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In the top left, select a blog. From the menu on the left, click Layout. In the section you want your pages to show, click Add a Gadget. In the window, next to Pages, click Add In the top left, click the Down arrow. Select the blog to update. In the left menu, click Layout. In the section you want your pages to show, click Add a Gadget Sign in to Blogger. To open the editor view, click an existing post or click New post. On the right, click Labels. Enter a label or click an existing label Posts are articles with a date and time that get archived, they appear on your homepage with the most recent appearing first. Those who follow your blog will see new posts appear on their feed. To add a new page, go to the Blogger Dashboard. Click the Pages tab on the left and new page. The page editor will open and you can add the page title. To publish post into different pages, you can combine 3 features that Blogger provides: the tab, the label, and the forwarding page

How to add pages in blogger blog: page have step by step guide to create blogger page with page search description and reader comments settings. You will also get page unpublished or delete options detail. Every blog required basic and legal pages. For example privacy policy, about us, contact us, sitemap and other custom pages This wikiHow teaches you how to add a new page on your Blogger blog. Pages are not part of your blog's timeline, rather they are linked from the main timeline and often include content like contact or About me information. Go to Blogger... Learn all about linking to external pages in my how to add Pages in Blogger post. Alternatively, you can add it to an image link using this tutorial: How To Create Image Links. Wrapping Up. To summarize, using post labels is an excellent way to categorize your blog posts and allow readers to browse pages related to a single topic

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Understanding Posts and Pages. On a blog, articles (or news, stories, etc) are published as posts. These appear in reverse chronological order, with the newest posts at the top of the list or (in a grid layout) on the top left of the screen This post will show you how to add a numbered pagination instead, replacing the older/newer pagination with a numeric navigation allowing users to jump through pages. Due to the restrictions on Blogger the pagination.js file in step 2 below now needs to be hosted directly within your theme and not in an external file

YARPP lets you select whether you want to display posts, pages and/or custom post types, using thumbnails or a list view. You can also add a related posts section under each blog post, in a sidebar, or in an RSS feed Once logged into Blogger, click Layout on the left hand sidebar. Click Add a Gadget link. A window will pop up for the available gadgets. Scroll through until you find the HMTL/Javascript Gadget available. Click the plus symbol to add it. A window pops up for you to paste in your sign up form coding. Paste in your coding and click Save.

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Then once you have saved your post, locate the URL for this in the Edit Posts page of your Blogger dashboard and copy this link to your clipboard. Finally, add a link to your archives page from somewhere in your blog template You can also use the link inside your posts or use the Link List gadget to add such links to your Blogger sidebar. If you don't want the Page to appear as a tab in your Blog navigation bar, go to Layout , click edit under the Pages gadget, untick the Page and SAVE. Don't know how to label your posts How to Add Featured Post in Blogger Homepage? you can add a Featured Post gadget, which highlights an important post on your front page and allows you to keep the most relevant information on top of your blog even as you add new content. how to add featured post on blogger? Blogger customize layout, Blogger add gadget, important post Blogger, post widget Blogger, Featured Post Widget, Blogger. Select on the Plugins button that can be found on the menu. Click on the Add new option, which is located at the topmost section of the screen. Search for the posts in page action, then make sure to not only install but to activate it as well. Once activated, the plugin should be visible under the Settings menu

That increases your on-page optimization value. Increase your page authority, which good for blog SEO health. Drive more traffic and more value from the search engine. Add Popular Posts Widget in Blogger. To trending posts in blogger, you need to do following things step by step: #1 Step: Login your blogger dashboard > Go to Widgets > Add a Widge The simplest way to do it is to write a normal post on your blog titled 'About (insert your name, or your blog's name here)'. You might want to change the date of your post to an older one if you have that capability. Then simply link to your own post from your sidebar or menu where ever you want to place it Navigate to the dashboard and then find the page you want to display your blog post on. Press Edit with Elementor button to get transferred to Elementor Editor. Create a new section. Select Smart Posts List option and drag-and-drop it to a newly created section In the above post, I have discussed two ways in which you can add meta tags to individual blogger posts & boost your SEO ranking. Well, I recommend you to use both of the methods for better results. If you know any other way by which we can add meta tags to individual blogger posts, feel free to drop your ideas in the comment section Instead of adding a regular text link to one of your Blogger business blogs, break away from the norm and turn your link into a button. You may not see many link buttons in Blogger blog posts because the Blogger interface doesn't have a button that lets you place buttons inside individual posts

