Which country has won the most summer Olympic medals per capita

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  1. g up, you may not be surprised about which countries take home the most medals. The same names usually show up at the top of the list every 4 years, like the USA, China and Russia, for example. What is surprising is the ranking of countries by the number of Olympic medals won per capita
  2. The Olympic Games refer to a worldwide tournament of sorts where athletes from all over the world come together to compete in their respective countries' name and honor. The Olympics are the leading international sports event, held in different cities each year. Some cities have hosted multiple Olympic events, such as Los Angeles, California, which held the Summer Olympics in 1932 and 1984 and.
  3. In the history of the Summer Olympics, the United States has been the most successful nation ever, with a combined total of more than 2,500 medals in 27 Olympic Games. More than one thousand of..
  4. The United States of America leads the all-time Summer Olympics medals table with 2,520 medals won. The 1904 Olympic Games were held in St. Louis, Missouri and ended up having the host nation scooping 239 of the available 280 medals
  5. The all-time medal table for all Olympic Games from 1896 to 2018, including Summer Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, and a combined total of both, is tabulated below.These Olympic medal counts do not include the 1906 Intercalated Games which are no longer recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as official Games. The IOC itself does not publish all-time tables, and publishes.
  6. List of Countries With Most Olympic Medals (1896-2016) The following table shows the List of Countries with most Olympic Medals from 1896 - 2016. The medals assigned to the country is based on the average total medals won by individual Olympiad, though whether using total gold or all medals
Estonia is second for most Olympic medals won per capita

A victory in a team sport is counted as one medal. The USA Has Won the Most Medals The US have clearly won the most gold medals and the most medals overall, nearly doubling the next ranked country (these figures include medals won in Rio 2016, updated April 2021) There are no prizes for knowing that the US has won more Olympic medals than any other country since the first modern summer games were held in 1896. Kudos is due, however, to those who are able to.. The United States won the most medals in every Summer Olympics since 1996. Population and money are two factors that put those countries on top of all others. By GDP per capita. Medals per. In total, the country has won 26 gold medals, 26 silver medals, and 32 bronze medals. This makes Estonia the eighth most successful Olympic team on a per capita basis. Despite its common image as the country of winter sports, Estonia fares even better in summer Olympics On the list of medals per capita, India stands stolidly in last place, one per billion compared to one per 35 million for second-to-the-last Mexico Finland has won the most Olympic summer medals per games competed relative to its population, reports the Guardian.By this measure the Olympic podium would see Finland - population 5.5 million.

Most Athletic Countries By Summer Olympic Medals Per

By comparison, the United States, has 7.4 medals per million citizens. Australia has competed in every Summer Games and has hosted two Summer Olympics, Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000. Many. With one Olympic medal per 4.6 million people, the Kiwis just edge out No. 2, Australia, whose five medals give the country a per capita account of 4.8 million people per medal Countries With The Most Olympic Gold Medals Per Capita Best Us News What Nation Has Won The Most Olympic Gold Medals All Time Quora who has more olympic medals than serena williams winter olympics all time curling medal tally by country statista countries with the most summer olympic medals worldatlas a visual history of which countries.

Low Prices on Pretend Olympic Medals China and the United States may dominate the official Olympic medal table, but a map plotting medals per capita tells an entirely different story. Countries including New Zealand, Mongolia,..

Most Successful Countries of All-Time - Per Capit

  1. Finland has won the most Olympic summer medals per games competed relative to its population, reports the Guardian.By this measure the Olympic podium would see Finland - population 5.5 million - receive the gold medal, Estonia the silver and the Bahamas the bronze, followed by Hungary, Sweden and Belarus
  2. Medals per capita, GDP: Ranking the real Olympic superpowers Over the past two weeks, the medal table has told us which countries are leading the battle for Olympic supremacy
  3. Which country won the most medals at the 2012 London Summer Olympics? - Well, I don't know for sure, but I would guess it was one of the following, the United States, China, or Russia, or maybe even the host country, Great Britain. - That's good guess those countries were one, two, three and four in the listing
  4. which country has won the most olympic medals per head of population? current summer olympics. Overall summer olympics possibly bermuda or somewhere like that. Liechtenstein would have their medals in the Winter Olympics. I'm not sure that should be compared to the summer Olympics. 0 0. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Per capita, the leading medal.
  5. Can you name the countries that has won the most Olympic medals per capita (summer and winter)? See results from the Olympic medals per capita Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the internet! Olympic medals per capita Quiz Stats - By Bilbrek
  6. Summer Olympics Gold Medal Countries 25; Summer Olympics: Nations by Sport 18; All Time Olympics Medal Winners 17; Summer Medal Countries 15; Successful Olympic Hosts 14; Top Five Countries in the Winter Olympics 12; Countries Specialized in Winter Olympics 11; 2010 Winter Olympic Medal Countries 8; Most Water Resources 5; True or False: Summer.
  7. Figure 1- Countries that have hosted Olympics, Image by author. Figure 2 shows the total medal winnings of countries that hosted Olympics, and shows that USA has won the most medals, and then it is Germany, followed by France. This hints that the countries which have hosted more Olympics have won more medals

