copy of a partition. An . incremental backup (level 1) is an archive of only the files that have changed since the last full backup. A . differential backup (level 2, 3, etc) is an archive of only the file that have changed since the last backup (not necessarily full backup. Guide to Oracle 10 These Multiple Choice Questions (mcq) should be practiced to improve the SQL skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations. 1. How many types of exception are there in sql? A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5. View Answe

Oracle exports are logical database backups (not physical) as they extract data and logical definitions from the database into a file. Other backup strategies normally back-up the physical data files. One of the advantages of exports is that one can selectively re-import tables, however one cannot roll-forward from an restored export. To. A full backup is a backup of all the datafiles, control files and SPFILE. A full backup can be made with RMAN or the operating system commands while the database is open or closed. As a rule, you must perform full backup, if your database is not running in the archiving log mode After configuring the backup script, we need to create the Oracle backup policy via Netbackup Administration console and specify the required parameters. For Example Target STU, Schedule, Retentions, Client name and Selection list Type of backups The amount of time an organization spends in recovery depends also on the type of backup strategy used in the organization. If, for example, the business made an unwise choice to go with infrequent logical backups on a highly volatile database, then the entire organization may find itself keying in data manually as part of the.

Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris produces backup files of the following types: VBK — full backup file. VIB — incremental backup file. VBM — backup metadata file. The backup metadata file is updated with every backup job session. It contains information about the machine on which the backup was performed, every restore point in the backup. Address 321/1, 8/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka +880 1718085535 dbskool100@gmail.com. Hours Monday—Friday: 9:00AM-5:00PM Saturday & Sunday: 11:00AM-3:00P CS MCQs Computer Network (CS) MCQs SET 2 contains 10 MCQs on Computer Networks 1. Common LAN topologies are A) Mesh and Ring B) Bus and ring C) Star D) both Redo Log Files and Backups Revision 4 J. Mike Rollins rollins@alumni.wfu.edu Introduction: Redo log files record changes made to the database and are used by Oracle for system crash recovery Backup set is a logical grouping of backup files that are created when you issue an RMAN backup command. It is RMAN's name for a collection of files associated with a backup. A backup set is composed of one or more backup pieces

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Cloud Computing Multiple Choice Questions on Backup Types. 1. Which of the following flag is used by backup software to specify whether a file should be backed up or not? a) archive bit b) passive bit c) active bit d) all of the mentioned. Answer: a Clarification: The bit is set on for backup and cleared when backup has copied the file. 2 Backup pieces are written in a proprietary format that only RMAN can create or restore. instance. An Oracle database instance consists of a System Global Area (SGA) and the Oracle background processes. When Oracle starts a database, it allocates an SGA and starts Oracle background processes. The SGA is de-allocated when the instance shuts down


Two types of backup can be done using rman, those are backupset (default) and imagecopy. Second one is merely used and used for migration purpose only like ASM migration; RMAN> show all; RMAN configuration parameters are: CONFIGURE RETENTION POLICY TO REDUNDANCY 1; # default CONFIGURE BACKUP OPTIMIZATION OFF; # default CONFIGURE DEFAULT DEVICE TYPE T Types of backups: image copies of datafile, control file, or archived redo log file / backup sets; Backup ways: full backup, incremental or incremental cumulative backup, automatic backup of control and spfile; You might like to look at the other RMAN related articles: Oracle RMAN full backup script to disk with compressio

ORACLE - DBA: Different types of backups in Oracle

Oracle Quiz Online Test Mcqs Oracle is one of the most popular database management systems in the world right now. Used by several organizations, it has become pretty important to have atleast information about its basic functions.Now you can do it with ease by just attempting the following quiz related to Oracle Explanation: SQL (Structured Query Language) is a special-purpose programming language designed for managing data held in a relational database management system.Originally based upon relational algebra and tuple relational calculus, SQL consists of a data definition language and a data manipulation language Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on SaaS of Cloud Computing MATHEMATICS MODEL PAPER FIFTH SEMESTER PAPER 5 - RING THEORY & VECTOR CALCULUS COMMON FOR B.A & B.Sc (w.e.f. 2015-16 admitted batch) III B.Sc. : Physics Paper VI Semester-V Modern Physics Model Paper 201 channel ch1: SID=5673 instance=ORCL device type=DISK Starting backup at 23-NOV-17 channel ch1: starting archived log backup set channel ch1: specifying archived log(s) in backup set input archived log thread=1 sequence=56 RECID=54439 STAMP=960793631 input archived log thread=2 sequence=57 RECID=54438 STAMP=96079363 In Oracle, we basically use either Offline or Online backup. Here, although the words are different but the meaning is same our offline backup is called as COLD backup and online backup is known as HOT backup

Database Backup and Recovery Multiple Choice Questions

In which are the data types in oracle: a. ANSI standard data types. b. Oracle defined data types. c. Both. d. None. 31. A_____ is a query that retrieves rows from more than one table or view: Computer Science MCQ, UGC Net MCQ Computer Science MCQ, UGC Net MCQ Blog archive 2012 ( 58 ) March. The second script performs an incremental backup. [oracle@oradb01 ~]$ cat rman_backup_incr.sh. connect target / backup incremental level 1 cumulative device type disk tag 'INCR' database; backup device type disk tag 'INCR_ARCH' archivelog FROM TIME 'SYSDATE-7'; run {allocate channel oem_backup_disk1 type disk maxpiecesize 1000 G MCQ 10 : Type of backup storage in which data is read in a sequence is classified as E. storage access F. permanent access G. direct access H. serial access MCQ11: Hard discs, fixed head discs, floppy discs and optical discs all are types of A. direct access storage B. serial access storage C. volatile access storag RMAN Backup Types Full Backups A full backup is different from a whole database backup. A full data file backup is a backup that includes every used data block in the file. RMAN copies all blocks into the backup set or image copy, skipping only data file blocks that have never been used. For An Oracle database offers several types of backups. We summarize the main types of backups in the following sections. Physical and Logical Backups · Physical backup: Copy physical database files using os commands. · Logical Backup: Backup using exp-imp or Data-Pump utility Whole and Partial Backups

Oracle RMAN Database Backups Recovery Manager (RMAN) is an Oracle tool that lets the DBA back up and recover Oracle databases. RMAN lets you perform full backups (with the database online or offline), incremental backups on the block level, and backups of online redo logs and control files Any file backup software provides at least one method of saving data, full backup, for copying a complete dataset to a last bit. However, other data backup types also exist, often for saving time and space for regular backup. These backup types are: Full backup - total copying of data described before There are two types of autobackup, namely, whenever you backup anything that includes the system tablespace, then you get a controlfile backup. However, when autobackup is on, then other kinds of changes invoke a backup with an important cavest - see the last sentence below: As per the docs If the SPFILE exists, it too will be backed up by the auto backup feature. Oracle's auto backup feature was introduced at Oracle 9i (specifically 9.2) as a method to easily and automatically capture the critical information in the control file and SPFILE to be used for disaster recovery. How it work Backup, Restore and Recovery with Oracle; Backup. There are two types of backups: physical backups and logical backups. A physical backup is a copy of the files that belong to a database at a specific point in type. It can either be a cold backup or hot backup

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