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  1. In WordPress Blog, we have seen Blog owner used password a protected page for delivering exclusive content to their VIP subscriber. Suppose you have written an eBook and now you want to deliver this eBook to your blog's subscriber-only.. In this case, you won't able to restrict access of all visitors on Blogger
  2. After adding a star rating in blogger post, it looks quite nice and so I am sharing the details as to how to add star rating in blogger post so that you can also do the same. Till now I have published many review posts but no one demanded the rating so never worked on it but it's well said
  3. Your Website.com blog. When you add a blog to your website, it will automatically appear as a separate page within your website to create a seamless look and feel. The Website.com blog application comes with many setting options, including comments, custom labels, social sharing, background and fonts
  4. Open your Blogger account, Goto dashboard and Create a new post and here write your article and Paste you copied table where you need. Before publishing your article you have seen its preview so that you can see that how is your article looking if everything is perfect then click on the Publish button. Watch this video for more informatio
  5. Why Add Pages to Your WordPress Blog. WordPress comes with two default content types called posts and pages. While posts are used to write blog articles, pages are used to create content that is not part of your regular blog post schedule. To learn more, see our guide on the difference between posts and pages in WordPress
  6. The second part of the installation is to add the JavaScript code beneath your posts which will locate and replace the existing Newer/Older Posts link. To add this script, go to Layout>Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard, and do not tick the expand widget templates box (it's much easier to add the code while the widgets are contracted)
  7. In your WordPress text editor (this method works in all website and blog systems), type or copy/paste your anchor text. The anchor text is the word, phrase, or sentence into which you will embed the hyperlink. My sample anchor text: The Ideal Length for a Blog Post

On the Add New/Edit Post screen, look for the Categories panel (at right). If the panel is collapsed, click the Arrow to expand the box. In the Categories panel, check the category name (s) to assign the post to. To create a new category, click + Add New Category at the bottom of the box The Subscribe PAGE is interesting and I will be looking to add a link to that in after every blog post. I absolutely agree with what you said about the Contact Page, you want to be putting that idea of why they should contact you in their head In the blogger's gadget menu scroll down to Pages widget and add it to your blog's layout by clicking the plus/add sign. Upon clicking the Pages widget you will be redirected to Configure Page List where you need to untick the old Home option and tick the newly created homepage ( ).To include the blog's index page click the Add external link option and save. The new Blog page will instead display all new blog posts. Click on Pages and select the Add New option. Add a title to the page at the top. It can be the name of your blog or even just the word Blog but make sure it is identifiable for both you and the visitors

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Inside the page editor, click the Add block button and you will find the Latest Posts block inside the Widgets section. Once you insert it, you'll see a list of links to your five most recent posts. The list display is fine, but I prefer the grid layout, which you can switch to using this button In Blogger one can only add the Meta Tags for home page of blog , if you have not added then Add Meta Tags to Blogger Blog . Here under a tutorial is given to add Meta Tags to each of Blogger post.In case of absence of Meta Tags for each post the search engine will use any part of post to show as snippets in the search engine result You can use use Post Categories to group posts together and then display them on a page/menu item on your site.. Let's take an example of adding a blog post to a Fashion category: Step 1 - Add your posts to the Fashion category. When editing the blog post, add your desired categories using the box on the right side of the screen To edit single posts pages in Customizer, you have to click on the Add or edit other pages button in the top left corner of the Customizer menu. Upon clicking on it, the list of your website pages will expand: In the list of posts, click on the exact post you want to edit the style for, and go to the respective post page To help your readers find different blog posts and articles more easily, you can add a widget with a list of all of the categories on your blog. This will help people to navigate through your blog. You can also add a Search bar as an additional means for visitors to find what they are looking for

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How To Add Dropdown Menu In Blogger. The use of a dropdown menu is a highly convenient way to navigate. Unfortunately, most blogs at Blogger.com do not have this handy feature. The main problem is that the Blogger does not include the Gadget for dropdown menus and most bloggers do not have the programming skills to work with HTML, CSS, etc One way you can organize blog page content on your template layout is to add a featured blog post section at the top of the page. This is a way you can highlight the top three newest posts in a unique way. Here's now to do it. Add a new regular section to the layout. Then add a one-column row Related posts with thumbnails in blog is very helpful, most blogs have related posts I should recommend to add it to your blogger blog. The Related posts most put at the end of the blog post, the user engage to this related post to your blog, they likely to click it and your blog gain a traffic page views The final step is to add another Page that links to the blog posts directly. This isn't something you have to do - your blog posts can still show on the right sidebar in the layout. However, if you do want to get back to the main blogging page that has the last posts together, you'll need to add a link back to them The amount of recent links to a certain page - for example, new blog posts tend to get indexed faster if they are shared across social media and are linked to by other websites. After all, the search engine crawler follows links so the more links point at a certain page, the higher the chance for the crawler to find it and index it