Of the 26 Summer Olympics since 1896, this will be the third in London - the only city ever to have three games.. And in that time, 29,216 medals have been awarded - and splits roughly, but not. Well, Hungary is top 10 all-time on the Olympic medal board, top 8 counting only Gold medals and Nr. 2 on the world on the Olympic Gold per capita list. So there's that. To put the domination in perspective: In order to match Finland's medals per capita, the US would need to have earned an additional 15,000 medals throughout its Olympic history — a mind-boggling. Which country won the most medals at the 2012 London Summer Olympics? - Well, I don't know for sure, but I would guess it was one of the following, the United States, China, or Russia, or maybe. Athletes from 59 nations earned gold medals at these games, also breaking the record for the most nations winning gold at a single games. Host country Brazil won seven gold medals, their most at any single Summer Olympics

Summer Olympics: average medals per capita 1896-2016

  1. Moldova only has seven medals, which is the most of any nation on this list so far, but it's the way they've done it that's most admirable. They've only competed in five Summer Olympics, and have been to every one since 1996. Moldovian athletes have won at least one medal in every Olympic except 2004
  2. Grenada (1 medal for 106,825 people) and Bahamas (1 gold medal for every 388,019) won the per capita medal counts, though they were of low sample size, each having just one medal in the respective..
  3. tried to predict the total medals of Croatia at the Beijing 2008 summer Olympic was 36 countries have won medals in that game. Olympic medals, Olympic performance, GDP per capita. View
  4. Medals Per Capita. Answer is Finland. Find Finland on the map. Q7: Which country has won the most winter Olympic medals per capita? A7: From the drop down menu, select All Winter Games. In the menu below it click on Total Medals Per Capita. Answer is Liechtenstein. Find Liechtenstein on the map. 5. Use the map provided to find.
  5. Although countries are not awarded medals because medals are awarded to individuals and teams, competitors from the United States have won the most gold medals at the Summer Olympics with 1,022 gold medals in total. For the Winter Olympics, competitors from Norway top the table with 132 golds

Olympic Medals per Capit

Countries With the Most Olympic Gold Medals Per Capita

Liechtenstein have won the most Olympic medals per capita of all time. Despite only a population of 39,000, they have won ten medals including two golds, two silvers and six bronzes, all in alpine skiing The United States won the most medals at Rio by a comfortable margin but the story is much different when medal hauls are adjusted to take GDP and population into account. The Rio Olympic medal. As of August 13, 2016: * At the Summer Olympics: > American swimmer Michael Phelps has won the most Olympic medals with 28 medals (23 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze). He is also the most decorated Olympian in individual events, with 16 medals (13 gold,. But look at the Olympic results differently, and Norway is the big winner, with by far the most medals per capita. Alternately, Estonia has been the clear champ in the ratio of Olympic triumph to.

The Summer Olympics have belonged to the United States at the past two Olympiads. This trend is favored to continue during the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Summer Games. Team USA is established as the overwhelming odds-on -900 favorite to take the title of most gold medals won again, their gold medal bar set at 48.5 Five countries - Australia, France, Great Britain, Greece and Switzerland - have sent teams to every single Summer Olympic Games. The only country to have won at least one gold medal at every Summer Olympic Games is Great Britain, ranging from one gold in 1904, 1952 and 1996 to fifty-six golds in 1908 Dan Johnson, an economist at Colorado College, has been predicting Olympic medal counts for years with a model that uses metrics like population count, income per capita, and home-country advantage. In the past six Olympics, his model has a correlation of 93 percent between predictions and actual medal counts, and 85 percent for gold medals. For the Games in London this summer, Johnson.