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Links to another post on your blog, or to your Services, Contact, or About Us page. A link to a landing page for a specific product. For instance, you may want to link to your new e-book's landing page if it relates in some way to the information covered in the blog post How to add a Visual Timeline to Blog Posts and Pages using the Ultimate Addons Plugin for Gutenberg. Greetings, everyone! ♥ I'm thrilled to share Read More. Essential tips, tools, and resources for bloggers and website owners! Natalie Ducey May 14, 2019 47 Comments. Categorising your posts helps organise your blog letting your readers find what they are looking for. On Blogger, categories are called labels. Whenever you create a post, in the post editor on the right, you have the option of adding labels to that post Yes I have used the Add to Blogger but it then puts the images in a different gadget on my page. I then copy/paste it to the same as the script generator is in. Thanks for your easy-to-understand post! When I press on the add to Blogger button, it transfers me to a Blogger page and when I click add the widget I always get an. It is also for us - admins, to monitor the post views in the front end of our blog and to know which of our posts get the attentions and interests of our readers. Blogger blogs can now easily add a counter of post views thanks to Firebase which provides FREE service for all! Follow the steps below to get it working

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Recent posts can only be shown from the blog feed. Standard pages can't be used as there will be no feed for the regular pages you create. Ensure to have at least few blog posts created before trying to add recent posts widgets. When you have a blog page with published posts on your Weebly site then Weebly blog feed URL will be Blogger has a setting of maximum of 20 posts per page in label pages, so when you click on the label, it will automatically add the max-result=20 setting to your label. To show fewer results, go to your template- Edit HTML and find and replace all occurrences of this line A blog is an important aspect of virtually any website, to the point that by default, WordPress lists your posts on the home page. However, if you choose to make your home page 'static,' you'll need to find somewhere else for your blog posts to live.. Fortunately, WordPress lets you also create a dedicated Posts page. This is particularly useful if you need home page real estate for. Adding a link in blogger post is very important in terms of seo, it helps to reduce bounce rate by making a blog visitor or reader stick to your blog, also interlinking every post to each other is very good habit and helps in terms of ranking. By adding links of other posts or pages in our post, you can make your post interactive and more helpful

You might think the most important part of a successful blog post lies in killer content, or a compelling tone, or even a click-bait-laden title. And while these tools are used by countless bloggers around the Web to draft outstanding posts, an oft-overlooked aspect that's just as essential is the quality of the resources used as references in creating these posts Steps to add Button to your Blogger Post. Copy the above Generated Code. Go to your post editor. Click on HTML; Paste the copied code wherever you want. Button will be added to your blogger post. Note: To see your button, click on Preview or View Blogger Post Lets add a new sidebar to a specific blog post. In order to do that, select the For Specific Pages tab.; Select Blog Post from the list and type to search the blog post you want to set a new sidebar for. You can add multiple posts if you want It should be a simple task: move your blog from the homepage to an inside page. It's often an important part of using your WordPress site as a CMS. Nonetheless, we often get asked to explain how to do this. Moving your blog is simple, but only once you know how. Here, in a few short steps, is how to move your blog away from your homepage

DropInBlog easily lets you manage your blog's authors. You can add, delete or assign authors with just a few clicks. Adding authors to your blog posts can be beneficial to your website. It gives your site personality and lets people know that your posts are written by real humans. This builds a sense of trust, loyalty and engagement with your. You know blogger admin option does not allow to add any custom title meta tag to your blog posts. But no worries, still you have the way to add title meta tags by adding some codes. In this short blogger tutorial I'm talking about how to add meta tag in blogger templates. Just follow the instructions what I've shared in this post In the Front Page Displays section at the top, the Static Page option should be selected. Select your newly created page from the Posts Page list. Scroll down and click the Save Changes button. Adding Your Blog Page to the Navigation Menu. Hover over the Appearance Menu, and click Menus. Create a new menu if there isn't one already created.

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Blogger template Layout view allows you to add Gadgets to the Header, Siderbar and Footer sections of your Blog. It also allows you to rearrange the gadgets positions by dragging and dropping. One section that does not allow the addition of gadgets is the POST BODY section, and this topic will show you how to change that and enable the adding. Step by Step Guide to add Custom theme in Blogger. Adding a custom theme in Blogspot is easy. All you need to do is to follow the instructions in this post. Here is a Step by Step guide to add custom theme in Blogger: Step 1: Download a Custom theme for your Blog. Before adding a custom theme to your blog, you need a responsive Blogspot theme In 7.1 Go to pages in edit mode select blog, then choose the post you wish to edit. Up on the header of the blog is a gear icon, choose that and a panel comes up with content in the window. An image can be inserted there by hitting the insert dot and adding an image or gallery block among many other options

The right format for your blog posts will help your readers consume your content easier, stay for longer on your website and ultimately, convert on your call-to-action! So whether you want to make more sales or get more email subscribers, let's talk about how the right blog post format can help you with your goals. The difference with blog posts Adding meta tags you can get get more traffic from search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing,etc. Especially the meta description is the most important one. Meta tags are the tags which describes your site and tells the search engines what your site is all about. Adding meta tags is an important factor in SEO.(Search Engine Optimization).Meta tags [

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Depending on how much content you want to have on the blog landing page, you can also include excerpts or the full posts. Enable either option in Blog Settings: In the Pages panel, click for the Blog Page. In the Advanced tab, select either Excerpt or Full Adding Custom Robots.Txt to Blogger . Now the main part of this tutorial is how to add custom robots.txt in blogger. So below are steps to add it. Go to your blogger blog. Navigate to Settings >> Search Preferences ›› Crawlers and indexing ›› Custom robots.txt ›› Edit ›› Yes; Now paste your robots.txt file code in the box The above code works great to add padding to the entry content but I'd love to be able to make the featured image have padding as well so the width is standard for the whole blog post Thank you once again for all of your help

Click the arrow in the top right corner of the Facebook post and then select Embed Post A popup box will appear with the code to embed your post. Copy the code at the top of the box and paste it into your web page's (or blog post's) HTML code. Copy the code to embed the Facebook post Of note, the WordPress Popular Post plugin can also be used to add blog posts to pages with a shortcode. Using a Shortcode . If you aren't using Gutenberg and would rather have your blog posts live on the page instead of a widget, you can use a plugin with a shortcode. There are many free recent post plugins to choose from, but here are a few.

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A blog post (more commonly referred to as a single post/page) is an individual article that covers a certain topic and is located within the blog page. It has the following attributes: It has the author's name and the date of publication. Since blog posts are published more often than pages, this is an important distinction between the two This doesn't work on the core blog page. The page we assigned as the blog is not editable with Elementor. The only control we have is by using Astra. To get a custom blog page you have to create a new page, make sure it is not assigned in the settings as the blog page. Then you can use Elementor to get the layout you want

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Hover over the page, blog post or knowledge base article where you want to add an anchor, then click Edit. Click the rich text module to place your cursor in the location where you want to insert the anchor. In the rich text toolbar, click the Insert dropdown menu, then select Anchor First of all, you can embed a sign-up form in the middle of a blog post. This is made extremely easy with WordPress using the new block editor; it's simply a Mailchimp Block, which you can add in between paragraphs or other blocks. Secondly, you can use Mailchimp to create landing pages for you When you add a widget (or a gadget as Blogger would call it) to your blog, by default the widget would appear on all pages -homepage, index, archive, post and static pages. But what if you want a certain widget to appear only on a certain page or pages, can it be done 1. Create a new stand alone page on your blog. To do so, navigate to Edit Posts >> Edit Pages and hit the tab that says New Page. Now, type a title for your page, say Forum and publish the page. You may leave the content part empty. Now, look out for the address bar When uploading and embedding images into your blog post, be sure to add alt text regardless of the CMS you're using. If you forget to add alt text in the media library, you can always add it in the text editor later. If an image is too small or too large, you can resize it in the text editor.. How to Post on Instagram: Carousel Posts. Carousel posts are super popular on Instagram, especially with brands as they let you tell more in a single post! With carousel posts, you can share multiple photos and videos in one single post, rather than splitting it up into separate posts

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