Fig. 1 — A colour-scaled map of countries that won a Winter Olympic Medal in 2018 DEFINITION: All-time Winter Games medal standings, according to The Golden Book of the Olympic Games. Medal counts include figure skating medals (1908 and '20) and hockey medals (1920) awarded at the Summer Games. National medal standings for the Winter and Summer Games are not recognized by the IOC Congrats to the Bahamians—they won 6 medals per million people (18 times the USA rate). And to get things into a larger population pool (where a single superstar can't mess up the standings), congrats to Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Cuba, and Armenia (each with a medal for every two million or so peoplesix times the USA production)

Olympic Games since the 15 member countries had both more medals and more medals per capita than the United States (08/15/1996 USA Today ). The United Nations Population Information Network went a step further by declaring Tonga the winner of the Games with a medal to population ratio more than twice as high as the nearest competitor (9.4. Since the modern Olympic era began in 1896, no country has increased its medal tally at the summer Games immediately following one it hosted. GB have also smashed their pre-Games target of at. Per capita, the nation has won one Winter Olympic medal for every 16,556 residents. The United States, on the other hand, has one medal for every 1,237,154 residents. 10

Medals by Country. Wonder how many Olympic medals your country has won throughout the years and how the achievements stack against your neighbors'? Select the countries and years of interest below to get the info in an easy-to-understand line Chart and a PivotGrid allowing you to get in-depth details with just a few clicks Their summer team's medal total slipped to 88 at London in 2012, and the winter team has also stalled. China won 11 winter medals in 2006 and again in 2010, but it slipped to nine this time around It wasn't the only gold medal won by Australia in 2002. Alisa Camplin won gold in Aerial Skiing. The Aussies also won a gold medal in 2006 and two more in 2010. The nation of Australia has so far won five gold medals which matches the total number of gold medals won by Eric Heiden in just 8 days at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid 2012 Summer Olympics Committee gave out medals for the country with the most medals, Team USA would have won another gold host nation the bragging rights of most medals per capita

The 2010 Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, from February 12-28. More than 2,600 athletes participated, and athletes from 26 different countries won medals.The United States came out on top in the medal count—winning a total of 37—while host country Canada won the most gold, with 14 Among countries that won at least one medal over the four most recent Summer Olympic Games, there was a close linear relationship between adjusted GS and the natural logarithm of the per capita medal tally (adjusted r = 0.74, p = 0.002). Conclusions Population muscle strength may be an important determinant of Summer Olympic Games medal success

Team USA has won 1000 Summer Olympics GOLD Medals

Interactive Map: Summer Olympic Medal Count per Capit

The 2020 Summer Olympic Games will take place in Tokyo. Consistent with what happens before each Olympics edition, predictions about the national team medal totals have been made, based on the latest observed sporting results (Olympic Medals Predictions, 2020).The problem with such predictions is that they do not inform about the socioeconomic, political, and sporting determinants explaining. Column 'med' shows the number of medals won (since 1948). Column 'inh' is the number of inhabitants (mid 2009, x000) Column 'N-Oly' is the number of Olympic games that the country has competed in. adjusted for medal count per olympiad. The 2008-2010 Olympics (Beijing and Vancouver combined) count for 1 = 1219 medals, but the 1948 Games count. Certain Olympic events allow any country to enter an athlete, even if he or she did not meet the qualifying standards, so number of athletes may not make sense as a metric to judge success. Perhaps the analysis that penalizes the U.S. most is ranking nations by number of medals per capita. With just 0.38 medals per American, the U.S. ranks 44. If we measure medal counts per capita, Cuba comes in first place in both boxing and wrestling. Above: Mijaín López, Greco-Roman wrestler who has competed in both the 120kg and 130kg divisions. He is a five-time world champion, four-time Pan American Games champion, three-time Olympic gold medalist, and one of the most exciting fighters in the.

Slovenia has five medals with a population of 2,007,711 putting the per capita medal count at one per 401,542 people. That is slightly ahead of Jamaica at one per 560,866 people. 0 Per capita rankings have been traditionally dominated by East Germany (1976: 47 golds / 16m = 2.9 golds per million capita, 1980: 3.5 gpmc; note that the number of golds per Games has grown by 64% since 1976). In some Olympics very small countries achieved even higher values though

Olympic Medals by Country 2021 - World Population Revie

Olympic Summer Games 2008 - Per Capita Medal Ranking Introduction. During the Olympic Summer Games 2008 in Beijing, China, much attention has been focused on medal counts. As is customary at Olympic Games, these awards are tallied on a per team basis (in most cases, this amounts to a per country basis) Oh, they'll have their little scuffle in the lazy, uninformative, snobbish, egregious Medals Table all right. They'll count up their raw numbers of medals and feign honor. They just won't even sniff contention in the diligent, rational, egalitarian, humble Medals Per Capita Table, the only table that reflects real national accomplishment Links and discussion about the Olympics and Paralympics. jump to content. my subreddits. edit subscriptions. popular-all-random-users | AskReddit-news-funny-pics-aww-todayilearned-tifu-gaming-mildlyinteresting-worldnews-gifs-videos-Showerthoughts-movies-Jokes-science-explainlikeimfive-OldSchoolCool-photoshopbattle The third is to count the total medals a country wins - which, incidentally is the way NBC have decided to do it since it became clear it was the only way the USA could rank as top of the pops. And the fourth is to count the total medals a country wins per capita

Summer Olympics: all-time medal list by country and color

While the United States is still leads in the total medal count for boxing, Cuba has won the most medals since 1960, including 34 golds. But Cuba's run might end in 2020 because of a recent.. Nordic countries have more Olympic medals per capita than anyone else in history Countries like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark don't just get high marks in quality of life —... Countries like Sweden,.. The interactive chart above shows the per-capita G.D.P. of countries that won medals in the fifteen disciplines of this year's games. (It also looks at GINI coefficients, but more on that later)

Countries With the Most Summer Olympic Medals - WorldAtla

Currently in the lead of medals per capita is Slovenia. Although the country has only won four total medals, that equates to one medal for each 514,385 Slovenian citizens. New Zealand's eight.. 2.7k votes, 318 comments. 15.6m members in the dataisbeautiful community. A place to share and discuss visual representations of data: Graphs Norway is the country that has won the most number of Winter Olympic gold medals. Norway has a cumulative total of 118 gold medals Past Olympic success: Medals won in the past can be seen as an indicator of a sports culture. The United States, for example, always perform quite well. Sporting prowess is important to them so many people take part. Host-country effect: The United States hosted the 1904 Olympics and won 231 medals compared to 48 at the previous games. The. Zimbabwe has sent athletes to every Summer Olympics since 1980. Zimbabwean athletes have won eight medals (three Gold, four Silver and one Bronze), with seven coming in the 2004 Athens Olympics (three) and 2008 Beijing Games (four). But what about population size

All-time Olympic Games medal table - Wikipedi

The first one, economic balance, shows the wealth of Summer Olympics medal winners — as measured by their countries' per capita G.D.P. — since 1996, the year my analysis begins The Olympic Medals are the great honor for any country as these shows the strength, sports man-ship and dedication of any single player or a team for its country. These results are from the whole wining activities were done during the years of 1896 to 2014, including Summer Games of Olympic as well as Wintertime [ Sports Reference lists 10 countries that have won the most medals at the summer Olympics (from the inaugural 1896 games in Athens to the London Olympics of 2012) Finland is the eighth largest country in Europe yet it is the European Union's most sparsely populated country. 5. Finnish athletes have won more Summer Olympic medals per capita than any other nation in the world. Finland is second only to Norway in the number of Winter Olympic medals per capita. About saunas. Interior of a finnish sauna It compares GDP per capita with medals won for the top countries at the 2012 games. That a poor country like Cuba can do better than a rich country like Sweden -- despite roughly equal populations.

Hima Das, Dutee Chand to miss Tokyo Olympics qualifier in Poland. The men and women's 4x400m teams were set to compete in the World Athletics Relays in Poland on May 1 and 2 most prestigious sports event in the world and an estimated 3.6 billion people have watched the last Olympic Summer Games.1 If you followed the past few Games as well, you might have noticed that most medals were won by only a few countries including the United States, China, and Russia. Indeed, a closer look at the nation rankings for Olympic. Every four years, about 200 nations compete at the summer Olympics. But statistically, the playing field is uneven. The bigger a country's population, for example, the bigger its pool of potential. This kernel notebook is based on the Guardian's Kaggle 'Olympics Medals' dataset. Most of the analysis is from Jeff's kernel, you can see his latest version here; I've added a separate dataset 'Olympic Track & Field Results'. This has timings and distances for athletics events which we might use later in the notebook; Key skill

Medals by Sport. Check the disciplines your country excelled at in a specific Olympic year. See the overall number of medals per sport in the bar chart and click on the bars to get a breakdown of the type of medals in the pie chart Frankie Fredericks (center) has won all four of Namibia's medals, though he has yet to bring in a gold for his home country. Fredericks won a silver medal in the 200-meter and 100-meter at both. Forget who has the most golds. An alternative way of measuring Olympic glory - by medals per-capita - yields some interesting result Olympic medals. In the history of the modem Olympics, the United States has won more medals than any other country. But the United States has a large population. Perhaps a better measure of success is the number of medals won per capita —that is the number of medals divided by the population. By that measure, the leading countries are.

Top Ten Curious Facts About Liechtenstein | My CountryEstonia at the Olympics

List of Countries With Most Olympic Medals (1896-2016

In honor of the 36 gold medals won by the United States at the 2008 Summer Olympics, Fourth-Place Medal presents 36 interesting facts about the overall medal count:. 1) China won the most gold. Instead, what we should really look at is GDP per capita. GDP per capita represents how wealthy a country is normalized over the size of its population. So now, if we rank countries by their medal counts over GDP per capita, we get: The leaders here are very large countries that are poorer on a per capita basis, like Russia and China By comparison, the U.S. has won 37 medals just this summer, and over 2,500 overall. At the 2008 Beijing olympics, India had the lowest ratio of medals-won to population of any competing country. It turns out that the most golden country per capita (in Europe) is Croatia with 11.8 gold medals per 10 million people (but the number itself is somewhat misleading, since Croatia has only slightly over 4 million inhabitants, so the per 10 million figure is larger than the actual number of gold medals)

All-Time Olympic Games Medal Tally Analysi

This gave us the top ten states to produce the most medals per 10,000 residents. Please read below to get a full description of how we did our analysis. Key Findings. It only takes one fish. Of D.C.'s 6 Olympic medals, 5 were won by part-fish part-human Katie Ledecky. Of Maryland's 13 medals, Phelps won 6. Both D.C. and Maryland landed in. Australia ranks very highly, but on a per capita basis even smaller populations have an opportunity to outrank Australia by winning fewer medals. In Gold medals only Australia came. 3rd in 2004. 5th in 2000. 7th in 199

Finland tops podium for most Olympic medals won per capita

An all-time medal table for all Olympic Games from 1896 to 2016, including Summer Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, and a combined total of both, is tabulated below. These Olympic medals counts do not include the 1906 Intercalated Games which are no longer recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as official Games. The IOC itself does not publish all-time tables, and. The rankings based on medals per 1 million people offer a very different view of Olympic competition. The Caribbean island of Grenada ranks first with just one gold medal (but an average of 9 medals per million people), followed by Jamaica with 12 total medals (4 per million), Trinidad and Tobago with 4, and the Bahama's with 1 Olympic Games since the 15 member countries had both more medals and more medals per capita than the United States (08/15/1996 USA Today). The United Nations Population Information Network went a step further by declaring Tonga the winner of the Games with a medal to population ratio more than twice as high as the nearest competitor (9.4 medals. (Granted, the The country that has won the most gold Olympic medals is the United States. Latin America & Caribbean region has been relatively well represented over the period, mainly by Cuba. Since becoming the U.S. Men's Foil Team Head Coach in 2011, Massialas has built the program into an international powerhouse that has won World titles and Olympic medals in both individual and team. The Summer Olympic Games are the most globalized sporting event on earth. The models indicate that the United States would have won the most medals. And thanks to an increase in the total number of medals awarded, its total was the end of the Cold War and the importance of per capita income has declined i


Olympic medal count country by country - Rio 2016 Games

Below is the 2016 Rio Olympics Medal Tracker, which will follow every country to win a medal. The record for most golds won was 83 by the United States in the 1984 Summer Olympics Olympic team the most competitive in due time, four years later. That is, for explaining medal wins in 2008, we take the 2004 GDP per capita and population as estimators. A Host dummy variable is used to capture the host country effect, i.e. the observed surplus of medals usually won by the national squad of the Games hosting nation But a country like India contradicts this theory. It is the second-most populous country in the world, and yet it has won only two gold medals between 1960 and 2000. Now, there may be specific reasons for India's lackluster performance, but mostly, you can put this down to wealth - despite its rapid growth, India has a very low per capita GDP For the global prior, eyeballing the medals-per-capita list for all countries, it has mean value around 3E-7 and standard deviation about 5E-7. That corresponds very roughly to the distribution Gamma(0.25, 1E6) for the prior. A Gamma with parameters (a, b) has mean value a/b and standard deviation sqrt(a)/b, so I just matched the numbers

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